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AD WATCH: Three Bears for the Modern Era

Rowse Honey - The Three Bears

Rowse Honey’s latest ad campaign isn’t your usual fairy tale. Or maybe it is… The first commercial introduces three bears who have no need for a Goldilocks – and we’re not talking Grizzlies.

Matt, Joe, and Phil live in a cabin in the woods and these bears love honey. The clever campaign will feature multiple “episodes” of the three bears at work – as cooking show hosts with a penchant for porridge.

“Meet Joel, Phil and Matt, the stars of a breakfast show with added Grrr, brought to you by Rowse Honey,” according to promotional copy for the campaign. “When it comes to a delicious, high energy breakfast, the Bears know best.”

“The mornings can be a bit grizzly when you’re cold and hungry. Beat the Winter blues with a delicious bowl of warm porridge and Rowse honey, a natural winter defence. If that doesn’t work, a big hairy bear hug usually does the trick.”

By Bil Browning – Full Story at LGBTQ Nation

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