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Interview: Alex Woolfson and Adam DeKraker, The Young Protectors – 8/26/15

Young Protectors

Chat with ALEX WOOLFSON and ADAM DEKRAKER: We’re running an interview/chat with the creators of The Young Protectors from 6-8 EDT. Jamie Fessenden will be moderating the chat.

Although The Young Protectors is not out yet in general release. Alex has created a special discount code so you can get a paperback copy for 20% off on his website: . It’s gorgeous – I saw them at Rainbow Con.

Chat Rules: Jamie will start out the interview. If you have your own questions, feel free to chime in, but please be respectful and give Alex and Adam a chance to answer. We don’t want to overwhelm the guys!

We’re thrilled to have Alex and Adam here!

J. Scott Coatsworth Chat Rules: Jamie will start out the interview. If you have your own questions, feel free to chime in, but please be respectful and give Alex and Adam a chance to answer. We don’t want to overwhelm the guys!

Jamie Fessenden Hi!

J. Scott Coatsworth Hey Jamie!

J. Scott Coatsworth Are the guys here yet?

Jamie Fessenden Welcome to the group, Alex and Adam!

Adam DeKraker Hello there!

Jamie Fessenden I’ll throw the first question out, and you guys can answer it as soon as you’re able. How did you two come to work together?

Brian Cherry When does the main storyline of Young Protectors resume? I love the series but it feels like I’ve been hanging forever!

Alex Woolfson Ah. there we go.

J. Scott Coatsworth Quick note, if you can’t comment, join the group above. I’ll approve folks as we go.

Alex Woolfson Howdy, everyone!

J. Scott Coatsworth Couple questions for you guys above.

K-lee Klein Hi Adam & Alex! Loved meeting you guys at Rainbow Con.

Alex Woolfson Okay, so those are two questions there. smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker How we came together… Alex was on an artist hunt and I think he found my work through an LGBT organization called PRISM comics, which has a nice database of LGBT comic book pros.

Alex Woolfson I’ll answer the main storyline question first, because that’s the fastest

Alex Woolfson or we can start with the other one smile emoticon

Brian Cherry Will we ever see more from Artiface? I really loved the characters and their world.

Jamie Fessenden Okay, let’s give them a chance to answer one question before throwing another at them.

Alex Woolfson yes, basically what it happened, was that a friend of mine, who owned a comic book store bookstore, was looking to create an anthology and had asked me to create a comic for it

Alex Woolfson this friend of mine, was a huge fan of superheroes, and so I decided to create a superhero story, that within the same sort of vibe, as the rest of my comics

Alex Woolfson I wrote a very short script (that later would become the prologue of the young protectors) and then went on the hunt for an artist

Adam DeKraker Alex and I did a pin up project to test the waters, and we worked together well. He already produced a nice looking strip with Artifice, so I knew he wanted to make a quality comic. So when he approached me with this superhero project he’s talking about, it seemed like a good fit. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson I looked on the prism website, where there is a listing of I think about 300 artists?

Michelle Rae Adam – Is script writing a must for artist to produce work.

Alex Woolfson And out of those artists, Adams work with head and shoulders above everyone else’s

J. Scott Coatsworth He is good. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson so I reached out to him, and because I did not want to scare him, I asked if he would be willing to do a single pinup for me

K-lee Klein You seem to fit together so well.

Alex Woolfson Adam you want to take over from here? smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker smile emoticon So, yep, the pinup, then the first chapter of the comic, which was initially going to be a stand alone story.

K-lee Klein Oh a pinup?

Adam DeKraker But, we hit it off and enjoyed the project, so we decided to push ahead and see where we could take it.

J. Scott Coatsworth Do you have a copy of the pin-up?

Adam DeKraker Alex went off and did a little writing and came back with an amazing script. And here we are, years later, still plugging away. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Here’s Brian’s first question: When does the main storyline of Young Protectors resume? I love the series but it feels like I’ve been hanging forever!

Alex Woolfson (This is that first pin-up we worked on together: Color by Winona Nelson of Artifice)
Tough “Pillowfight” Print
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K-lee Klein So glad you went to Rainbow Con this year, Alex and Adam. It was a total thrill to meet you both.

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen To Adam. I know it varies, depending on details and number of panels, but how long does it approximately take you to make a page?

Adam DeKraker The pin-up!

Alex Woolfson Great to meet you too, K-lee!

J. Scott Coatsworth Cute

Alex Woolfson okay, about when we are going to return to the main storyline:

K-lee Klein Oh yes! Pillow fight!

Alex Woolfson so basically here’s the deal

Alex Woolfson the young protectors is a five chapter arc, that will be released in three separate trade paperback volumes

Alex Woolfson at the end of each of those volumes, my plan is to have a bonus comic

Michelle Rae Alex – The kickstarter for volume 1 is still streaming ahead. With all the rewards offered, do you feel it was too much to offer as you first kickstarter for YP. Given there may be other kick-starters for future volumes?

Alex Woolfson at the end of volume 1, that would be the spooky commander bonus comic

Dave Fragments Did you always have in mind the more realistic artwork and depiction of characters as opposed to anything stylized?

Alex Woolfson
The Young Protectors: Engaging The Enemy Bonus Comic One—Page 1 – Yaoi…

J. Scott Coatsworth I’m copying your questions and will feed them back in as we go. But please do give Adam and Alex a chance to answer. smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker On the time it takes for a page….Every page is different with a different number of elements, so there’s no real average in terms of how long this takes me to get a page across the finish line. Prior to working on The Young Protectors, I was pretty much operating at the industry standard of knocking out five pages per week, which was what was necessary for a monthly book to come out on time. But, a page can take anywhere from 8 hours to 18 hours. And it’s usually closer to the latter for anybody working in a more “realistic” or detail-oriented style.

J. Scott Coatsworth That’s a lot of work, Adam.

Alex Woolfson each of these bonus comics, allows us to focus on a different character, and for the end of volume 2, I wanted to focus on the Flyboy…

Adam DeKraker Great meeting you as well, K-Lee! Thanks for introducing me to the world of “Stucky!” wink emoticon

Alex Woolfson so the plan was always to have a fly boy bonus comic at the end of chapter 3

J. Scott Coatsworth From Brian Cherry: Will we ever see more from Artiface? I really loved the characters and their world.

