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Would They Really Look Like Us?

AlienFor the purposes of MM-Romance driven gay sci fi, alien characters are often built like us – otherwise, would we want to have sex with them?

And to be fair, this is not just a conceit confined to MM romance. Many sci fi TV shows have constructed their aliens around human lines – most prominently star Trek – with two arms, two legs, and a head with two eyes, a nose, a mouth, and two ears in generally the standard human configuration.

Some have even come up with semi-plausible reasons for the similarities, from “it’s the only practical configuration” to “the forbearers seeded the Galaxy with the same DNA”.

But in all likelihood, aliens, even smart ones, will look nothing like us if and when we finally encounter them in person.

Hence, today’s topic – what will “real” aliens look like? And what are some of your favorite sci fi aliens (pics, please)?


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