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Queer Sci Fi Review (& Announcement) Submissions

We have three websites for readers and authors – Queer Sci Fi, Liminal Fiction, and QueeRomance Ink. We run our reviews through our author services site Other Worlds Ink – books submitted there will be added to our reviewer spreadsheet. If they are selected for review, we will post the review to this site when ready, and to our social media pages.

In addition, LGBTQ+ spec fic titles will be scheduled for one of our daily announcement slots on QSF. We do NOT do daily announcements on QRI or LF at this time.

We have a number of reviews already on each site. You can visit our past QSF reviews HERE.

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Review Mission Statement

Our reviewers are composed of fellow authors, readers, fans, cosplayers, allies, and those who identify as part of the rainbow. We have joined for the common goal of spreading the word and celebrating queer speculative fiction.

By submitting your work, you agree to have the our reviewers provide a fair and honest review. We do not guarantee positive reviews, and in the spirit of integrity we do not censor our reviews. Our opinions are our own and reviews are the property of the reviewer. We are not responsible for reviews appearing anywhere but on our own channels (QSF and QRI).

In the spirit of community, we do not post ratings on our website, and we will not post reviews that contain personal attacks or unsubstantiated claims of malfeasance. Basically, we try to not say anything we wouldn’t feel comfortable saying to an author’s face. The base of these principles is made up of our deep respect we have for our authors and the work they do.

We focus on the work itself, and not the author, and try not to make assumptions about them or why or how they wrote the work.

Our reviewers are all volunteers, so we ask your understanding if we cannot review a title for any reason.

You can see a current list of our reviewers here on the Other Worlds Ink site.

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If you would like to submit a work for announcement/review, please fill out the form below. if it’s for a review, please email the eBooks (mobi, pdf and epub) to All works for review consideration on QSF should include at least one LGBTIQA main character, and be some variant of speculative fiction: science fiction, fantasy, paranormal, or horror.

Your request will be added to a submissions sheet where our reviewers may elect to read it, in which case you’ll be contacted by an admin if/when a review is posted.

If you have any questions, please contact Scott:

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