Alex Woolfson and then resume the main storyline right after that

Alex Woolfson but while working on chapter 3, which was a huge chapter, we managed to burn through all of our buffer pages

J. Scott Coatsworth For those who haven’t seen Artiface, it was a different illustrator.

Angel Martinez Guys – I know we’re all excited – I’m doing a big fangirl squee over here. But let’s please let out guests answer the questions already asked. Pretty please.

Alex Woolfson this is bad for a lot of reasons, in particular, because no one gets any breathing room if an emergency comes up, and even without emergencies, having to deliver art at the very last second, twice a week, is frankly exhausting

Alex Woolfson so I knew that we would need to take time away from the main comic pages, to give Adam and Veronica a chance to rebuild our buffer

K-lee Klein Ha! Bucky, Cap and I are honoured to have Stuckyized you, Adam.

Jamie Fessenden Buffer pages?

Alex Woolfson I could have done what many web comic creators do, and just put the young protectors on hiatus for three months

K-lee Klein Buffer pages?

J. Scott Coatsworth
J. Scott Coatsworth’s photo.

Adam DeKraker More on the time it takes to put the pages together…
Alex has been far more involved during this process than editors and writers ever were at Marvel or DC, and there’s often more adjusting and tweaking that is requested after the pages are pencilled. Working digitally makes these changes easier, but also means the pages take longer as notes and changes are sent back and forth. So, the 2 pages per week schedule works out well for TYP.

After the art is approved, it moves on to the letterer and the colorist, which in the case of TYP is Alex on lettering duty and the amazing Veronica Gandini on colors.

J. Scott Coatsworth Artifice

Alex Woolfson but because of the Kickstarter stretch goal that I needed to fulfill anyway I saw an opportunity, to use a guest artist, and create a comic, that could give some an interesting and fun back story, that might be fun for everyone

Adam DeKraker “buffer” pages just mean the buffer of completed pages that haven’t been posted yet.

Adam DeKraker When we started, we were months and months ahead of the pages being posted.

K-lee Klein Oh okay. Thanks

J. Scott Coatsworth Just like all good artists, the public wants more, and now.

Alex Woolfson no matter what, we needed to take this time to build the buffer pages, but the way I decided to handle it, meant that instead of a long hiatus, I posted an additional bonus comic

Alex Woolfson does that make sense?

J. Scott Coatsworth From Brian Cherry: Will we ever see more from Artiface? I really loved the characters and their world.

K-lee Klein I love Alex’s Artifice and Adam you know your Marvel stuff made me squeal. wink emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth It’s true. I saw her squeal at RC.

K-lee Klein LOL

Adam DeKraker We figure continuing to deliver TYP twice a week even if it means stepping away from the main story is way preferable to disappearing for a few weeks or months. smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker lol

K-lee Klein I think it’s a great plan Adam and

K-lee Klein And Alex

Alex Woolfson I would love to create an artifice 2, and I even know what it would be about, but I want to wouldn’t do it without Winona Nelson right now she is super busy on other projects. But I’ll let you know the second that changes! smile emoticon

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Buffer pages, is pages you’re ahead of the uploaded story, so you have a page to upload on time in case you get sick or some plans makes you unable to have a page ready in time. Many webcomic artists try to be at least 6+ pages ahead of the ones they’ve uploaded for public view in case of this, but there’s usually a time or two when they get ‘eaten’ up. It’s quite common that webcomics have breaks, so it’s quite something that TYP (And previously Artifice) hasn’t skipped a week at all.

K-lee Klein That’s cool,

J. Scott Coatsworth Michelle Rae Adam – Is script writing a must for artist to produce work.

J. Scott Coatsworth ie: how thoroughly do you script the stories in advance?

Adam DeKraker There’s no “right” way to produce comics, but it’s hard to draw pages without a script. Some folks are writer/artists, so they may create their own stories without a formal script before they start drawing.

Adam DeKraker But, they’ve at least broken down the pages into little notes with panels.

K-lee Klein Can’t wait for the next Artifice then, Alex. If the partnership worked then it’s best not to mess wiht it. smile emoticon Adam are you doing any more Marvel? *coughs* Or maybe Stucky.

J. Scott Coatsworth Dave Fragments Did you always have in mind the more realistic artwork and depiction of characters as opposed to anything stylized?

Adam DeKraker Generally, though, yep, you want a script to work from. Whether you are the writer or if you’re working from someone else’s story.

Adam DeKraker Some basic script stuff… Comic book script formatting varies quite a bit from writer to writer and publisher to publisher. They’re similar in structure, though, to what you would see in a screenplay.

Some writers break things down panel to panel, indicating what specifically they’d like to see in each panel. Other writers write in what has popularly been called “The Marvel Style,” where the artist receives a plot breakdown for each page and is given the freedom to interpret it how they see fit, with the writer coming back and creating the dialogue after the art has been created. That style is less common these days, although it’s the system under which Stan Lee and Jack Kirby basically established the foundation of what we now know as “The Marvel Universe.”

While there are few notorious writers who go into great detail about everything they want in every panel, down to camera angles, I’ve never felt too trapped by a script. I treat all scripts as guidelines. I usually pay little attention to information like specific angles, because those determinations are usually best left to the artist who’s laying out the page.

J. Scott Coatsworth You know better than us writers. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth From Dave Fragments: Did you always have in mind the more realistic artwork and depiction of characters as opposed to anything stylized?

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Marvel stuff? Now I’m curious, also since Stucky was mentioned. You can never get too much of Stucky wink emoticon

K-lee Klein Wow! I guess you have to be flexible as the artist then, Adam.

J. Scott Coatsworth Editorial Note: If you can’t comment, join the group above and I’ll approve you.

Adam DeKraker On art style… TYP looks different from my other work in some ways, but I don’t think degree of detail is one of those, necessarily. Not sure if Alex picked me out for the level of detail or not…

Alex Woolfson I was definitely looking for an artist with a great naturalistic style

Alex Woolfson so, absolutely your epic level of detail, was something that first attracted me to your work, Adam smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker On more work for Marvel… if they call me and I’m free (I’m really really not free these days), I would love to play with the Marvel folks again. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson and in terms of the young protectors, I was also looking for naturalistic style in particular, because I wanted to create the same kind of feel that very high-end mainstream superhero comics have created for straight people over the past 15 years

Dave Fragments One of my complaints about certain movies is that they were filmed in a dark room with candles and gray-black, and blue-black backgrounds. Too hard to see

J. Scott Coatsworth I spent four days at the booth across from these guys looking at the pretty pictures. smile emoticon

K-lee Klein Can I post the pic of the Marvel comic I bought?

