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WORLDBUILDING WEEK: Day Five – Sex, Marriage, Reproduction

Worldbuilding Week

Welcome to the first annual Worldbuilding Week at QSF. We’ll talk about all aspects of building a world for your story, including languages; alien/magical races; history and timelines; culture and politics; sex, marriage and reproduction; and tools and techniques. It should be a lot of fun.

OK, so you’ve come up with your very own language for your new world. You’ve chosen the most awesome-ever aliens or magical creatures to populate it. You’ve set up a timeline for your history, and you’ve built the culture that they’ll live in. Today we’ll talk about the continuation of the species. Elizabeth Barrette is our moderator today.

Some things to consider – is monogamy the standard in your culture? Do your people marry? Forever? For standard periods? If your people aren’t human, how do they reproduce? Are groupings of three or four common? Are the sexual organs different? Is there love?

So many things to cover today!

Join the discussion.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week – each day will have a moderator to help keep moving things along and to supply their own tips and point of view.

Sat 9/19: Sex, Marriage, Reproduction, Moderator: Elizabeth Barrette

Sun 9/20: Tools and Techniques, Moderator: Rory Ni Coileain

It’s a freeform discussion – pop in and ask your questions or share your wisdom – or both!

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