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Actress: Sansa Should Be a Lesbian

Sophie Turner - Sansa Stark

Game of Thrones star Sophie Turner says her long suffering character, Sansa Stark, has had such bad luck with men she should become a lesbian! Always the social climber, Sansa should hook up with royalty, the actress said.

“In the GoT universe, I think she’s going to have to swing the other way – because the men thing isn’t working for her,” Turner told Entertainment Weekly. “Judging by Sansa’s relationship with Margaery … probably Margaery.”

While Sansa’s love life has been downright treacherous – first engaged to brutal Prince Joffrey before his ascension to the throne, forced into a loveless marriage with Tyrion Lannister, and finally sold off to the sadistic Ramsay Bolton, Queen Margaery hasn’t fared much better. She married Renly Baratheon before he declared himself king (and died), then Joffrey after he ascended the throne (and died), and now is wed to the barely-teenage King Tommen.

By Bil Browning – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation


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