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WEB: Queer Ghost Hunters

Queer Ghost Hunters

One of our favorite reality web series, Queer Ghost Hunters, has returned for a second season. This year, the ghost hunters venture into Ohio State Reformatory, where the film “Shawshank Redemption” was shot. The prison was known for housing a large LGBTQ population. Many of them died there while incarcerated, leaving behind a lot of unfinished business.

LGBTQ Nation had an opportunity to chat with cast member Shane McClelland, who has been seriously hunting ghosts now for about three years. We talked about the latest season of Queer Ghost Hunters, how the ghost hunters locate LGBTQ entities, and whether or not sexuality exists in the afterlife.

What can fans expect from the new season of Queer Ghost Hunters?

A lot! Personally, I think the season is amazing and better than the first season. The building where we are investigating is absolutely stunning and rich with history and queer history. We did a few interviews with folks who work there, too. So, folks will get more behind the scenes information and a lot of the buildings history. On top of that, we make contact with several different entities, including one that we think may be trans.

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