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Your Favorite Flavor of Sci Fi


Today’s sci fi day at Queer Sci Fi!

Are you a sci fi reader? I have been since I was, like, seven or 8. I used to wander into the “spare bedroom” at my Mom’s house and peruse her three shelves of sci fi.

My Mom was a member of the Science Fiction Book Club, and new books would arrive every month. I grew up on Arthur C. Clarke, Isaac Asimov, and Anne McCaffrey.

I bounced back and forth between hard sci fi, fantasy, and more fantasy-flavored sci fi – and still do to this day.

So for our question of the day – what flavor of sci fi rocks your world? Hard sci fi? Speculative? Dystopian? Sci-Fi-Fantasy Fusion? MM Romance with a Sci Fi angle?


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1 thought on “Your Favorite Flavor of Sci Fi”

  1. My favorite is sociological SF, and linguistic if I can get it. I love exploring futuristic or alien societies. However, I’m also a big fan of first contact stories, which run high to xenobiology and xenolinguistics. Worldbuilding is a passion of mine; few things are as exciting as exploring a whole new planet.

    Regrettably, these days I go into the bookstore and it’s an almost unbroken wall of boobs (urban fantasy with “smart, strong” heroines who consistently fall in love with assholes and hang their cleavage out their alleged work clothes) and guns (military SF can be entertaining sometimes, but I’m really more interested in exploration and diplomacy). It’s gotten to where I’m lucky if I can find anything work taking home, and let me just emphasize that’s like being unable to sell fish to a cat.

    So if there’s nothing fun in the bookstore, I come home and rummage friends’ crowdfunding projects or write something of my own, and it’s usually the sociological stuff. Though to be fair, I did make P.I.E. to have an urban fantasy series about a hera with good taste in men. Darrell is a great guy, just a little … breakable. Science fiction, I made Schrodinger’s Heroes (quantum science fiction about saving the world from alternate dimensions) and The Blueshift Troupers (sociological science fiction about galactic problem-solving and exploration) because frankly I want my future back, and I’m sick of depressing stories about characters who are mostly jerks. Both of these have strong QUILTBAG elements. I also like Dialecticdreamer’s Heliodrax (which is actually library science fiction with shapeshifting tri-gendered dragons) and the science fantasy shared worlds of Nine for the Nebula’s Heart (space opera questing for a mysterious artifact) and Torn World (in a setting long ago broken by technology and oh yay they’ve found a new way to do it again now).


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