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VIDEO GAMES: New Xbox Game Has Playable Trans Character

Xbox Game Studios just published its latest game, Tell Me Why, the first mainstream game from a major publisher that features a transgender character as the playable lead hero. The game, which was developed with input from the LGBTQ media group GLAAD, was announced during Microsoft’s Xbox London event on November 14, 2019 and will be available on Xbox One, Windows, and Game Pass in 2020.

In the game, players will be able to control Tyler and Alyson Ronan, Alaskan twins with different memories of their troubled childhoods. Tyler is a transgender man, and players must make decisions based on whether they trust his or his sister’s version of events more — the player’s decisions affect the game’s outcome.

Tyler is voiced by trans actor August Black and his storyline was developed with guidance from GLAAD. GLAAD “reviewed the game’s script, advised on character development and provided access to resources that helped the team move forward with the storyline,” according to The Hollywood Reporter.

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