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ANNOUNCEMENT: Beauty and His Beast, by Bey Deckard

Beauty and His Beast

QSFer Bey Deckard has a new MM sci fi book out:

They call him Marrex the Monster.

Deformed and wretched, Captain Marrex roams the black of space with only a pair of eccentric AIs for company. The curse in his DNA means a long, bitterly lonely life for the Ghelyxian, and it’s a fate Marrex knows he can’t change.

After a long sleep in stasis, Juniper Bo wakes to discover he’s an unwelcome guest aboard Captain Marrex’s ship. Though he tries to stay away from the surly Ghelyxian, he just doesn’t get why the curse is such a big deal—then again, Juniper knows his tastes are rather… unusual for a Human.

When friendship blooms between Marrex and Juniper, they realize they face a future that neither could have predicted in their wildest dreams.



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Marrex contemplated the young man standing half-naked in front of him. The moment he’d woken up and found the ship’s AIs slow to respond to his queries, he’d known they were up to something, but he never thought they’d go so far in their disobedience. Certainly, it was VAL behind waking the Human because it wasn’t like S1N to do anything charitable on his own—maybe it was time to wipe both their databanks clean and start fresh. Maybe.

In truth, Marrex had been planning on opening the pod himself after he’d gotten some sleep—he wasn’t heartless, after all. However, now that he was face-to-face with one of the most beautiful creatures he’d ever seen, he didn’t know which he regretted more: not waking the young man himself earlier or bringing him on board to begin with.

The young man was tall with fair skin, lean muscles, and a head of thick dark hair falling past his perfect dusky-pink nipples. His jaw was angular and chin square, but these sharp edges were offset by a wide mouth with plump, shapely lips that were parted with his rapid breathing. His narrow nose had a slightly crooked bridge that gave his face something far more alluring than symmetry, but the best came last as Marrex met the young man’s wide gaze: large dark eyes that were gilded in gold and trimmed with long lashes—beautiful eyes full of fear tempered by lively curiosity.

“Thank you, sir, for allowing me onto your ship,” said the young man in a velvety soft voice. “My name is Juniper Bo.”

“I’m Captain Marrex,” the captain replied gruffly, letting his eyes linger on the way Juniper’s rib cage heaved, his abdomen tense. Obviously, the young man was trying to control his breathing to seem more confident, but all it did was give away how nervous he was… while drawing attention to the beautiful definition of his muscles. “Until I find you something useful to do, you’re to remain in your quarters.”

Juniper’s chin lifted, his gaze narrowing. He took a step forward. “I’m a prisoner?”

“You’re an unwelcome guest for the time being,” Marrex replied, looking away. He couldn’t stand seeing his ugliness reflected in the young man’s eyes. “You’ll only get in the way.”

“Why not drop me off at the nearest port? Or planet?”

“Not possible. Not yet.” Scowling, Marrex turned to leave. “Now, just stay out of my way.”

“But why not? Surely—”

No,” Marrex snarled over his shoulder. He bared his fangs at Juniper and was pleased when the young man stepped back, his eyes round with fright. Satisfied that he’d made an impression, Marrex closed the door and keyed in a lock code. He was in no mood to discuss his circumstances with anyone, no matter how pretty they were to look at.

“To me,” he said as he tramped down the corridor towards the bridge. Instantly, VAL and S1N were at his side.

“I’m sorry I took initiative, sir,” VAL said in a meek voice. “I just felt like—”

“You’re a machine. You don’t feel,” Marrex growled.

“What’s your excuse, then?” S1N said, hovering next to his ear. “Did you have to yell at the poor kid? He’s been asleep a long time, probably separated from his family, alone and confused and just looking for a friendly face—”

Marrex snorted and tossed his head, shearing harmlessly through the holoprojection with one of his horns, and S1N yowled, his fur standing on end.

“Marrex the Monster indeed,” S1N hissed. “Sneaking around like a coward in his big old empty ship. Alone with his self-pity… mean and ugly and—”

“Go!” Marrex shouted, thoroughly sick of S1N’s insolence.

“Gladly, asshole,” S1N spat and was gone.

“Captain… if I may…” VAL said quietly, his smooth face the colour of milk.

“What is it?” Marrex muttered, settling himself into the battered captain’s chair.

“S1N, for all his faults… well, I have to agree with him, sir.”

Annoyed, Marrex turned to look at the AI. “What?”

VAL’s face shrunk by half, but his eyes stayed the same size. “I think the boy is… likeable—even S1N is uncharacteristically taken with him. If… If Juniper is going to be with us for a while, until we figure out where to leave him, wouldn’t it be nice to… I don’t know… perhaps get to know him?”


Shrinking even further until he was no bigger than Marrex’s thumb, VAL stared at him before replying. “You’ve been getting… worse. I worry about you, Captain.”

Marrex grunted, looking away. “Leave me.” He flicked one of the toggles on his chair arm, bringing up the field of stars on the big viewscreen. The AI was right—Marrex could feel himself withering away on the inside, day by day. The curse of his species. After a moment, he noticed VAL was still lingering within sight.

“Shall I ask S1N to have something made up for our young guest to eat?” the AI asked in a timid voice.

“Yes, fine,” Marrex muttered.

“And, for yourself, sir?”

“I’m not hungry.”

Author Bio

Artist, Writer, Dog Lover – http://www.beydeckard.com

Canadian indie author Bey Deckard wanted to be many things when he grew up: veterinarian, vampire, paleontologist, crane operator, sniper, ophthalmologist, brain surgeon, marine biologist, lawyer, forensic anthropologist, set designer, underwater archaeologist, mortician, rock star, philanthropist… but writer was not on the list. Artist wasn’t there either because he’d been drawing and paintings since he was a tot and figured that made him one already.

Freelance graphic design paid the bills while Bey levelled up with a BFA in Art History (minor in Anthro). However, he landed in the tech world where the degree was worth FA, and stayed there for over a decade before leaving, thoroughly sick of working for The Man. That’s when the writing started, and Bey still can’t believe it wasn’t on that list above because he absolutely loves doing it and can’t really imagine doing anything else.

Bey’s books aren’t quite romance and aren’t quite erotica, and they jump from genre to genre, but they’re all character driven and he likes to think they’re interesting.

These days, if Bey’s not writing or working on graphics, you’ll find him posting pics of his best buddy and constant canine companion Murphy, cooking up some tasty vegetarian eats, hanging out on facebook, or sitting back to watch a movie with a drink (or many).

As a reader, Bey’s usual staples are biographical works, medical research papers, all sorts of history books (nautical, medieval, and medical being his favourites), science fiction, fantasy, horror, KGB/CIA thrillers, and graphic novels.


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  1. What an extraordinary, beautiful, wonderful (!) retelling of this tale. You should buy and read it immediately.

    Uh…in full disclosure, I do not own any stock in Bey Deckard’s Fine Writing, Wine and Groceries, Inc., and so have made profit from this endorsement.



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