J. Scott Coatsworth sure

Alex Woolfson personally, in terms of what I find sexy, I can actually find the stylized stuff a bit more appealing. But for the young protectors, this naturalistic style felt like the right choice.

J. Scott Coatsworth It’s old-school superhero. I like it.

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen To Adam. Not a question, but a comment. I loved yout TYP art from the beginning, but the progres you and Vero has gone through since.. wow. Your art sometimes blow my mind.

K-lee Klein Here it is. I;ll cherish it always,
K-lee Klein’s photo.

J. Scott Coatsworth Pretty

Adam DeKraker Yeah, I think that where our sensibilities align is much more in shooting for a “naturalistic” approach rather than necessarily level of detail.

J. Scott Coatsworth Another question: from Michelle Rae Alex – The kickstarter for volume 1 is still streaming ahead. With all the rewards offered, do you feel it was too much to offer as you first firststarter for YP. Given there may be other kick-starters for future volumes?

Adam DeKraker Thanks, Marianne! We’ve definitely upped our game in the visuals. A lot of that had to do with how divided our attentions were at the beginning of this project. With each chapter, I was able to dedicate more time to TYP.

Angel Martinez I love the easy way that style flows, Alex and Adam – both from frame to frame and in the flow of dialogue. Pulls you right the hell in. No. Sucks you in.

J. Scott Coatsworth LOL… Angel and I have been fan girling and fan boying for days.

K-lee Klein Totally sucks you in and makes you want it to never end.

Adam DeKraker Thanks, Angel. Simple clarity and readability is very very important to both of us.

J. Scott Coatsworth So, Kickstarter? Too much? Ever do it again?

J. Scott Coatsworth So bummed I missed the first one.

Adam DeKraker Oh, I think there’s more kick starters in the future, right Alex? Probably scaled back a little, though. wink emoticon

Alex Woolfson In terms of the Kickstarter rewards: well, everything that got unlocked by the stretch goals, is stuff I really do want to make, and I’m really proud about how it’s all turned out, but it has been a bit exhausting, and the inevitable delays that are involved in making so many different things with so many moving parts, can be frustrating for both backers and even for me. So, I won’t say that I have regrets, but for the next one? It’s really going to be mostly about printing the book smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth *grumbles* wish I’d known about that last one. *grin*

J. Scott Coatsworth OK, more questions, folks?

K-lee Klein I didn’t know either J. Scott

J. Scott Coatsworth Bring ’em on, and I’ll feed ’em back in.

Angel Martinez What character do you most identify with?

Alex Woolfson I hear you, Scott smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth K-lee… we should have just taken Adam and Alex home from RC. Plus Paul. He’s cute too.

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen I hope that what ever sequel, that we’ll (hopefully) get to TYP (or what ever other comic project), that the team for this will stay Adam and possibly Vero – if she can. Though it must be at least a couple years away smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson Ha!

Alex Woolfson (Ha was for Scott’s kidnapping plan)

J. Scott Coatsworth LOL figured.

Jamie Fessenden Michelle Rae asks: Will we ever have a chance to see you at any of the Australian conventions?

J. Scott Coatsworth I prefer to call it manknapping.

Alex Woolfson Adam, which character do you identify most with? smile emoticon

K-lee Klein How do you know I didn’t already do that? wink emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth LOL

K-lee Klein Same question to you, Alex?

Adam DeKraker If someone from Australia wants to fly us out, I’m betting the TYP crew would be there in a flash. smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker I’m not sure who I would identify with. Hm. Maybe Spooky? Not sure. Love them all.

Alex Woolfson Australia: Sounds like fun to me smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Michelle Rae so are you buying the boys a ticket?

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen To both Alex and Adam: Do you have a character you like better to write/draw? – or your fave character in general?

Alex Woolfson In terms of which character I would identify with: I would say that every single character has a little bit of me in them somewhere. But I think my best self is in Spooky. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Marianne – I’m betting it’s the one they are most like. tongue emoticon

K-lee Klein So you’re both Spooky. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson Well, the platinum priestess is a heck of a lot of fun to write smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker It can really depend on the scene. Drawing Platinum Priestess during her big scene with Annihilator in chapter 3 was really fun.

Alex Woolfson Ha! We chose the same one! grin emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth We have a winner. tongue emoticon

Alex Woolfson but of course, I also really like writing Spooky.

J. Scott Coatsworth We had a question from the other day for you: Technical question for the graphic novels: What platform do you use to create them? Does it allow for conversion into appropriate file types for the different publishers? If not, what do you use?

Adam DeKraker I always like drawing Tsunami because he’s such a different body type than the rest of the team, and he’s always grumpy which is also fun. smile emoticon

Dave Fragments Villains are always much more fun. They are free from rules and free from society’s expectations.

K-lee Klein Ha. Grumpy for the win. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth What do you use to create the work (app/program/platform etc)?

Alex Woolfson For the technical question: we create the final colored files in CMYK and I composite them altogether in Adobe InDesign

Adam DeKraker Currently, I do all the illustrating for The Young Protectors digitally using a Wacom tablet and program called Manga Studio.…

It’s a great program, and I’m still learning it as I go, but making the leap to digital has been a great move for me. MS is a great tool. And it saves a lot of time for me on TYP. Alex’s process involves much more back and forth than any other projects I’ve worked on, and eliminating all the scanning and cleaning up of the scanned pages has been a huge time saver. I do miss drawing analog, and look forward to getting back to putting pencil, pen, and brush to paper, but for TYP, it’s pretty much all digital for the foreseeable future.

Manga Studio – 2D Drawing, Comic & Illustration Software – Smith Micro

Alex Woolfson I did a lot of research on how to prepare files to be professionally published an offset printing press before I even made my very first comic, A Shot in the Dark

J. Scott Coatsworth So none of it is by hand? Yeah, so I’m old. LOL

Michelle Rae Did the school drop off and now catching up. I once participated in a campaign to get Hamlet Machine to Europe for a convention there. I’d be more than prepared to do something similar for Australia. This would take a lot of planning but I’d be willing to make it happen.

Adam DeKraker I draw it all by hand, using a stylus pen on my wacom tablet.

K-lee Klein I was going to ask that too, J. Scott. Do you sketch too, Adam?

Alex Woolfson I use Adobe illustrator for the lettering, and Veronica Gandini uses Adobe Photoshop

Alex Woolfson for the colors

Dave Fragments a gay Clouseau?

