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ANNOUNCEMENT: Cat Escort, by Melissa E. Costa

Cat Escort, By Melissa E. Costa

QSFer Melissa E. Costa has a new mm paranormal romance out: “Cat Escort.”

A night of passion with a Cat Shifter escort becomes everything for a man with poor self-esteem.

To mend his broken heart, Seth purchases a date with a Cat Shifter Escort. The sex was so amazing, it let him forget his pain. Seth never expected to see him again.

Nao couldn’t forget the client who’d cried in his arms, so destroyed from love gone wrong. He wanted nothing more than to help the beautiful, broken man.

Their night was supposed to be a onetime thing, but six months later, everything changed when they met again.

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“The bartender set down another glass. “The little kitty is cute when he’s drunk.”

Nao took a gulp before he giggled. “What’z in this thing?” He clutched his head. “World’z spinning…”

“Aaaaand, you’ve had enough.” Seth took a five from his wallet to leave a tip, but only because it was etiquette. He’d rather punch this guy in the face. “I’m closing my tab. Just put his on mine.”

“But the little kitty still needs to finish his drink.” He pushed the drink forward. “Don’tcha, kitty? It’s tasty to little kitty cats, isn’t it?”

Nao hummed, and rested his head on his arms; he still nodded. “Yesss…tasty.” He reached for the drink, but Seth stopped his hand.

“Just close my tab, man.”

“I got monies, Zeth.” Nao sprang up before he wobbled in his chair. “Dizzy…”

“Easy there.” Seth prepared to catch him.

“I’m okay.” Nao’s accent swamped his slurred words. Giggling, he reached for his purse and nearly fumbled out of the barstool. He made noises similar to mews, then said softly, something that sounded like “yule-e.” Was Nao still speaking in English?

Seth stabilized him with a hand to his back. “Don’t worry about it. I’ve got it.”

“But I wanna earn my keeps…”

“I know how the little kitty can pay me back?” The bartender leaned closer and squeezed Nao’s hand.

Seth glared at him. “Back off, man.”

“What are you, his dad?” He stroked Nao’s palm before he tugged on his fingers, playing with his claws. “How ‘bout it, kitty cat? Wanna go to the back?”

Nao shook his head and screwed his eyes shut. “Thankz, but I’ll’ve ta pass.” Looking up, he giggled. “Not dis time, I’m with Zeth.”

“Come on, cutie, I’ll make it much better for you than this lame dude.”

Nao shook his head and tried to take his hand away, but the bartender didn’t let go.

Seth shoved him off. “Knock it off, asshole. He already said no, and he doesn’t need anything else to drink.” His mouth formed a thin line. “You put something in it, didn’t you?”

The bartender scowled. “What the hell you implying?”

“You heard me. You put something in his fucking drink, didn’t you?” Seth held his ground, anger stirring up inside him. If this bartender wanted a fight, he would give it to him. He had no intention of letting anyone hurt Nao.

“Okay, okayz.” Nao stood up, his legs wobbling. “I’ll go home,” his M rumbled from within his throat, “wiss Zeth.” He hugged Seth from behind and rubbed his face into the valley between Seth’s shoulders. “Yule-e…zal-knee.” After speaking the words, he slipped into soft mews. Though Seth wasn’t sure if it was a mew or an actual heavily accented word, he thought he heard, “Safe.”

Seth covered one of Nao’s hands that rested on his chest. His eyes locked in a staring contest with the bartender. “You gonna close my tab?”

“Fine. Whatever, man.” The bartender frowned at him but went to get his card. Seth watched him the entire time as the guy printed out the receipt before he signed.

He put an arm around Nao and walked them to the door.

Nao pivoted to face him and draped his arms around Seth’s neck. With feline finesse, he moved to the music, swaying his hips and rolling his stomach. “Dance with me?”

Seth chuckled and shook his head. “You’re drunk.”

Nao leaned closer and whispered into his ear. “Zeth?”

“Yeah?” Seth steadied him.

“I like you, Zeth,” he purred. He rubbed his nose against Seth’s ear, then pressed their cheeks together. He rumbled out a series of words Seth couldn’t make out, but they didn’t sound like English. Seth managed to catch the word yule-e, again. Perhaps that word meant happy? Fun, maybe? Nao beamed like a giddy kitten whenever he said it.

A faint fragrance emanated from Nao. It wasn’t his cologne—although that was still present. This scent was different, more primal, and highly arousing. Seth’s heartbeat grew louder, blood pumping through his veins. He inhaled deeply and leaned into Nao until their bodies pressed together.

“Zeth,” Nao purred. In between mews, he spoke strongly accented words. “Yule-lee, cha-rar. Happy…alive, zal-knee…horny.” Had Nao just said he was horny? Then again, with his heavy accent, perhaps Seth had misheard. Nao rubbed against him, and goosebumps pricked Seth’s skin. “I like you,” he whispered.

“I like you, too. Now come on, let’s get you home.” Seth tried to take Nao’s arms off him. God, how he didn’t want to. He’d rather shove Nao up against the wall and kiss him breathless. But he couldn’t. Nao was clearly under the influence of something, and Seth wasn’t about to take advantage of the situation.

“No, no,” he whined and held Seth tighter. “I wanna dance.” The scent clinging to Nao practically screamed sex. His firm body—all tight muscles on a slender physique—molded against Seth’s, who instinctively grabbed his hips, grinding into him. “Dance with me, Zeth.” Nao purred low. He nosed Seth’s neck and uttered something softly like a prayer. “Cha-rar, zal-knee…horny.”

Seth realized Nao was slipping in and out of his native tongue in an attempt to express his emotions.

He took a deep breath. Stop it. I can’t do this. He can’t consent; it’s wrong. Drawing from a reserve of self-control Seth didn’t know he had, he released Nao, and this time he succeeded in getting Nao to let go.

“You’re intoxicating,” Nao drawled, sounding like one long hiss.

“Nope, that would be the drug.” Seth guided Nao to the door, pulling him when he tried to stop.

“Such a meanie,” Nao whined. “Meanie, Zeth.” He made a low rroaw before muttering more foreign words. Seth didn’t understand them, but he got a general idea. Anger, frustration. Annoyance. Nao trilled Seth’s name and sounded even more like a frustrated feline.

“Yup, I’m a meanie, but you’ll thank me tomorrow.””

Author Bio

Melissa writes character-driven fiction, and any genre is fair game! When she’s not writing, she enjoys reading, anime, manga and gaming. Living by the motto of trying all things twice, Melissa has jumped out of a perfectly good plane, swam with manatees, dove head first into Alice’s rabbit hole, and seduced classy ladies in 6-inch heels. A free-spirited bohemian, she currently lives in artsy St. Petersburg, Florida with her soulmate and their two, adorably needy cats.


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