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Winners 2019


 Every year, QSF holds a flash fiction contest to create an amazing new anthology of queer speculative fiction stories. We ask authors to do the nearly-impossible – to submit a sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror LGBTIQA story that has no more than 300 words.

Our 2019 contest closed on April 10, 2019. The theme for 2019 was “Migration.”

These are alpha by author:

Colton Aalto, The Perils of Pick-Up Lines
Amarilys Acosta, Diáspora – HM
Emilia Agrafojo, GBFN
BE Allatt, Between
RE Andeen, Altball
Elizabeth Andre, They Said It Would Be Her – HM
R R Angell, Click
Antonia Aquilante, A Dawn Wish
Sionnain Bailey, Shrimpanzee
Stewart C Baker, Birds of New Atlantis – HM
Abby Bartle, Universal Quota
Trevor Barton, Elvira
Joe Baumann, Where You Go, I’ll Follow – HM
Evelyn Benvie, Call My People Home – HM
Eytan Bernstein, Jace vs. the Incubi
Sydney Blackburn, Lurching Forward
Jamie Bonomi, Whose Nightmare? – HM
Die Booth, Mettle – 1st Place

J.P. Bowie, Neil’s Journey
Shannon Brady, Into the Void
Sarah Hadley Brook, The Call of the Suet
Foster Bridget Cassidy, A New Tradition
L.M. Brown, The Essence – Judge’s Choice, Amir Lane
KC Burn, The Keep
Steve Carr, Simulacrum
Minerva Cerridwen, Not How We Planned It
C. A. Chesse, Semper
Crysta K. Coburn, Parched – HM
J. Comer, Beam That Is In
Carey Ford Compton, Ze Who Walks Into the Future – HM
Marita M. Connor, Firebirds
Krishan Coupland, Luna
Dave Creek, Destinations
Monique Cuillerier, What Is Left Behind
Ashby Danvers, Transmigration
Joshua Darrow, Shooting Modes
Helen De Cruz, A Boy’s Shadow
Andi Deacon, That Does Not Love… – HM
Bey Deckard, The Speck – 2nd Place

Hank Edwards, Ready
Tray Ellis, Spores of Retribution
Jonathan Fesmire, Ambrose Out of Ash
Kim Fielding, The Risks and Advantages of Data Migration – HM
Margaret McGaffey Fisk, To Wish on a Love Knot
Penelope Friday, If Pigs Could Fly
J. R. Frontera, The Hunt – HM
Steve Fuson, The Experience
J.S. Garner, Homeward Bound
Bob Goddard, The King of the Mountain Cometh
Isobel Granby, Portrait of a Lady – HM
Sacchi Green, Going Back – HM
M.D. Grimm, Elemental
kim gryphon, Irreversible – HM
E.M. Hamill, O Human Child – HM
Steven Harper, Flight
Dianne Hartsock, Once a Year
Wart Hill, Into the Light
Juan Jocom, TerrorForm
S R Jones, MIG Ration
Riley S. Keene, Far From Home
Ava Kelly, Across the Mirror Lake – HM
M. X. Kelly, Planet Retro, Unplugged
Adrik Kemp, Starfall
Kevin Klehr, Zulu Finds a Home – Judge’s Choice, Brenda Noiseux
Aidee Ladnier, Playing it By Ear
A.M. Leibowitz, The Return
LV Lloyd, Choices
Nathan Alling Long, How Far Would You Go for the One You Love? – HM
Jet Lupin, Laetus – HM
Raina Lorring, Be Kind to Strangers – HM
Spencer Mann, Memories of Clay – HM
C.L. Mannarino, Too Much Tech
Carol Holland March, The Gate
X Marduk, Dryads
C.A. McDonald, Home – HM
Paula McGrath, Killer Queen
Matt McHugh, Kooks at Home
Shirley Meier, Seal Hunt – HM
Eloreen Moon, Little One
Diane Morrison, A Weight Off Their Shoulders
E.W. Murks, Forever Bound – HM
M Joseph Murphy, Endangered Species
Ether Nepenthes, The Long Distance Thing
Mary Newman, Breeding Season – HM
Treasure Nguyen, Skin Hunger – HM – Judge’s Choice, Ben Brock
Rory Ni Coileáin, Night Comes to the Bea Arthur
S.M. Noble, Research & Development – HM
A O’Donovan, Butterflies
Nils Odlund, Heart and Soul
K E Olukoya, Throwing Eggs
Pelaam, Genesis
Siri Paulson, The Woman With No Name – 3rd Place
Jessie Pinkham, A Moment of Bravery
Angelica Primm, Saving Ostakis – HM
Mere Rain, Spring
Jude Reid, The Curse
Harry F. Rey, The Albatrosses – HM
Lauren Ring, Our Song
Warren Rochelle, Ever After
Ziggy Schutz, Stream of Consciousness – HM – Director’s Choice – J. Scott Coatsworth
Patricia Scott, Tides
Damian Serbu, Changeling Dreams
Mindy Leana Shuman, Into the South
Aaron Silver, A New Spring
Kayleigh Sky, Fly
Andrea Speed, Inborn
Chloe Spencer, Our Last Light Skip – HM
Ginger Streusel, The Curious Cabinet – Judge’s Choice, Angel Martinez
Elizabeth Stewart, Til Death Do Us Part
J. Summerset, Repeating History – Judge’s Choice, Dave Ring

Lou Sylvre, Goodbye Marghretta
Nathaniel Taff, Innocence
Christine Taylor-Butler, Passage
Sara Testarossa, World Behind and Home Ahead
Amanda Thomas, Rabbit – HM
David Viner, Another Job, Another Planet
Robyn Walker, Hope for Charity – HMShannon West, The Selkie’s Dance – HM
Devon Widmer, Thiefmaster Rosalind’s Apprentice
Adrienne Wilder, The Call of Home

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