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What Does It Mean to Be Ace?

Asexual Ace Flag

Eleanor is asexual – and also identifies as aromantic. Here she explains in her own words what is means to be asexual and how you can be a better ally to a-spec people.

What does it mean to be asexual?

I came out as asexual this year. It was very scary to come out to people. The anxiety will always tell you that no one will ever love you in that way, which is really really sad.

Asexuality is basically the lack of sexual attraction towards another person, perhaps in the binary gender or in any fluid gender.

Stop telling me I’ll change my mind

A lot of people would say: “Oh everyone feels like that before they’ve had sex,” almost comparing it to being a virgin or celibacy. People think along those lines. Those are choices but it’s a misconception to think asexuality must be a choice.

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