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ANNOUNCEMENT: Cuddly Wolf: Alpha of Midst Town – Les Jacson

Cuddly Wolf: Alpha Of Midst Town - Les Jacson

QSFer Les Jacson has a new MM paranormal romance out: Cuddly Wolf: Alpha Of Midst Town.


I lived alone in my small house in Jackal Park. Until one day, my straight neighbor was suddenly on my couch.

His name was Alpha, and I’d be lying if I said he wasn’t hot. But the next time he was at my door to apologize, he killed a werewolf with his bare hands.

What was he? He better not be an enemy of my best friend, Champ. Because I’ll do anything to look after my wolf-friend, even if it meant killing my hot neighbor.


I had a simple dream of starting my family and having kids. Although my girlfriend didn’t like the idea.

If only my best friend was my fated mate, I wouldn’t have this problem. He would be the perfect wife for me.

Ever since I was a little pup, I promised to keep him safe. Yet, I also had to juggle my time with work and the responsibility to protect my people. So if one day I was suddenly on his couch, I hoped he wouldn’t freak out.

Cuddly Wolf is a gay paranormal romance featuring a daring queen and a fluffy shifter who are about to realize the person they truly love. It contains steam, but is neither mpreg nor omegaverse.

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“Welcome!” she—I mean, he—greeted beyond the bar’s music.

The server was in a playboy bunny outfit. Imane had long rabbit ears on his head. His tight suit emphasized the curves of his waist, and—I wasn’t sure how—a sizable chest. Only the thin mesh of his stockings kept his legs from being fully exposed to his customers.

“What can I get you two handsomes?” Imane asked. Probably hadn’t recognized our faces. He couldn’t be blamed. It was dark. Also, why would his roommate be visiting the place where he worked and dressed very revealingly?

I slowly turned to Imane, hoping he wouldn’t get the wrong idea. “Hey…”

“Al!” Imane surprised, but a glad one. “I thought you went back home.”

I scratched my head and let out a nervous laugh. “Got suddenly thirsty.”

“We can fix that.” Imane handed a small menu for both the guys at the table, then winked.

Why did he wink… at me? I was puzzled.

Imane was very different from his usual self. It was like he shifted to a whole different person. He talked with a more tactful tone. His movement and body language were freer, even with the extra volume on his chest and waist. The expression on his face was more apparent, with all the makeup and long lashes.

A kick on my foot brought me back to the current topic. I saw cap looking at me with a weirded grin. Oh right. “Imane, this is my boss from work—also a great friend and drinking buddy—George. George, my new roommate, Imane.”

Author Bio

Soft-spoken. Dreamy. And Gay.

Les Jacson writes gay kissing books. He is a cat-parent, an iced coffee addict, and a nerd.

Les Jacson hopes to make enchanting stories about love conquers all and happily ever afters, which readers would very much like.

His novels are gentle, sprinkled with a balanced seasoning of drama and steam.


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