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Announcement: Bell’s Beloved, by Hannah Walker

Bell's BelovedQSFer Hannah Walker has a new sci fi book out:

Bellan ‘Bell’ Nimeri loved Niko Dastria with all his heart. Knowing Niko was his lifemate from the moment he set eyes on him was bittersweet. Surrounded by unknown threats, becoming more than friends wasn’t an option. Besides, he didn’t think Niko had the same feelings as he did. What’s more, Niko would need to accept both sides of Bell’s shifter personality, as he and his darintha are a team.

Niko has grown up, preparing to someday take over the role of Chieftain to the Estrivia Clan. His life has been good, surrounded by friends and family, but he’s always longed to find his truemate. Meeting Bell is a dream come true, but coming from different worlds, he’s not sure Bell is willing to change his life to make things work between them.

Faced with war and unseen enemies, Estrivia battles for its very existence. The two men cling to their friendship, emotions growing stronger until neither can deny what they feel. Finally together and with the world trying to tear them from each other’s arms, they face the enemy head on, knowing the only chance they have of finding happiness together is to defeat the ones who would destroy everything they know and keep them apart.

Avanti Chronicles Book 4


There was a sudden lifting of spirits amongst the men. It could only mean one thing. They were now on Estrivian Clan lands. Niko’s wide smile was all the confirmation Bell needed. “I’m home. We’re home.”

“You are.” Bell’s eyes softened. He hoped it wouldn’t be long before he could officially call Estrivia his home too.

Niko wanted it to be Bell’s home. One way or another, he was finding a way to take things with Bell further. He was sure now— Bell was his truemate. He wanted to speak to his mami and papi first, but afterwards he planned on sitting with Bell and talking. If Bell wouldn’t talk, he’d have to find interesting ways to make him.

One of their scouts came racing back. It was obviously good news; his face was full of joy. “Laird, we have an escort waiting ahead.”

Niko’s brows wrinkled. “Oh? We weren’t expecting to be met.”

“It seems the Chieftain wanted to get out of the keep. Something about upsetting Lady Alisia and thinking it was safer to hide for a bit.”

Niko rolled his eyes as everyone else laughed. “It’s not funny.” He scowled. “Seriously, they’ll both want me to side with them. Nope, been there, done that, not going there again.”

Bell shook his head. “Do you need me to protect you from your papi, mami, or both?”

“Don’t laugh at me, Bell. She is one scary mami when she wants to be.”

Niko’s words were met by laughter. The warriors were more than used to how loud Lady Alisia could get at times.

Niko shook his head even as a chuckle escaped him. “Seriously, what did he do this time?”

Niko, looking back at the warriors as he talked, failed to notice the group racing towards them. Chieftain Alix, his father, pulled up beside them in time to hear Niko’s words.

“What makes you think it was my fault, Son?” Alix’s voice boomed loud, making Niko jump.

He groaned, turned and leaned across the distance between the mounts to pull his papi in for a hug. “What did you do?” Niko lifted an eyebrow in challenge.

“I may have implied she was too old to think about having more little ones. It seems, with all the new little ones in the making, she wants to hear the patter of tiny feet in the keep again.”

Niko didn’t know whether to be horrified or amused. “Little ones? She wants to try for another little one?”

“Yes, or for you to have some.” Alix stared Niko down, a hint of challenge in his gaze.

Niko groaned. “Seriously, Papi, what possessed you to imply she was too old?” He was studiously avoiding the subject of him having little ones— it was definitely a conversation for later.

“Nice dodge there, Son. I simply said it’d been too long since you were little and maybe we should think about enjoying our later years.”

Teelis, Alix’s Master at Arms, interrupted. “No, what he actually said was ‘honey we’re too old to go chasing after little ones and missing out on sleep. I want to enjoy my old age with you.’”

Niko and everyone else around them sent exasperated looks, groans and sighs directed at Alix.

“Alix, Alix, Alix, whatever possessed you?” Tate was laughing away. “You are nuts taking on your mate in such a way. You are so going to have to beg for forgiveness.”

“I was about to say nice to see you too, Tate. I might change my mind.”

Tate pouted until Alix winked.

Niko patted Alix on the forearm. “Come on, Papi, let’s go and smooth things over for you.”

Alix wore a wicked grin. “Son, you forget, bringing you home will put me back in the good books.”

