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VIDEO GAMES: Forthcoming Lesbian Fantasy Game By a QSF Member – And There’s mermaids!

FEVER Game - Chloe Spencer

Chloe Spencer, one of Qweerty’s microgrant recipients and a QSF member, recently unveiled her itch.io page for her upcoming game, FEVER— and also, started posting about the different love interests!

Victoria Blanchett was the first romantic interest unveiled today. Victoria is a character currently betrothed to another man, but because she’s so overprotective of her twin sister Melanie, decides to accompany the player on her journey. On the surface, she seems prim and proper, but the developer teases that there ​may ​be another side to her.

FEVER is a fantasy survival horror RPG/dating simulator focused on a group of pirates who are shipwrecked on an island infested with zombies. Your goal as the player is to rebuild your ship and the town, find a cure for the villagers, and perhaps find love along the way.

In planning, FEVER features a total of 7 different love interests, although there may be some other secret lovers to unlock. A rough demo for FEVER is tentatively scheduled to release sometime this summer.

Each of the love interests (save for any possible secret ones) will be unveiled every Tuesday at 12PM CST. If you’re interested in following the development of FEVER, ​you can check out the itch.io page​ or follow ​@chloespencerdev​ on Twitter.

FEVER game page

Chloe Spencer is an award-winning writer, game developer, and filmmaker currently pursuing her MFA in Film and Television Production. She has written several games, short stories, and screenplays, many of which focus on LGBT themes or characters. She is currently working on her next game which is a fantasy survival horror RPG/dating sim called FEVER. You can find more of her work at c​ hloespenceronline.com,​ find her on YouTube, or follow her on Twitter @chloespencerdev.


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