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Where Do I Submit My Non-Romance Story?


Today’s topic comes from QSFer Hank T. Cannon: “who are the best publishers to submit gay sci-fi to? My work is not particularly romantic, but the protagonists are gay.”

Hmmmm, I think we’re at the beginning of a potential expansion of LGBT stories in speculative fiction (hence this blog) that do not rely on romance as the principle plot driver. I’ve said for a while that I want to see more LGBT stories in sci fi and fantasy, especially, that are driven by the genre and not the romance. Not that there can’t be some romance or relationship included.

I’d point to the new Dreamspinner imprint as something to watch – they’re taking non romance stories, although they have not yet opened submissions to everyone. That’s one to watch to see how well it succeeds.

So my question to you today – where would you recommend submitting a sci fi, fantasy or paranormal story that has LGBT characters but is NOT a romance? And if you have read any recent works that fit this kold, who was the publisher?


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4 thoughts on “Where Do I Submit My Non-Romance Story?”


    From their website: “DSP Publications is a boutique publisher proud to present quality fiction that pushes the envelope beyond gay romantic fiction into a wide range of reader-favorite genres, including fantasy, historical, horror, mystery, paranormal, science fiction, and spiritual fiction. DSP Publications is an imprint operated by Dreamspinner Press, international publishers of quality gay romantic fiction since 2007. ”

    They’re just launching, with Andrea Speed’s most excellent “Infected” series as their flagship offering, but as a new line I’m sure they’re most open to new properties. It couldn’t hurt to submit to Dreamspinner now, saying you thought your story might be considered for publishing through DSP.

  2. I would think… Submit it to anywhere you’d submit a “straight” sci-fi story.

    I have said before (and have been told it was an offensive statement, but I still stand by my thoughts) that I’d love to see the end of LGBT segregation in literature.
    While I understand the desire for a safe place, and the need for a dedicated “subgenre” to give LGBT stories shelf-space in fiction, the fact is that only marginalized groups get their own categories. When we label work “LGBT sci-fi” we are perpetuating the idea that “regular” sci-fi is only about hetero characters.
    If LGBT characters can seep into the mainstream, and their acceptance can become more universal, the need for a dedicated LGBT press would fade. I personally believe that would be a wonderful thing, and I hope that in my lifetime I can see the beginnings of that change.

    Even knowing that we might be a long way from a time when the sexual orientations of our Main Characters have no bearing on sales or marketing, I’d still say to sub non-romantic LGBT stories to whatever mainstream press is appropriate. There is nothing wrong or offensive about LGBT characters, and no reason to self-segregate our work. The worst that can happen is a rejection anyway, right?

  3. The previous poster has a valid point about wanting the sexual orientation of the protagonists to be irrelevant to the story. However …

    Wilde City Press is expanding their more mainstream collection and are very very amenable to seeing more quality genre based fiction including sci fi.

    Wayward Ink Publishing is a newish set up that has intended to handle both romance AND genre fiction right from the start. They are well worth a look.

  4. I read a series called the Nightrunner series by Lynn Flewelling that had gay protagonists and who eventually started a relationship but their relationship wasn’t the main focus. That series was published by Bantam Books.


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