Angel Martinez (Can I just say, as a platinum haired person, I totally appreciated the Platinum Priestess and how strong she is wink emoticon )

J. Scott Coatsworth Alex and Adam, I think you have yourselves am Australian tour co-ordinator in Michelle Rae. smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker On sketching— Before I get to the business of sitting down and drawing a page of comics, I read the script and I scribble out a bunch of thumbnail sketches of each page, breaking down angles, adding or removing panels. Figuring out if there’s enough room for word balloons, and if the overall composition is clear and interesting. Some editors like to see these and give notes, some just want to see the finished pencilled pages on or before the day their due. So, if notes any notes require revisions they’re tackled and changes are agreed upon before moving forward. Then I start to gather up reference that I’ll need. I take reference photos to help with positioning and anatomy of characters. I go through my files for shots of props or locations that will be helpful. Then I dive in and start with the drawing. Usually doing a loose layout first, then tightening things up to finished linework.

Alex Woolfson I also ask all my artists, to create the files with very high resolutions, which gives the maximum flexibility for what to do with them later on

Michelle Rae I agree Dave about villains being more fun and free from rules. The Platinum Princess inspired me to write my own super villain book.

K-lee Klein How about you, Alex? Do you have any artistic talent as well?

Adam DeKraker the digital work station:
Adam DeKraker’s photo.

J. Scott Coatsworth ADVERTISEMENT: The guys have created a special discount code just for us: W5PE49Z0N8N – to use at Alex’s store – – save 20%. smile emoticon
The Yaoi 911 Webcomics Store
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Peter Wu If you go back in time and start YP over what’s one thing you would have changed. Alex, Adam?

Adam DeKraker … and where it fits in the big picture of my little art cave
Adam DeKraker’s photo.

J. Scott Coatsworth I love creative peoples’ offices.

J. Scott Coatsworth Good question, Peter. Glad you came!

K-lee Klein I love your workspace, Adam.

Michelle Rae Adam your office is amazing. Mine is my kitchen table.

Adam DeKraker hm… I think without a doubt, it would have been to clear more of my other work out before working on our first couple chapters. I always cringe at my old work.

Dave Fragments Welcome to the club of “old work cringers”

K-lee Klein Ha. Ain’t that the truth. I enjoy meeting other cringers. tongue emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Adam – we all do.

Alex Woolfson Michelle: No, I have no artistic skill. My stick figures make angels weep.

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Alex, any chance of ever getting a TYP card deck? I did the count and there’s actually exactly 12 characters in the main story (including ‘George’), and then YP logo for Aces (and what ever for Jokers). See, perfect wink emoticon

K-lee Klein Then you must draw like me, Alex. wink emoticon

Adam DeKraker An angel is at it’s most beautiful while weeping.

Angel Martinez Noooo! Weeping angels are scary!

J. Scott Coatsworth Oooh, a card set. I’d order one.

Adam DeKraker haha

Alex Woolfson Marianne: well, after spending two years creating the 36 trading cards that I’m about to release in a month or so, I think I’m going to take a little break from making any more cards smile emoticon

K-lee Klein Card set! Yes!

Paula Wyant “An angel is at it’s most beautiful while weeping.”

Just don’t blink.

Alex Woolfson Adam: Ha!

J. Scott Coatsworth Alex… you know your audience. smile emoticon

Michelle Rae And draws like me too. I would love to create a comic and with Alex’s Patreon rewards I now know who to write a script grin emoticon

Adam DeKraker Cards would be fun. Maybe we can repurpose existing art. Right now, we’re all carded out, I think. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Patreon? Wanna tell us more about that, Alex?

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Damn, well.. maybe at the end of Volume 3 then. That would be a couple years break since last cards wink emoticon

K-lee Klein Sounds like you’re both carded out. What’s the next project on both your agendas? Was that already asked? (besides Stucky for someone Adam: tongue emoticon

Alex Woolfson sure smile emoticon I can talk a little bit about Patreon

J. Scott Coatsworth Alex – please do.

J. Scott Coatsworth Is it tequilla?

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen I wouldn’t even mind reused art. Maybe using zoomed/clipped images of existing fan-favorite panels?
(As a card deck collector I’m always eager for awesome card decks)

Michelle Rae I had a question on Patreon too Alex.
Does Patreon impact greatly the time you now spend on YP?
Do you see patreon lasting only as long as YP or possibly beyond?

Adam DeKraker We still have some odds and ends from the kickstarter rewards to take care of, but, big picture, we’re back to creating the story pages. I’m in the middle of drawing this Flyboy story, and after that, we’re on to chapter 4!

Alex Woolfson Patreon is like Kickstarter, in that it is a form of crowdfunding, but unlike Kickstarter, which is meant to raise a lot of money all at once for a single big project, Patreon is meant to support a creator’s ongoing work

J. Scott Coatsworth Quick note, if you can’t comment, join the group above. I’ll approve folks as we go.

Alex Woolfson I give a more detailed description here:
Patreon Rewards – AMW Comics
Patreon I see you have something called a “Patreo …

Alex Woolfson and of course you can always watch the video on my Patreon page:
Support Alex Woolfson creating Comics
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators. Support and engage with artists and creators as they…

K-lee Klein This?
Patreon: Support the creators you love
Patreon is empowering a new generation of creators to make a living from their passion and hard work.

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Alex’ patreon site is awesome, just saying. Lots of extra goodies.

Alex Woolfson but the short answer is, is that it made a huge difference in my life

Dave Fragments The Annihilator wants you (to self-destruct and other bad, bad, things)

Alex Woolfson in December, before I launched the Patreon page, I thought that I might need to give up making comics

Alex Woolfson but now I can honestly say it’s how I make my living

Adam DeKraker Yay for Patreon!

K-lee Klein That’s awesome, Alex. Livin’ the dream. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson (Oh, and by the way, there’s something special going on with my Patreon right now…

J. Scott Coatsworth So it’s a sales platform?

Arshad Ahsanuddin It was impressive how you managed to leverage your existing fanbase into a viable monthly paycheck. smile emoticon

K-lee Klein I love your Patreon page, Alex.

