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Interview: Robert Iolini, Syncandi – 10/14/16

SYNCANDI Comic 01 Cover

On 10/14/16, we interviewed Robert Iolini, the creator of the FF sci fi comic Syncandi, for our second annual Graphic Novel / Web Comic week. More info about Robert and his work at the end.

See it on FB here:

J. Scott Coatsworth Welcome to day four of GNWCW. ;) Yeah yeah, I know it says Day Three up there. *sigh* It’s one of those mornings. Anyhow, today, we have Syncandi creator Robert Iolini – should I call you the creator of Syncandi, Robert?

Robert Iolini Yes. Well I came up with the concept and story.

J. Scott Coatsworth Tell us a bit about it?

Robert Iolini The project itself actually began as a screenplay for a film i was thinking of making. But as time past and my life changed. It evolved into it’s current form.

J. Scott Coatsworth So what’s it about?

Robert Iolini Basically a romance between two female characters set in our future. One is a synthetic human – created using synthetic biology. The other has ambiguous origins, but let’s say she’s less biologically synthetic.

J. Scott Coatsworth Nice. Reminds me a bit of Artifice, Alex Woolfson’s first graphic novel. It’s nice to see more FF content, too. What inspired the story?

Robert Iolini I re-discovered cyberpunk about 10 years ago. Mainly through the ghost in the shell animations and manga. Then I read just about all of P K Dick and W. Gibson’s books. But, the story itself just came to me complete one morning. I’d been thinking about doing something inspired by the GITS world, so the military assassin character, Sync was inspired by Major Kusanagi.

J. Scott Coatsworth I love when that happens (which is rare – LOL).

J. Scott Coatsworth So is this a graphic novel? A web comic? On multiple platforms?

Robert Iolini It’s multi-platform. We’ve published 3 digital comics so far. A music video. And 3 journals by one of the characters. Ikkyu’s Journal. Plus a series of print posters. The idea is to tell the story using a kind of transmedia technique. How much we can produce depends on available resources. But this is just the beginning:)

J. Scott Coatsworth That sounds like a lot of work! Do you do it all (story, art, production)? Or do you have accomplices?

Robert Iolini I wrote the story (screenplay) and journals. Produced the music for the video. A Polish artist named Joanna Krotka is doing all the art, including lettering and colouring. The music video was made by an Australian filmmaker David Nerlich. The song was written and sung by a local Kyoto school girl, Nono, I discovered performing in an off licence bar near my place.

J. Scott Coatsworth It sounds like an international effort. :) You’re in Japan, right?

Robert Iolini Yes. Kyoto. I’ve been here since 2014.

J. Scott Coatsworth Just curious – are you Italian? American? Iolini sounds like a very Italian name. :)

Robert Iolini My father is Italian – immigrated to Sydney after WWII. I was born there.

J. Scott Coatsworth Cool. :) So when is the next book in the series coming out? And do you preview it online first?

J. Scott Coatsworth (I’ve been studying Italian for almost nine years, so I have a fascination with the language, people and culture).

Robert Iolini The next comic issue will be available on 7 November. We sell them directly from our website. Currently, in PDF form. Not sure what you mean by preview online first?

Robert Iolini (Yes. Italy is amazing. But I’ve never lived there for more than a few months at a time)

J. Scott Coatsworth Some creators post a page a week until the comic is finished, then publish it in print and ebook form.

J. Scott Coatsworth Do you guys preview it like that?

Robert Iolini Ah, I see. We haven’t tried doing any free stuff as yet. But maybe down the line.

Robert Iolini Does it work for those creators?

Robert Iolini I’ve made some comic video trailers, with pages from the comic set to music with Japanese voice actors.

J. Scott Coatsworth Yes… Alex and Adam do it, and they build an audience over time that then buys the finished work. :)

J. Scott Coatsworth Anything else you want to tell us before I ask you for buy links? :)

Robert Iolini Lots:) But it’s past my bedtime:) Thanks for the time and interest.

Robert Iolini Everything is available from here

J. Scott Coatsworth

J. Scott Coatsworth LOL… ok. Thanks for joining us today – it was great to have you!

J. Scott Coatsworth If anyone has questions for Robert, leave them here.

Robert Iolini Thank you!

Robert Iolini – Syncandi

Sync, a fatally wounded military assassin would rather die than have the state corporation which owns her body turn her into a fully synthetic immortal killer. She steals Ikkyu, a synthetic human paramedic and flees to an abandoned experimental zone codenamed Genies Res, in order to die. The last thing on Sync’s mind is love . . .

SYNCANDI is a futuristic romance adventure story told through comics, songs, videos and more! The project is coming out of Studio Syncandi, an independent publishing studio based in Kyoto Japan, which was established in 2015 by producer and creative professional, Roberto Iolini. Roberto has a background in experimental and documentary radio production, film and video art. He is also an internationally recognised composer. This is his first foray into commercial publishing.

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