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When Did You Pop Your LGBT SpecFic Cherry?

gay-sci-fiLet’s face it, we were all virgins at one time. I refer, of course, your first time – the first time you picked up an LGBT speculative fiction book – sci fi, fantasy or paranormal.

After yesterday’s roller-coaster ride (and thanks to all for keeping things mostly civil) of a discussion topic, I thought we’d bring things down a notch.

So here it goes – what was your first LGBT speculative fiction read? And how does it stack up now that you’ve read more?


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1 thought on “When Did You Pop Your LGBT SpecFic Cherry?”

  1. Tracy St. John did it for me. I was addicted to her Kalquor series, which was originally all m/m/m/f with no real romantic interaction between the male members of the “clans.” She decided to write a prequel, showing how the members of one clan got together before they met their woman. I was a little nervous about it (what virgin isn’t, right?) but I loved the characters so I went for it. I’m so glad I did.

    I still like Tracy’s books, the later ones even better than her earlier work, and she opened my eyes to a ton of great fiction and talented authors that I never would have considered before.


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