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Winners 2020


 Every year, QSF holds a flash fiction contest to create an amazing new anthology of queer speculative fiction stories. We ask authors to do the nearly-impossible – to submit a sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror LGBTIQA story that has no more than 300 words.

Our 2020 contest closed on April 15, 2020. The theme for 2020 was “Innovation.”

These are alpha by author:

Emilia Agrafojo, Moura Inovadora – HM
RE Andeen, A Spell for Leila
Blaine D. Arden, Burnt Crystals – HM
Chris Bannor, The Price of Ingenuity – HM
Redfern Jon Barrett, Just Perfect – HM
Brooke K. Bell, Speak – HM
E.D.E. Bell, Petition
Evelyn Benvie, The Price of a Good Education
Jade Black, Abandon – HM
Sydney Blackburn, It Goes Without Saying – HM
Shannon Brady, To The Point of Invention – HM
Elaine Burnes, Entanglement
Diane Callahan, The Bartering Bucket
Katelyn Cameron, Anthroparion
R. E. Carr, A Woman’s Work
Steve Carr, Be Tommy Rule
Minerva Cerridwen, The Emperor’s New Helmet – HM
D.J. Clarke, Need
Rory Ni Coileain, A New Way
Stuart Conover, An Accident
T.W. Cox, Mirror, Mirror
Koji A. Dae, The Great Body-Swap of 2222 – HM
Andi Deacon, Divergence – HM
Jana Denardo, Those Who Hunt Monsters
Nicole Dennis, Cat’s Meow
Kellie Doherty, Ebony Heart – HM
Matt Doyle, The Serpent And The Summoner
Allan Dyen-Shapiro, Two-Mother Embryogenesis Inc. Fails to Deliver
Rory Eggleston, The Jump
Jonathan Fesmire, Lucy Morgan Loves Anna Boyd
Kim Fielding, The Solution
Mary Francis, The Thing With the Bats – HM
Stone Franks, Codename Matrioshka
Cassidy Frazee, Connectivity – HM, Judge’s Choice, Ryane
Beáta Fülöp, The Code on the Gravestone
Jasie Gale, Summer Construction – HM
James Alan Gardner, You Wish – HM
J.S. Garner, Regeneve – HM
David Gerrold, The Choice – HM, Director’s Choice, Scott
Chet Gottfried, Rexnoid Protocols
E.M. Hamill, Dragonslayer – 2nd Place
Skip J. Hanford, The Alchemical Arrangement
Kitt Harris, Eating Out
E. L. Harrison, Anatomical Exchange
Brenna Harvey, Are My High-Speed Underwater Sperm Darts Normal? – Judge’s Choice, Ben
Howard V. Hendrix, Angel of Strangers
Nina Kiriki Hoffman, I Want a New Drug – HM
Joshua Ian, The Blood Witch
Jeff Jacobson, Basement Bargain – HM
Susan James, The Hope – HM
Barbara Johnson-Haddad, Demon Night
Emma Johnson-Rivard, Bride Price
Tom Jolly, Head in the Sky
Lee Jordan, The Warming of the Winds
Ava Kelly, Bound Ares
M. X. Kelly, A Little Sunshine and a Breath of Fresh Air
Adrik Kemp, Abyssal Dark
K. Kitts, Touchstone to a Tsunami
Kevin Klehr, Identity
Christopher Koehler, Transformation – HM
Barbara Krasnoff, E Pluribus Unum
Mary Kuna, With Eight Little Eyes – HM
Jamie Lackey, A New Line of Communication – Judge’s Choice – Hank
Benoit Lafortune, The Experiment
Ray Lidstone, In Life and In Death
L.V. Lloyd, Croquembouche
Clare London, Pan-dora
S S Long, Cure for Dry Sales – HM
Nathan Alling Long, Brain Spa
Mary E. Lowd, No Catch
Jet Lupin, Laetus
K.S. Marsden, Lily
KA Masters, Antlers – 3rd Place
Julian Maxwell, Luck in the Consequences
C.L. McCartney, An Original Use of Magic – HM, Judge’s Choice, Diane
R.L. Merrill, Human Sacrifice
Jon Miller, Unboxed
Bob Milne, Expectations Not Guaranteed
Edie Montreux, Seersucker Ultramax
Eloreen Moon, What He Likes
Jennie L. Morris, Black Button
Val Muller, Seed
Kevin Andrew Murphy, Novelty
J. Needham, Nesting
Raine Norman, Welcome to the World of Virtual Sex
Sean Ian O’Meidhir, Therapy
Milo Owen, Kabbalistic Yentes, LLC. – HM
Stephen B. Pearl, A Family in Love – HM
J. Zachary Pike, A Novel Appearance
Mere Rain, Soft Reset
D.M. Rasch, Inspiration
L.S. Reinholt, A Dire Need – HM
Warren Rochelle, The Latest Thing
E. Romeis, Shadow’s Edge
Patricia Scott, My Own Destiny
Alex Silver, Graduation Day
Lee Soeburn, Second Impressions
Andrea Speed, 2.0
Chloe Spencer, Still Human
Alex Stargazer, The Sceptre of Fire
Ginger Streusel, Cuttles and Chthonic Curry – HM, Judge’s Choice, Angel
Noah K. Sturdevant, I Doesn’t Matter, Of Quartz – HM
Lou Sylvre, Forty-Three Minutes
Nathaniel Taff, One More Night – HM
Naomi Tajedler, Chief Innovation Officer On Board
William Tate, Final Transaction at the ADM: Automated Death Machine
Sara Testarossa, Learning Curves
T. T. Thomas, The Law of Leaky Abstractions – HM
K.L. Townsend, Shadow of Regret
LC Treeheart, Under Pressure
Paul Uebler, Lonely Night on OD5
Andrew Vaillencourt, Appetite – HM
Eric Warren, Light – HM
Rosalie Wessel, Lost in Flames
Devon Widmer, The Fleshsmith and the Metalsmith – 1st Place
Stephen J. Wolf, Breathless
Gareth Worthington, Unalienable
Christine Wright, Collection or Extinction
Shannon Yseult, Enchantrixx – HM
Maria Zoccola, Fairy Ring

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