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Writing in the Zone

muralEvery now and then, the stars align.

I’ve got a concept, a chunk of time and my writing brain is charged and ready to go, and I enter the zone – that place where the writing flows from my fingers like milk in the land of milk and honey.

If you’re a writer, you’ve been there – that place in your head where you feel like you could just write and write and write – as if you had tapped into another world, and your characters were just writing themselves.

As if you were just the scribe, recounting events that had already happened, and not the writer trying to pull reluctant bits and pieces out of your own brain.

Of course, for me, at least, it’s much more often the latter – a long, soul-crushing grind to get it all out on the page and then beat it into submission.

So it makes me wonder – are there any writer tricks for getting to this place – this alternate universe, this zone?

How do you get there?

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3 thoughts on “Writing in the Zone”

  1. Peace and quiet (something I don’t get much of when the boys are home), and re-read previous chapter. It’s also good to stop writing in mid-chapter. At least it is for me, because it’s easier to continue from there than staring at a new, blank chapter page.


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