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Why Do You Write?


Sometimes I go through a bit of a dry patch – when I’m not writing, either because of time constraints from work or other obligations, or because I’m just not in the right space.

When the latter happens, I usually don’t use it as an excuse not to write – I just shoft gears to a different project that will fire my interest.

But also, at these times, I wonder why I write.

I mean, I love reading – especially anything sci fi or fantasy. I have since I was in second grade.

But I like music too – so why don’t I sing? I love art, so why don’t I draw? I mean, I do both of those things, but not with the passion that always brings me back to writing.

For me, I think it’s partly because I’m good at it – it comes to me much more easily than any of the creative arts. And I do it because my head is full of stories. It’s the way my brain works – almost every song I hear suggests a plot line that wants to be written. Stories I read beg to be turned into novels. Ideas pop into my head unbidden, and wither and die if they aren’t expressed.

In short, I write because I need to write.

So how about the other writers out there? Why do you write?


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