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VIDEO GAMES: Splatoon 3 to Ditch Gender Binary

Splatoon 3

Nintendo Direct gave us our first glimpse at the newly announced Splatoon 3, including its character customisation options.

It’s the latest in Nintendo’s online shooter series that sees cartoon squid kids battling it out in teams to squirt as much ink as possible over the battlefield using some wild weaponry. In previous games, you were forced to choose between boy or girl for your Inkling (or Octoling) character, though in Splatoon 2 you could at least change your gender later on.

Now, it appears you can simply select a ‘style’ for your squid or octopus kid. Two styles are available for each type of character, but they’re not labelled by gender. In addition, all customisation options appear to be available for both styles, such as hair, skin tone, eye colour, and legwear.

This is a welcome forward step from Nintendo, following the likes of Animal Crossing: New Horizons which similarly does not ask players to choose a gender and allows for all hair and clothing options to be worn.

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