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LGBT Friendly Cons

Here’s a list of cons that Angel Martinez put together. If you know of an LGBT or LGBT friendly con that’s not listed, email the info to her at

You’ll also find a downloadable Google Docs spreadsheet version here.

Looking for Slash Cons? There’s a great list here.


Coastal Magic
Location: Daytona Beach
Attendance: 300
Focus: Urban Fantasy, Paranormal. Romance
Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Location: Boston, MA
Attendance: 1400
Focus: Science Fiction – Brought to you by the New England Science Fiction Association (NESFA), Boskone is an annual science fiction convention,  the oldest in New England.
Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Location: Ottawa, Ontario
Attendance: ?
Focus: “Ottawa’s premiere LGBT2SQIA+ geek culture convention… the space that queer geeks deserve!”


Location: Chicago
Attendance: 62,000
Focus: Comic book and pop culture
Not LGBTQ specific but queer friendly

Shuto Con
Location: Lansing, MI
Attendance: 7-10,000
Focus: Anime and Cosplay
Not LGBTQ specific but queer friendly


Location: Las Vegas, NV
Attendance: 2000
Focus: Queer women/ media
A Media & Entertainment Convention for LGBTQ Women and Allies

Rainbow Book Fair
Location: Midtown Manhattan
Attendance: 1500
Focus: LGBTQ book fair
Writer, publishers, agents across the spectrum of LGBTQ publishing

Haven Con
Location: Austin
Attendance: ?
LGBTQ Geek and Gaming Con
Fandom oriented

Queers and Comics
Location: Moves from year to year
Attendance: 300-400
Queer comics and cartoons


Location: Madison, WI
Attendance: 1000
Focus: Feminist and LGBT SF con for writers
Book oriented convention, some other media

Location: Atlanta, GA
Attendance: 200
Focus: Queer Geek fandoms

Yaoi/Yuri North
Location: Toronto
Attendance: 28,000
Focus: Yaoi/Yuri
While this is an anime oriented con, all sorts of LGBTQ geek/ genre culture is welcome – runs as part of Anime North

Location: Kansas City, Missouri
Attendance: 1100
Focus: Science Fiction and Fantasy

Marcon (Multiple Alternative Realities Convention)
held in early May
Location: Columbus OH
Attendance: 1500
Focus: Pan Greek Culture (Science Fiction, Fantasy, Science, Music, Gaming, Cosplay, Art.) Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

held in May
Location: Tampa FL
Attendance: ?
Focus: QFX Events aims to create diverse, inclusive and accessible events for queer fans to celebrate LGBTQ+ content.


Euro Pride Con
Location: Travels (Europe)
Attendance: ?
Focus: LGBT fiction

San Diego Comic Con
Location: San Diego
Attendance: 130,000
Focus: Multigenre entertainment/ comic
Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Outwrite Book Fair
Location: Washington DC
Attendance: ?
Focus: LGBTQ themed books
Book fair, readings, panels etc.

Pride Con
Location: Anaheim, Ca
Attendance: 2016 is the first year
Focus: LGBTQ pop culture, comics, anime, cosplay

ShiMMer Author Signing
Location: Birmingham, UK
Attendance: ?
Focus: M/M Romance, many UK based authors


World Con
Location: Travels
Attendance: 4-5,000
Focus: World Science Fiction Convention
Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Flame Con
Location: Brooklyn
Attendance: 2,500
Focus: Comic book and pop culture
LGBTQ specific, looking for vendors across queer media

Nine Worlds Geekfest
Location: London
Attendance: 1000
Focus: gaming, cosplay, fandom, literature, film, science, geek culture, not specifically LGBTQ but with queer content and queer friendly. (Also kid friendly.)


Dragon Con
Location: Atlanta
Attendance: 63,000
Focus: Multigenre entertainment/ comic
Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Baltimore Comic Con
Location: Baltimore
Attendance: 15,000
Focus: Comic book and fan culture
Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Location: Seattle, WA
Attendance: 6000
Focus: GeekGirlCon is an organization that works to empower women and girls to pursue their passions—whether they love science and technology, comics, literature, gaming, or anything else! Not queer specific, but queer welcoming.

Location: Travels (UK)
Attendance: 150
Focus: Queer Fiction


Location: Pittsburgh
Attendance: 300
Focus: Multimedia Fandom
From the WinCon website: “annual multi-fandom gathering for fans that aims to provide a safer space for women, people of color, lgbtqia+ folks, intersections thereof, and other under-represented fans of popular media and culture…”

Location: Travels (2016 in Minneapolis)
Attendance: 400
Focus: LGBTQ SF, Fantasy and Horror
Attendance #’s are most likely outdated

Location: Travels
Attendance: 400
Focus: Gay Romance/related fiction
More of a retreat than a traditional convention, GRL (Gay Romance Literature) does offer panels and readings, etc. and other opportunities for readers to connect with authors.

OVFF (Ohio Valley Filk Fest)
usually held last weekend in October
Location: Columbus OH
Attendance: 300
Focus: Filk music. Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Location: Beaver Creek, CO
Attendance: ?
Focus: Conference dedicated to the remarkable, diverse women of fantasy literature.


Location: Timonium (Baltimore area)
Attendance: 600
Focus: SFF and Steampunk
Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Location: Ottawa
Attendance: ?
Focus: Science Fiction and Fantasy
Not LGBTQ specific but welcoming/ friendly

Naked Heart LGBTQ Festival Of Words
Location: Toronto, Ontario
Attendance: 2000
Focus: LGBTQ Fiction – the largest and most diverse LGBTQ literary festival in the world, with an estimated 2000 attendees.

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