“Huh. So you didn’t want to come and see your only son, you merely wanted to use me… I should be hurt, traumatized, and inconsolable.”

“Pfft, Son, you know I missed you. Now, I will hear all the serious stuff later. I want to hear about the ball first.” Alix looked over at Tate and Dariux. “I hope the ceremony was everything you wanted it to be.”

Dariux’s smile was soft, his eyes dancing with happiness. “It was. Not only did we get to celebrate with those closest to us, but we got to see another truemate bond come together, and from what I am hearing, there are more bonds in the making.”

“Who was the truemate bond?” Alix was thrilled to see even more bonds appearing. It gave him hope for his son. Mind you, if he wasn’t mistaken, it wouldn’t be long before Niko was taken.

“One of the Royal Guards, Mortin, with Gelar from the Kastanos Clan.”

Alix looked relieved. “Turian’s clan? Good, at least there will be support for them there.”

Dariux grinned at Alix. “Antares has already approved Mortin to be released from his Royal Guard duties so he can join the Kastanos Clan. Kastain wanted to make sure everyone knew the support was there. It seems people seeing same sex pairings in action at the ball has started to change some attitudes. I overheard two warriors saying how it wasn’t so different from seeing a man and a woman be truemates. I can only hope such attitudes continue.”

Alix couldn’t be more pleased. It was great to see things finally start to change. “Give it time and I’m sure they will.”

Tate suddenly burst out laughing. When everyone turned to look at him, he smirked. “Oh, Alix you are going to love this. So you know Chance loves refrintis…”

Alix was soon roaring with laughter at the image of the small Chance, Corin’s son, cuddling up to this huge refrinti toy.

“You know the one Alisia gave him never leaves his side?” The fondness in Bell’s eyes for his nephew, as all the Avanti considered Chance, was obvious. “He was depressed for a while.”

Alix’s face went stormy, fire was flashing behind his eyes. “Who dared upset our boy?”

Niko shook his head at his papi’s protective streak. “He was missing Kerrit, Yanick’s son, or as he calls him, Kit Kit. It took Yanick taking him for a ride around the training grounds to calm him.”

Alix’s chuckle was deep at the mental image of the tiny Chance sitting on the back of the huge refrinti. “He must have looked impressive. I can only imagine what anyone watching thought of it.”

“It was the talk of the castle for a while. Chance seems to have won his own legions of fans while he was there. Especially young Laird Broden.”

Alix was trying to place Broden in the list of Lairds. “Cormack’s nephew?”

“Yes. They met Lady Jesslyn when Broden and Chance spied each other in the street.”

Bell calmed his refrinti who seemed to be reacting to his darintha getting restless. “Chance has started to say his first few words and is attempting to walk. Kel seems horrified at the prospect.” Bell remembered Corin’s condition. “Ah, yes, so we have more news. Corin and Kel are expecting another little one.”

Alix did a double take. “So soon?”

“Yes. It’s amazing news for them, but it also gives a lot of people hope that maybe having more little ones is possible for them as well.” Niko’s voice was slightly wistful.

~Mate. Cubs.~

A sense of want and desire swept through Bell. He and his darintha were in full accord. Both of them would love to have cubs with Niko.

~Tell mate now!~

Bell’s darintha was becoming increasingly insistent. Bell would need to talk to Niko, and soon, or his darintha would take matters into his own hands.

The rest of the ride back to the keep was filled with good-natured conversation and a whole lot of teasing, especially directed Alix’s way. Bell was always impressed by the way Alix led his clan. He wasn’t some sort of Chieftain who kept his distance; he was aware of each warrior, each clan member, what they did, who they were mated to, what was going on in their lives. The clan was incredibly close-knit. Sure, like anywhere, there were occasional problems. Things got heated, warriors fought, people argued, but an overwhelming sense of community always prevailed.

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Author Bio

Hannah Walker is a full-time mum to two gorgeous teenage sons, and shares her home with both them, and a very supportive husband. They have always encouraged her to follow her dreams.

She has always loved books from her childhood years reading alongside her father, inheriting his love of Sci-Fi and Fantasy. She has combined this with her love of MM romance to write her series Avanti Chronicles. She loves writing about a complex world where the men love, and live, hard. Welcome to the world of MM Sci-Fi.



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