Alex Woolfson Thanks to two unlocked “Milestone Goals” (which are like stretch goals on Kickstarter) folks who become pledge in August will get sent a “Full Monty” painting of Spooky as well as the most explicit art piece I’ve ever commissioned: a painted pairing of Kyle from The Young Protectors and Deacon from Artifice

Angel Martinez It’s a patronage platform, J. Scott – a little bit like Kickstarter in that you’re giving your patronage for something in return

J. Scott Coatsworth I saw some of the, ahem, rewards at RC. They were impressive.

J. Scott Coatsworth Ah but ongoing. I see that.

Alex Woolfson
Kyle-Deacon Paring Pin-Up Reward
I waited an extra couple days because some folks had let me know they were having trouble with PayPal, but…

J. Scott Coatsworth Oooh, I so wanna pan down.

Alex Woolfson Scott: Not quite sales, since it’s meant to support a creator’s ongoing work using monthly pledges, but I do my best to make being a Patron awesome, so Patrons do get access to a lot of special stuff for their support. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson Thank you, K-Lee and Arshad! (Good to see you hear, Arshad!)

Jamie Fessenden It’s a great idea.

J. Scott Coatsworth Nice. Arshad is right – it’s great you have worked out a steady income. That really helps.

Paula Wyant (Alex knows how to spoil his fans.)

Michelle Rae One other kickstarter question I had before I head of to work.
Guest artist for kickstarter awards was a great idea.
How did you chose which artists to approach for your kickstarter rewards?
Is there a possibly for fan art / fiction to be published as part of a future kickstarter reward?

Angel Martinez I’ve really enjoyed the Mitch bonus, by the way – Flyboy is awesome. I thought my heart would stop during those last panels of the main story.

K-lee Klein Adam do you do Patreon too or is that a dumb question?

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen I’m poor, but I still manage the $5 eah month that gives me access to all the goodies on Alex’ patreon. Fels much more rewarding than what else I could get for that amount.

Arshad Ahsanuddin I think Patreon is more of a subscription service than a sales platform, but you have to keep coming up with new content to support it.

Jamie Fessenden I’m curious what resolution the comic pages are when you draw them, Adam.

Michelle Rae And one last one from me before I have to leave for work (I’m already late).
Adam – You’ve been involved in an animated comic in the past, would this be something you would consider doing for YA. Perhaps a future kickstarter reward.

Deven Stewart Did you use any different fundraising techniques/platforms before kickstarter and patreon? (Aka: in the early days)

Adam DeKraker K-lee: Since Alex is paying me and Patreon is funding Alex, I guess I “do” Patron by extension. I may end up launching my own campaign at some point for a creator owned project of my own, but that’s a ways away. And at that time I will be picking Alex’s brain endlessly. Cause he’s like a Jedi with this stuff. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Wanna answer Michelle’s? Then I’ll feed in some more.

Adam DeKraker I deliver the finished pages to Alex at 800dpi usually.

K-lee Klein Lol. Alex has the force.

Adam DeKraker They’re also drawn larger than print size, so they reduce nicely.

Alex Woolfson Heh. What’s the most current question? Had to refresh my page because FB was being bad…

Arshad Ahsanuddin Do you use a cloud service to transfer the finished pages? They can be some massive files, if you’re supplying the layered files. Smaller if only the finished images.

J. Scott Coatsworth Any YA planned? Maybe as a kickstarter reward?

J. Scott Coatsworth Arshad – I’ll put yours in queue

Alex Woolfson YA? Young Adult?

Adam DeKraker Yeah, if we had the breathing room, I’d totally try playing with YP in an animated style. But, that’s the nice thing about bringing guest artists in. Getting a chance to see other folks interpret your designs in their style. Really fun.

J. Scott Coatsworth Yes

Alex Woolfson well, this fly boy bonus comic I think would make a nice, standalone, young adult story. In fact, Adam and I have even discussed perhaps distributing it independently for promotional purposes once it is finished.

J. Scott Coatsworth smile emoticon

Brian Cherry Where can we buy Tough and any other non Artiface or Young Protectors comics? They’re not on your website. Prism’s shop is currently closed.

Angel Martinez

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen I might have a heart attack if we got Spooky in animation wink emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth from K-lee Klein What’s the next project on both your agendas? Was that already asked? (besides Stucky for someone Adam)

Adam DeKraker We use dropbox usually to transfer stuff back and forth. Or sometimes email for smaller files like scripts, sketches, etc.

Alex Woolfson but if you mean me writing a prose novel with the young protectors characters, stay tuned smile emoticon

K-lee Klein Cool

J. Scott Coatsworth From Deven Stewart Did you use any different fundraising techniques/platforms before kickstarter and patreon? (Aka: in the early days)

J. Scott Coatsworth Adam – Arshad has a graphic nobel of his own coming out – he’s the author.

Alex Woolfson For Deven’s question about different fundraising techniques:

Alex Woolfson well, one of the reasons I was willing to try using Patreon, was because I had a donation bar for my web comic site

Alex Woolfson basically, this is how it worked:

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Alex already have a couple Spooky short stories on Patreon. One with Amanda and one that is all Spooky. They’re awesome! Alex can write for sure wink emoticon Anything that is TYP prose is something I’ll look forward to.

Adam DeKraker Had a nice dinner with Arshad in Tampa. smile emoticon

Arshad Ahsanuddin smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson people would make donations through PayPal, and once the donation bar hit its target, (which in the case of artifice was $250, and for the young protectors which had twice as many artists was $400)…

J. Scott Coatsworth ADVERTISEMENT: The guys have created a special discount code just for us for TYP: W5PE49Z0N8N – to use at Alex’s store – – save 20%.

Alex Woolfson … I would post up a page early. Before •Patreon, both Artifice and the young protectors were one page a week web comics…

Alex Woolfson but the donation bar, made it so we would post up two pages in a single week…

K-lee Klein I think you enjoyed some drag queens in Tampa too, Adam, wink emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth K-lee – and Paul too. They were adorable together,. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson one thing they gave me a lot of confidence, was that with the young protectors, the readers made sure we hit that goal every single week for well over a year, and the only reason we had a week off from that, with because I begged for a week off after putting in a full month during the first Kickstarter launch smile emoticon

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Darn, can’t use the discount just now, since I’m saving up to use some money when I meet Alex at YaoiCon in 3 weeks (THREE WEEKS!). Can I write it down and use it there? wink emoticon LOL

Jamie Fessenden So Adam, I’ve seen some artists who work on the computer sketch things out first, then scan them in to work on them. Do you do all of your sketching on the computer?

Alex Woolfson other forms of income, like advertising, can bring in a few hundred dollars a month, but it’s quite variable and not reliable

J. Scott Coatsworth Jamie – put your ? in queue

K-lee Klein Sounds like a gruelling schedule Alex and Adam. Good thing you love your work.

