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Your Very Own Invisibility Cloak?


A team of researchers out of Queen Mary University of London believe they have found the first step to a practical cloaking device. Yes, invisibility may be possible in the future.

The team, at the moment, is thinking small. They aren’t trying to make people, or battleships at that, disappear. Instead, they’re working on a new material that will make curved surfaces appear flat to electromagnetic waves.

“The design is based upon transformation optics, a concept behind the idea of the invisibility cloak,” said Professor Yang Hao from QMUL’s School of Electronic Engineering and Computer Science, who helped write the study. “Previous research has shown this technique working at one frequency. However, we can demonstrate that it works at a greater range of frequencies making it more useful for other engineering applications, such as nano-antennas and the aerospace industry.”

By Osvaldo Nunvez – Full Story at Design Trend

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