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Where Are Our LGBT Time Travel Stories?

PocketwatchToday’s topic comes from QSFer Tammy Jenkins: “How about a discussion thread that looks at successful books/series/TV programs in heterosexual literature/entertainment that is either not being written in the LGBTIA or is underwritten in the LGBTIA or has yet to be done successfully. For the sake of this conversation, I will call this topic, Where is ours? Cyberpunk, Time Travel, Serious Sci Fi?”

Let’s start with Time Travel stories. There have been some great mainstream sci fi tales, going all the way back to HG Wells and The Time Machine to more modern takes like The Time Traveler’s Wife.

So are there any good time travel stories in LGBT sci fi? We’ll take MM romance tales, but I’d especially like to know about stories where the focus is on the science and the implications, not on romance.

And what ideas do you have for new stories that might shed light on the LGBT community through the device of time travel?


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2 thoughts on “Where Are Our LGBT Time Travel Stories?”

  1. I tried writing a time travel novel with my best friend. the reviews were great but the sales were not. i have thought about writing a second one but I’ve just bern busy with my own solo stuff.

  2. Time travel is definitely a favorite sub genre of mine in sci fi. Most of the LGBTQ ones I’ve read have been through m/m romances, so I don’t know if I have anything to necessarily recommend that’s heavier on the sci-fi aspect. However, I will say that Dawn Kimberly Johnson’s short, One Constant, and its longer sequel (but actually interwove the story from OC), Right on Time, was a great read. I did do a quick search to see if anything came up that would spark a forgotten story I’d read. I found this list, which seems heavy on the romance, but the first one on the list, Zenith, looks like it might be promising for more science, less romance. For what it’s worth, some good reviews on it, too.


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