J. Scott Coatsworth From Brian Cherry – Where can we buy Tough and any other non Artiface or Young Protectors comics? They’re not on your website. Prism’s shop is currently closed.

Alex Woolfson that’s one of the many reasons why Patreon has made such a huge difference in my life

Adam DeKraker On sketching— no, I use sketch books and scrap paper, too. But, with this project, almost everything I do is digital because it saves time with so much back and forth. Scanning becomes a hassle.

Adam DeKraker I don’t think comics is something anybody would do if they didn’t love it. As an artist, I’ve gone through months where I was working on average 14 hours a day. You really gotta love what you’re doing and be ok with not leaving the house too much.

Alex Woolfson yes, it really is a labor of love smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson for Brian’s question:

J. Scott Coatsworth Tough and any other non Artiface or Young Protectors comics?

Jamie Fessenden Thanks. I have a Wacom tablet myself, and I’ve been wanting to experiment with it, but I’ve been a little intimidated. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth where can folks find them?

Alex Woolfson currently, there is no way to get hard copies of either the Tough chapters or A Shot in the Dark, but maybe someday I’ll create an anthology smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson for right now, folks you sign up for my mailing list, can get PDFs of those comics for free smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Are there e copies?

Alex Woolfson
Free Comics
For all your Yaoi emergencies…

Adam DeKraker Jamie– jumping into creating my work digitally was definitely a scary thing to do. I was very old school for a long time. But, I’m so glad I made the leap. I’m a total cheerleader for the wacom and mangastudio combo. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Oooh, the deals just keep on coming. We like Alex and Adam. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth OK, we can take some more questions. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Do you have proof readers/beta readers who look over the storyline for plot holes?

Alex Woolfson Beta readers:

Dave Fragments we’re called readers (wink wink)

Alex Woolfson yes, I do. In fact, there is one woman in particular, who is a novelist, reviews all my work. I would be lost without her.

J. Scott Coatsworth Is it in script form?

Peter Wu What do you enjoy doing when not working? Are there activities that u do to help the creative process?

Sula Holland Hi, sorry for coming in so late to the conversation, but I am eagerly awaiting the arrival of my Kickstarter backers package and was very happy by the NSFW digital rewards you recently sent   but Kyle looks a bit embarrassed in his reveal wink emoticon. On another topic, what is also happening with the Touch comic, is going any further than two chapters? I loved Artifice, will there be any more (apologies as I imagine you have been asked this many times)?

Angel Martinez Where are we going to be able to find you guys for the rest of this year?

Alex Woolfson (And Dave is right — posting the pages as webcomics before going to print is awesome. Our eagle eyed readers are our final defense! smile emoticon )

Adam DeKraker Peter: Cuddling with my husband (of course) and watching a possibly unhealthy amount of movies…

Alex Woolfson Scott: Yep, I send it to her in script form. It took her a while to learn film script format (when I was using that) and then a little bit to learn the Full Comic Script format (where I list how many panels are on each page, what’s in each panel, etc.), but now she’s completely fluent in them smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Damn. I keep calling Peter Paul. I blame the sixties band Peter Paul and Mary.

Alex Woolfson Angel: This is my current Con schedule…/
Alex Woolfson’s Convention Schedule – Yaoi 911 Webcomics

J. Scott Coatsworth Queing Angel’s question.

Adam DeKraker that’s funny, cause I keep calling him Mary.

K-lee Klein *snuggles with Adam and Peter*

J. Scott Coatsworth And Sulla’s.

J. Scott Coatsworth From SA Collins: They may have already been asked this but I wanted to know if they ever did Comic Con and if so what their experience has been like? From a non-comic (consumer) perspective I think they’ve grown exponentially in that area… do they feel like they get enough notice in that large a venue? Or is it simply too big now?

J. Scott Coatsworth Adam: *snicker*

Alex Woolfson Adam: Ha! (I hope your dog house has air conditioning, my friend)

Adam DeKraker I think I’ll be at Ahn! Con in January as well. I need to check in with them about that…

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Alex: A non-comic question. You’ve worked in movie editing and such, from what I understand. Anything we might know? (what movies)

Alex Woolfson ComiCon, i.e. SDCC:

J. Scott Coatsworth Marianne – queuing your ?

Alex Woolfson Yep, I was just at Comic Con in July. It was incredible. I brought 120 advance copies of The Young Protectors with me and they sold out by early Saturday afternoon.

J. Scott Coatsworth So Comicon? Good? Bad? Overgrown monster?

Alex Woolfson It was a great experience. Very expensive (my “floor” just for overhead expenses was $2200), so not a huge money-maker, but still helped me pay the bills and it’s a great networking opportunity

J. Scott Coatsworth These folks are full of questions today. smile emoticon

Arshad Ahsanuddin The guy in front of me bought the last YP, as I recall. I had to wait until RC to get one. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson I was with the Prism folks at their booth and that’s what makes it so worth it

J. Scott Coatsworth Sula Holland: On another topic, what is also happening with the Touch comic, is going any further than two chapters? I loved Artifice, will there be any more (apologies as I imagine you have been asked this many times)?

Alex Woolfson Without their support, there’s no way I could have made it happen

Adam DeKraker Comiccon was a bit much for me the times I went. I decided I’d only return if I had something I was really invested in promoting. I imagine I’ll be back there someday, but I’m not eagerly awaiting it.

Alex Woolfson So a big shoutout to Ted Abenheim and all the other awesome Prism folks.

J. Scott Coatsworth Sula – on Artiface – illustrator busy with other projects, but maybe someday – see above.

J. Scott Coatsworth Alex – more Tough?

Peter Wu Do you guys prefer to work on a team book or do u ever wish u were focusing on one or two characters?

J. Scott Coatsworth Peter, just queued your question.

K-lee Klein J. Scott you’re so efficient. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth LOL

Adam DeKraker I keep losing my place. heh.

Alex Woolfson Scott: Right now all my attention is focused on The Young Protectors, so there aren’t currently any plans for me to resume Tough. But maybe someday. It would be fun to revisit those characters and wrap that storyline up if I could find the right artist for it.

J. Scott Coatsworth Did we lose Alex? Probably getting a drink to deal with all the crazies in this chat. Myself included.

Alex Woolfson Scott: But for now, Tough is officially on hiatus.

J. Scott Coatsworth From Marianne: Alex: A non-comic question. You’ve worked in movie editing and such, from what I understand. Anything we might know? (what movies)?

