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Angel’s Bits – You Asked for Queer Cons…


Not too terribly long ago, QSF’ers on the Facebook page were asking for a list of queer friendly conventions. We thought that was a fabulous idea. This first stab at a list is by no means complete. It’s far too US-centric, for one thing, and is most likely missing some great local cons that don’t make the national press.

Criteria for inclusion on the list were: A) queer focused or queer friendly B) some flavor of spec fic focused or friendly C) event where authors have opportunity (large or small) to promote

Now we need you guys. Using the criteria above, let us know what to add, conventions huge or cozy. This is the time of year to start planning for 2016. Where are you going to pop up?

Con Dates Location Attendance Focus
Coastal Magic February Daytona Beach 300 Urban Fantasy, Paranormal. Romance
C2E2 March Chicago 62,000 Comic book and pop culture
Rainbow Book Fair Early April Midtown Manhattan 1500 LGBTQ book fair
RT Romantic Times April Travels 3000 Fan focused romance convention
Haven Con Late April Austin ? LGBTQ Geek and Gaming Con
WisCon May Madison 1000 Feminist and LGBT SF con for writers
Outlantacon May Atlanta 200 Queer Geek fandoms
Yaoi/Yuri North Late May Toronto 28,000 Yaoi/Yuri
Rainbow Con July Tampa 300 LGBTQ fiction/ media
San Diego Comic Late July San Diego 130,000 Multigenre entertainment/ comic
Outwrite Book Fair Late July Washington DC ? LGBTQ themed books
World Con August Travels 4-5,000 World Science Fiction Convention
Flame Con Late August Brooklyn 2,500 Comic book and pop culture
Yaoi Con September Burlingame (San Francisco area) ? Yaoi
Dragon Con September Atlanta 63,000 Multigenre entertainment/ comic
Baltimore Comic Con September Baltimore 15,000 Comic book and fan culture
WinCon October Pittsburgh 300 Multimedia Fandom
Gaylaxicon October Travels (2016 in Minneapolis) 400 LGBTQ SF, Fantasy and Horror
GRL 2016 Mid-October Travels 400 Gay Romance/related fiction
Bent Con November Burbank (Los Angeles area) 3800 LGBTQ pop culture/ geekdom
Chessiecon November Timonium (Baltimore area) 600 SFF and Steampunk

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