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Winners 2017

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Every year, QSF holds a flash fiction contest to create an amazing new anthology of queer speculative fiction stories. We ask authors to do the nearly-impossible – to submit a sci fi, fantasy, paranormal or horror LGBTIQA story that has no more than 300 words.

Our 2017 contest closed on April 10th, 2017. The theme for 2017 was “Renewal.”

These are alpha by author:

Colton Aalto, Third Seat
Kiterie Aine, Gen 2547
Martha J. Allard, Snowless
Tam Ames, Vernalis
Richard Amos, Again
R R Angell, To Be Seduced is To Be Reborn – HM
Jeff Baker, Restoration Inc
Redfern Jon Barrett, Alif
Abby Bartle, Werewolf
Joe Baumann, Walkers
Rose Blackthorn, A Circle Has No End
Dustin Blottenberger, Fields
Jaap Boekestein, That Part You Love
Matthew Bright, Below the Hill
L.M. Brown, Upgrades
Michelle Browne, The Birthing Pod
‘Nathan Burgoine, First Shift – HM
Jenn Burke, Chrysalid
L. Brian Carroll, Rumble
Foster Bridget Cassidy, Springtime Fae – HM
Fenrir Cerebellion, Faulty Resistance
Lex Chase, When Light Left – HM
Rebecca Cohen, Late Fees
Rory Ni Coileain, Longitudinal Case Study – HM
Ross Common, Tattoo Artist
Carey Ford Compton, I Will Be Your Shelter
PW Covington, Dash T
Andi Deacon, The Test of Gold
Vivien Dean, All That Fire
Bey Deckard, Soul Food
Jana Denardo, Falling Waters
Nicole Dennis, Mystic Blossom
Zen DiPietro, A Fertile Mind – HM
Matt Doyle, Torin
Jude Dunn, The Whole World is Watching
J. P. Egry, Coffee Cat – HM
Sarah Einstein, The Witches’ Garden
Tray Ellis, Fresh Start
K.C. Faelan, Ouroboros Undone
J.S. Fields, First Commission – HM
Steve Fuson, Mating Season – HM, 1st Place
Ofelia Gränd, A Fake Cup of Coffee
Sacchi Green, Third Time’s a Charm
M.D. Grimm, Ophiolatry
Lia Harding, Homefront – HM
Nephy Hart, Rebirth of a Dragon
Kelly Haworth, Shedding
Hannah Henry, The Tiger and the Lily – HM
Emily Horner, Bluebonnets – Judge’s Choice – Scott
S R Jones, In a Bind – HM, 2nd Place
Ellery Jude, The Sprout – HM
Dustin Karpovich, Rainbow Powers
Lin Kelly, The Projector
Jackie Keswick, Patience – HM
Jon Keys, Gift of the Little People
Reni Kieffer, New Reign
Mia Koutras, Real Time
Aidee Ladnier, LightHeart
CB Lee, True Love’s Kiss – HM
Kristen Lee, Rings of Blue – HM
A.M. Leibowitz, Fresh
Elsa M León, Love Rituals – HM, Judge’s Choice – Jerome
L.V. Lloyd, The Librarian
Leigh M. Lorien, Green Burial – HM
Mary E. Lowd, A Jetpack of a Different Color
F.T. Lukens, Checkpoint
Catherine Lundoff, Firebird
Carol Holland March, The Shaman – HM
Anne McPherson, Brick and Blood
Lloyd A. Meeker, Renewal – HM
Xenia Melzer, The Joys of Death
R.L. Merrill, Exchange
Daniel Mitton, The Unmarked Grave
Eloreen Moon, First Contact
John Moralee, After the Fall
Lyda Morehouse, Murphy’s Landing
RL Mosswood, Molt
E.W. Murks, Chrysalis
Milo Owen, Seeing You
Carrie Pack, Allora’s Kiss
Siri Paulson, Urban Renewal – HM, 3rd Place
Terry Poole, All Hail the New Queen
Irene Preston, Certified Organic
Shilo Quetchenbach, Blackout
Wendy Rathbone, The Groomsman – HM
E.J. Russell, Reboot V5.0
Ell Schulman, Take a Third Option
Patricia Scott, Hope’s Renewal
Andrea Felber Seligman, On the Day After the Second Long Rains
Stephanie Shaffer, Miss You – HM
Mindy Leana Shuman, Genesys
L M Somerton, Library Fines
A.M. Soto, The Dust – Judge’s Choice, Angel
Andrea Speed, The Return
Andrea Stanet, The Harbinger
Paul Stevens, Winter Idyll
Ginger Streusel, Auto-Renew – HM
Soren Summers, Lament – HM
J. Summerset, The Ritual
Naomi Tajedler, Gilgul
Laurie Treacy, Coffee Break
Natsuya Uesugi, Switch
Zev de Valera, The House of Many Windows
J. Alan Veerkamp, Loyalty Index
Robyn Walker, Wrong Daughter – HM, Judge’s Choice – Ben
Eric Alan Westfall, Merry Go Round – HM
Brigitte Winter, Sunrise
Alexis Woods, Fealty
Christine Wright, Rejuvenation
E R Zhang, ARC – Judge’s Choice – Clare

Previous Editions

For our first year, the theme was “Endings”. To see the top three stories and the three honorable mentions from 2014, click here.

To see the rest of the submissions from 2014 (where the authors gave us the go-ahead to post them), click here.

For the second year, the theme was “Discovery”. To see the winners and honorable mentions from 2015, click here. A selection of the stories from 2015 are available in eBook form here.

For the third year, the theme was “Flight”. To see the winners and honorable mentions from 2016, click here.

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