Adam DeKraker It’s nice when we have a scene that’s just one or two characters to get a little fresh air, but I love our whole cast.
I’ve always liked team books with big casts and lots of subplots. I enjoy the interactions between characters far more than following the main plot. Plot is boring. Characters and relationships are interesting.

As an artist, working on a team book is fun because you get to mix it up and draw different folks. But drawing so many characters on every page (and sometimes in every panel) can certainly be a challenge. On average, I’d say it’s more work drawing an issue of, say, The Legion of Super-Heroes or The Teen Titans than your typical issue of Wolverine or whatever.

Alex Woolfson That makes a lot of sense, Adam.

J. Scott Coatsworth “plot is boring” hah!

J. Scott Coatsworth So Alex, what movies have you worked on?

Alex Woolfson Marianne: most of my filmmaking work was for high-end corporate clients. Probably the most “famous”thing I’ve ever done were the April fools videos for Gmail. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Oooh, want to see those.

J. Scott Coatsworth Adam answered Peter’s question – Alex?

J. Scott Coatsworth Peter Wu Do you guys prefer to work on a team book or do u ever wish u were focusing on one or two characters?

Alex Woolfson
Gmail Motion BETA
Now you can control Gmail with your body. Gmail Motion uses your computer’s built-in webcam and Google’s…

Alex Woolfson for me, I actually really like working on a team book, because I love character, and working on a team book gives me lots of opportunities to export different aspects of lots of different characters

Alex Woolfson also, it gives me an opportunity to visually show a lot of different types of people, which is also very important to me

J. Scott Coatsworth I’m guessing Alex likes plots.

Adam DeKraker Being a fan of superhero books generally, team books in particular, and wanting to work on stories that have a diverse cast that reflect the real world makes collaborating with Alex on this book a really good fit.

Adam DeKraker Plot is a necessary evil smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth You guys seem to work really well together.

Alex Woolfson one of my main goals as a writer is to give people the chance to see themselves as heroes when society usually does not show them that way

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Well, I do love plot, but I can follow Adam. I love the personal interactions between just two (or maybe 3) characters. Where we get some insight into personal stuff.

Angel Martinez (omg – the Gmail Motion video is hilarious!)

J. Scott Coatsworth Are most comics done by writer/illustrator teams? Or are there folks who do both (well)?

Alex Woolfson (Thank you, Angel. It was one of those rare occasions where I got to have a lot of creative input. Lots of fun for me to make. smile emoticon )

Alex Woolfson (And it helps that my Dad is a linguist, so I was able to come up with a bunch of funny stuff based on that.)

Alex Woolfson actually, Scott, I think we are the exception when it comes to web comics at least

Alex Woolfson I believe most web comic creators do both the writing and the art responsibilities

Alex Woolfson I’ll let Adam answer the question for mainstream published comics smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth That sounds like a helluva lot of work.

Adam DeKraker Most books published by Marvel, DC, and mainstream books are done assembly line. Writer, Penciller, Inker, Letterer, Colorist, all under an editor

Adam DeKraker A creative team on a title can come together in a number of different ways. A writer who can’t draw (or doesn’t have the hours in the day to do so) can find a collaborator who will help develop their vision. An artist who has an idea can seek out the support of an experienced writer to help flesh out their story. They can pitch stories to a publisher, or self-publish, or put it up online.

Most books I’ve worked on, though, have been jobs where editors hire the creative teams. Hopefully, smartly matching the sensibilities of all involved. But, usually, on the mainstream corporate comics, the demands of the publishing schedule just require the books to keep on coming, so it’s often a case of creators just being thrown together and hoping it all works out OK.

Alex Woolfson Scott, I can see pros and cons for both ways. But for me, I love the collaboration. It definitely allows the creation of stories that are much higher quality than what I would be capable of greeting on my own.

Alex Woolfson Working with Adam and Veronica is frankly absolutely wonderful.

Adam DeKraker Yeah, we’re using a more standard industry model than most webcomics do.

J. Scott Coatsworth You’d kinda have to.

Adam DeKraker And I think, honestly— excuse the horn-tooting— it makes us stand out in terms of the series seeming more “pro,” or whatever.

Alex Woolfson Here’s a more typical model:
EK Weaver did it all. smile emoticon
The Less Than Epic Adventures of TJ and Amal

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Me, reading a lot of different webcomics, and I can say that it varies a LOT on how many that’s working on a comic. I’d say it’s about 50/50 of the ones I read whether it’s a one-man creator comic, or a collaboration of two people.

J. Scott Coatsworth smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth OK, one or two more questions?

Adam DeKraker Yeah, there’s no one model that’s right for making comics. Whether it’s web or print, collaborating or solo affair. Anything that works and gets your vision out there.

Alex Woolfson Totall agree, Adam.

Alex Woolfson What matters is finding a way to create the work and get it out there. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson Ultimately, this is the Wild West: there are no rules. We’re creating the rules as we go along.

Arshad Ahsanuddin And get paid for it, eventually, one would hope…

Jamie Fessenden Yes, my brother-in-law actually does his own webcomic, and he does the writing and illustration. But it takes him a long time to post new pages.

Alex Woolfson But, IMHO, there has been no better time in human history to be an indepedent content creator than right now.

Brian Cherry If Artiface and/or Young Protectors ever got made into a big budget movie, who are your dream casting for the lead characters?

Alex Woolfson Jamie: that’s definitely one of the downsides of doing it all yourself

J. Scott Coatsworth Good question.

Alex Woolfson Heh. Adam, would you like to take the casting question? grin emoticon

Dave Fragments Almost all of publishing is like the Wild West right now. All sorts of electronic platforms that haven’t been used.

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Oh, and some few, be it a single work of collaboration, may have a flatter or beta reader. Some do script and art themself, but may have a colorist for the reast etc. There certainly isn’t a ‘normal’ in webcomics. TYP is in the professionel end though.

Adam DeKraker Hm. I like Cameron Monaghan as Kyle, but he’ll be too old by the time we get around to it.

Adam DeKraker I can’t imagine who we’d find for Tsunami… That’d be a hell of a casting call.

J. Scott Coatsworth Y’all have ideas?

Adam DeKraker Ki Hong Lee as Spooky?

Deven Stewart I cowrite my story and it’s definitely an adventure. Alex, what are your thoughts about cowriting, have you ever considered it or does it sound like a nightmare?

