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ANNOUNCEMENT: Alive, by Sean kerr


QSFer Sean Kerr has a new MM horror book out: Alive.

Love is what you make it.

James has seen some big changes in his life of late. First, he was dealing with a debilitating illness, the consequence of which would leave him scarred for life. Then he split up from his girlfriend, who also happened to be his boss. To top things off, he fell for his doctor, a certain Jack Thesiger, a man destined to change the course of his life forever.

When a series of strange manuscripts fall into James’s possession, he finds himself drawn into an enchanting love story two hundred years in the making. It is the story of two young men who fall hopelessly in love, but as James sinks deeper into their tale, his growing obsession takes on a sinister dimension.

Someone is following him, a tall ominous stranger who seems to be connected to the manuscripts somehow. No matter where James goes, the stranger is never far behind, haunting his every waking moment until James starts to doubt his own sanity.

As illness once again ravages his body, Jack decides to take James away to Scotland so they can spend some quiet time together. It is there where the mystery really intensifies, and James finds himself plunged into a living nightmare where nothing is as it seems.

You know what they say when it comes to relationships. Love is what you make it.

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He nodded. “Right. You will have to forgive me for what comes next. I need to perform an internal examination.”

I had absolutely no idea what he meant. He saw the question on my lips and held up his index finger. It was a long finger.


“If at any time you feel overly uncomfortable, or if you experience pain, then you must say.”

My face burned. It must have been blood red. Jack smiled at me kindly.

“I know. But it really is necessary. I need to assess your anal passage and prostate.”

“No, it’s fine. It’s just…well…I didn’t expect to have a finger shoved up my bum today.”

His mouth twitched as he swallowed the laugh which threatened to escape his throat.

“Do we ever?” he replied, and I couldn’t help but laugh.

I turned onto my side as instructed and brought my knees up. I could feel a breeze whistling around my hole already.

The sound of something thick and glutinous being squeezed out of a tube told me there was no looking back. But even then, I had to swallow my own laugh, because it sounded like a fart.“Forgive me, but this will feel cold. Incidentally, it is customary to wear gloves while performing this procedure, but I find that I may feel my way far better without them. If this is a problem for you, then please say so now before I commence.”

Gloves? I hadn’t even thought about it.

“It’s all good. Go for it.”

The warmth of his hand touched my exposed hip and tilted me back towards him slightly. Then there was cold. It sent a shock through my body, and I felt my testicles tighten as the jelly was pushed between the cheeks of my ass. The sudden chill quickly dissipated as his warm fingers pushed the slick gel in even further.

The sensation was not unpleasant. In fact, it felt fucking fantastic. As the tip of his finger reached my anus, and gently…oh so very gently, pushed against my tight pucker, I found I was holding my breath.

I prepared myself for all manner of pain. But there was none. Instead, I felt but a gentle pressure against my opening as his finger worked around its edge.

“I know this is easier said than done, James, but try to relax. And if at all possible, try not to clench. I would hate to lose my finger in there!”

Was that a joke? Did he use that line on every man he fingered?

The pressure against my hole intensified, accompanied by a slight stinging, and it was all I could do to tell my body not to push it out, after all, it was used to pushing things out, not taking them in.

“There may be a sharp pain…”


He wasn’t kidding. His finger slipped inside, bursting through my tight defences to an avalanche of eye-wateringpain. No, not exactly pain, more like a throbbing soreness that rippled right through my lower intestines in a ring of fire, as though fucking Guy Fawkes Night had started in my ass.

Heavy breathing helped, though it was very difficult to breatheand stop my assfrom trying to shit out his finger. Funny, though, because as he pushed in further, the burning hell of Hades seemed to fade.

“Good. The worse part is over, James. Now. I am going to turn my finger and press down on your prostate.”

“Thanks for the running commentary.”

“My pleasure.”

 Actually, it was my pleasure.

I felt his finger moving inside me as it adjusted position, and then the most amazing feeling engulfed my body that I had to clamp my lips shut to stop the gasp which filled my mouth.

As his finger hit the spot, it felt like the beginning of a mind-blowing orgasm, except instead of the sensation staying in my dick, it filled my entire body with wave after wave of mind fucking pleasure. Heat throbbed through my lower body, drifting in tidal waves which moved through every part of me. For one horrific moment, I thought I was going to piss myself, but as my body ached to the finger invading it, the ‘I’ve got to piss’ feeling melted into the absolute need to shoot my load.

Blood pumped hard and fast into my dick, and there was absolutely nothing I could do to stop it growing. Fuck, I didn’t want to stop it growing. It felt natural and so completely necessary. My cock had to get hard. It had no choice. And all the time I was resisting the urge to push back on that finger, to press my ass hard against his hand to push him in deeper. All my energy, all of me, rushed towards the tip of my dick while Jack pressed and prodded the magical spot inside me.

Author Bio

Hi everyone, I would like to introduce myself. My name is Sean Kerr, and I am a 49-year-old gay man living in Cardiff, Wales with my husband of 28 years, Derek. We have two cats, Rita and Harry, and a host of tropical fish.

I worked on building sites for years, and I used the money earned from that to put myself through college, specialist paint techniques etc. I trained in fine art, and then I went out and painted murals on client’s walls, and created Roman Bathrooms and fantasy hand painted bedrooms, all the rage back in the late eighties and nineties. I then became an Interior Designer for a large DIY chain. For the past thirteen years I ran my own Interiors business, and while that is no longer in existence, I am now looking for my next challenge in life!

By night I am an Author, and I am very proud to be an author for Extasy Books. It took me some years to get to this point. I spent a very long time trying to get an agent because I thought it was the right thing to do, and after a heck of a lot of refusals, I nearly gave up. I came so close to hitting the delete button on Dead Camp 1because I thought I did not stand a chance. At the very last moment, I decided to have a go at approaching a few publishers directly, and I sent the manuscript to six. Within two weeks, I had offers of publication from three! Let’s just say that there may have been tears lol. It was my chance, at last, to become a part of a world that I have always loved and admired from a distance, and it is one of the very best things to ever happened to me.

Dead Camp is the first series I ever wrote, and then there is my short novella called Hush Little Baby. Dead Camp is my take on the Vampire genre, an MM Paranormal Romance series that is set against a backdrop of World War 2. However, the series uses key moments from History to tell one enormous saga, and I have loved every single moment of writing it. There are five books in the Dead Camp series.

Hush is a pure horror story with more than a nod towards such classic programmes as The Twilight Zone and Tales of The Unexpected. The project happened just after I completed Dead Camp 3 and it is a story that I had to get out of my system. It’s definitely a different beast to my Vampire saga, and I hope it will make you go to bed with the lights on lol!

I recently ventured into the world of self-publishing, and as such, I have just released my first independent book series, The Last Child. The Last Child is a horror series that is in 3 parts dealing with the occult. It has a definite Dan Brown vibe in that I love conspiracy stories, so I have used religion and some intriguing legends as the backdrop to this contemporary supernatural thriller that tells the story of a female protagonist trying to protect her young student. Neither of them realises how their lives, and indeed their histories, are intertwined in the most horrific and tragic ways.

My latest book, ‘The Man Inside Me’ is an MM Victorian Gothic Romance, and I think it is the favourite thing I have written so far. It deals with two men in their fifties trying to find love again, a subject that is very close to my heart as I approach that milestone. It is a very important book to me, and while it has some very ‘KERR’ twists and turns, it is, at its heart, a very romantic tale that deals with middle age. I am particularly proud of this book, and it is a very different spin on the MM genre.

Thank you for taking the time to read this, and I look forward to meeting you on social media.

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