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WORLDBUILDING WEEK: Day Four – Navigating Culture & Politics

Worldbuilding Week

Welcome to the first annual Worldbuilding Week at QSF. We’ll talk about all aspects of building a world for your story, including languages; alien/magical races; history and timelines; culture and politics; sex, marriage and reproduction; and tools and techniques. It should be a lot of fun.

OK, so you’ve come up with your very own language for your new world. You’ve chosen the most awesome-ever aliens or magical creatures to populate it. And you’ve set up a timeline for your history/ Now you have to build the culture that they’ll live in.

Some things to consider – what kind of political system does your country/world have – democratic? Feudal? Socialistic? Hierarchic? Is there a religion, and if so, is it monotheistic? Naturalistic? A pantheon of gods and/or goddesses? How about the arts – how do your creatures express themselves? And what do they eat?

So many things to cover today!

Join the discussion.

Here’s the schedule for the rest of the week – each day will have a moderator to help keep moving things along and to supply their own tips and point of view.

Fri 9/18: Culture & Politics, Moderator: Kathryn Grace Duncan Bone

Sat 9/19: Sex, Marriage, Reproduction, Moderator: Elizabeth Barrette

Sun 9/20: Tools and Techniques, Moderator: Rory Ni Coileain

It’s a freeform discussion – pop in and ask your questions or share your wisdom – or both!

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