K-lee Klein Love Cameron, Adam. Ian and Mickey for the win!

Alex Woolfson For me, I actually almost never “pre-cast” the characters in my mind — for me, they are all their own individuals… but….

J. Scott Coatsworth …

Arshad Ahsanuddin Drumroll, please…

Alex Woolfson … I do like this picture of Charlie Rowe for Flyboy from this Fancasting post on Tumblr:…/young-protectors…
YOUNG PROTECTORS FANCASTING. – All the world’s misfortune

J. Scott Coatsworth the room goes silent.

Brian Cherry Colton Ford for Annhilator
Brian Cherry’s photo.

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Omg.. I wonder if I could find that model picture I stumbled across some months ago. A redhead who was so much like I saw a human Kyle – and it only made it funnier that the title of the Picture was Red Hot grin emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Yeah, Brian, I see that.

Dave Fragments Make them diverse. There are too many shows with the same cast over and over.

Adam DeKraker Those are definitely some fun picks.

Adam DeKraker Colton Ford as Anni! hee hee

Peter Wu Flyboy= Taylor lautner

J. Scott Coatsworth OK, we’re getting close to wrap up here.

Alex Woolfson This has been fun. smile emoticon

Brian Cherry Who are your favorite characters, and who do you think are the fan favorites? If you’re doing more questions.

J. Scott Coatsworth You guys have been amazing – we’ll leave this chat open for a bit. Alex and Adam, feel free to hang out for a bit if you want, or pop back in to answer any lingering questions.

Adam DeKraker Totally. Sorry if I missed anything along the way. This has been fast and furious. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth Brian – we have them for 7 more minutes. LOL

K-lee Klein Thanks guys. It was nice to hang with you. heart emoticon

Jamie Fessenden It’s been great chatting with you guys!

Adam DeKraker They’re all our babies, so no faves. But, most fun to draw are Flyboy and Tsunami I think.

J. Scott Coatsworth Guys – wanna answer Brian’s last ? above?

Alex Woolfson Brian: we talked a little bit before about who our favorite characters are but in terms of who the fan favorite characters are:

Angel Martinez You guys are amazing – and I’m looking forward to seeing Alex again at Nijicon!

Jamie Fessenden The automatic handcuffs on the chairs release in six minutes….

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen…/04/red-hot-thomas-knights.jpeg

J. Scott Coatsworth And one more time, ’cause they gotta pay the bills:

Dave Fragments This was good. Thanks for doing it.

J. Scott Coatsworth ADVERTISEMENT: The guys have created a special discount code just for us – 20% off on everything in the store thru 9/4: W5PE49Z0N8N –
The Yaoi 911 Webcomics Store
Books, posters, keychains, buttons and other cool merchandise based on Alex Woolfson’s webcomics.

Adam DeKraker Least fun to draw, and it’s my own damn fault for the design, is Hunter and his ridiculous armor. smile emoticon

J. Scott Coatsworth OK, I gotta tun. The hubby calls. Thanks again, guys – you were amazing!

Alex Woolfson One of the really fun things about our readership is that there is love for pretty much all the characters. I started coming up with a list and then I realized I was just listing all the characters! grin emoticon

Alex Woolfson Thanks, Scott! Give your hubby a hug for me! smile emoticon

Dave Fragments How would you like to draw THOR and LOKI with all that paraphernalia

Adam DeKraker Well, I’ve gotten to draw Thor a few times and his armor makes more sense than Hunter’s, so I didn’t mind it too much. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson One surprising thing:

Adam DeKraker Thanks, Scott! grin emoticon

Dave Fragments oooh, now I gotta compare those two – really compare!

Alex Woolfson And it’s something I want to try another survey about:

Adam DeKraker (that yummy red headed boy posted up above is now my preferred Kyle. Sorry, Cameron)

Alex Woolfson Whenever I ask people for their favorite pairing, The Annihilator and Kyle still seem to top the list. It’s cool, but I’m not sure I expected that at this point in the story. smile emoticon

Adam DeKraker That’s funny.

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Yes, please do another survey about the readers. The first was fun and very interesting.

Arshad Ahsanuddin You’ve set up a redemption (Ani) vs. forbidden (Mitch) triangle.

Alex Woolfson Maybe it’s just luck that those were the folks I asked at the Cons I’ve been to, that’s why I want to create another readership survey. Glad to hear you’d be up for that, Marianne. smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson Interesting observation, Arshad. smile emoticon

Arshad Ahsanuddin I thought it was amusing when you had the commander fantasizing about the boys getting together, and no one was really strongly against it. wink emoticon

Alex Woolfson smile emoticon

Alex Woolfson OK, y’all, I think I’m going to step off. This has been a blast!

Arshad Ahsanuddin Adieu.

Adam DeKraker Thanks so much for spending this time with us, everyone!

Alex Woolfson Thank you all so much for such smart, thoughtful questions!

Adam DeKraker Hope to cross paths with you all again soon! grin emoticon

Brian Cherry Anni is my favorite character, and Anni/Kyle is my favorite relationship. Anni is so complicated and mysterious you just can never be sure of what he’s going to do or how he feels, but he’s always simmering with intentions and hidden agendas. At any point he could do anything so he’s endlessly fascinating. Thanks for the stories and talking with us!

Alex Woolfson What Adam said! grin emoticon

Marianne Hoffmann Larsen Thank you for doing this fun interview.

Adam DeKraker Thanks again, all. Signing off for now….Hope you all have a great night!

Arshad Ahsanuddin See yah.

Jamie Fessenden Good night!

Alex Woolfson Good night, everyone! smile emoticon

Clare London I am *so* sorry I mis-read the time – and am geographically challenged as well, over here in the UK! – and I missed the chat. But I’d love to add my huge thanks to Alex Woolfson and all the guys for such great work. I sent my pal Lloyd A. Meeker to the booth at Rainbow Con on my behalf, to get my copy of Artifice LOL, and I’m also on the Kickstarter list for the Young Protectors. Hope you all had a good time here on FB! heart emoticon

Lloyd A. Meeker Yes, they’re ready to be packed carefully into my luggage, Clare. I confess I did read them, and they’re terrific. What I can’t pack into my luggage is meeting these guys in person. One of the highlights of Rainbow Con for me. Alex does this cute little dance to get his autograph to dry, and Adam and Peter are bright, engaging, and just plain wonderful. The kind of people you wish lived next door and could come over for barbeques. I would have talked to them a lot more, but they always had customers at their table, dammit.

Interview on FB

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