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Announcement – Cereus: Rescue

Cereus: RescueTorquere has a new paranormal anthology out:

Even the strongest paranormal creature can need a rescue, as proven by the three stories in Cereus: Rescue. In Free Demons, by Julia Talbot and BA Tortuga, when demon Bel goes to the Cereus resort, he’s fleeing his father, the king of a demon dimension. When his bodyguard of old shows up, Bel thinks Xerxes is there to take him home, but Xerxes wants them to be free to be together.

In Sean Michael’s Spirit Bear, Lightning has been captive for a long time, but the werebear is rescued, and Etu takes him in, teaching him that love knows no boundaries, and that safety can be super-sexy. In Babysitting Job, by BA and Julia, Devon is sent by Cereus owner Jonny to escort vampire Sandro to safety. The two of them fall for each other, but they have to escape Sandro’s stalker in order to be together.


From Free Demons:

“Can you get hard, Xerxes?”


“Erect? Getting a boner?” He was just– Bel knew he was being an ass, but he didn’t know how else to be.

“I have been known to be aroused, yes.”

“By me?” Bel sat, too, curling his legs under him.

“Yes,” Xerxes said. Fascinating. Utterly fascinating.

“Oh.” Bel sat there, trying to figure out his next salvo.

Xerxes watched him, just sat there and stared at him with big gray eyes.

“So, um. You’re on vacation, huh?”


“Do you have a wind-up lever? Is your spring run down? Do I need to switch to demon-basic so you can talk?”

“I have spoken more in the last hour than I have in the last twenty five years.”

Bel felt a grin begin to grow, and he pumped a fist in the air. “A sentence! Go me.”

Xerxes’ lips curled up. That was a smile, a real smile. God, it was beautiful. Bel had never seen such a thing and had never expected to.

Xerxes was here. Right here. Staring at him and smiling.

“So. Twister?”

“Pardon me?”

“It’s a game. We could watch a movie.” What did one do with an ex-bodyguard who Bogarted your vacation?

“I play chess.”

“Not as fun as Twister, I promise.” He waggled his brows.

“I will try.”

Oh. Well, that was surprising.

“Seriously?” Dude. He did have a game set thanks to a white elephant party last week.

“You’ll have to tell me the rules.” Xerxes was a big follower of rules.

Bel often disregarded them.

“You know it.” Bel smiled and got the Twister box from a shelf in the wee sitting room.

When he opened the box and spread out the little plastic sheet with dots on it, Xerxes blinked. Once.

Hey, that was an entire day’s worth of expression on that stolid face.

Just wait until he made Xerxes get naked.

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