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What Do You Mean There’s No Q in Catchphrase? #4

QSF Button

We’re getting ready to order some more QSF swag, so it’s time to create new catch phrases for our buttons.

  • The first year, we did the Impossibly Tiny Buttons.
  • The second year, we did “The Universe: Queerer Than You Can Imagine”, and “Queer Spec Fic: Always Forward, Never Straight.”
  • The third year it was “Queer Sci Fi: Where Normal is Relative” and “Inclusive. Intersectional. Incredible. Queer Sci Fi.”
  • And last year, we had “Queers! In Space! (and some dragons too)” and “Write the rainbow.”

This year, we’re doing our fifth generation, again with the QSF logo, but we need some brand-new catch phrases.

So here’s where we need your help. We need a couple cute catchphrases, something that will make people wanna pick these up AND wear them.

So come up with a catchy catchphrase that combines queerdom and speculative fiction, and type it in the blog comments or on the facebook discussion. Enter up to five phrases. And two winners will get a $15 Amazon gift card each.

Max word length 8 words. Shorter is better.

Enter on the Facebook group, or comment below.

Entries close 7/5/19.


3 thoughts on “What Do You Mean There’s No Q in Catchphrase? #4”

  1. QSF: All In-queer-ies welcome
    Aliens and Monsters and Queers! Oh My!
    We’re here, we’re queer, we’re writing sci-fi.
    This queer reads spec fic.
    What do you mean it isn’t queer sci-fi?


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