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ANNOUNCEMENT: Delta Star, by Iris Sword

Delta Star - iris Sword

QSFer Iris Sword has a new MM sci fi romance out, book two in the Delta Rangers series: “Delta Star.”

Space Rangers Xa’baar Ilaura and Haltrax Vuron, of the ice planet Deltrax, have found their fated mate. After years of protecting the universe, they decide to retire and start a family. The only problem? Victorio Chu is a fugitive on the run.

Marriage freed Victorio from indentured servitude on Tieqiú 9. But as the bounty on his head resurfaces, Victorio has to make a choice—flee or fight? Haltrax struggles to abandon the law to protect his husband. Xa’baar must keep the trio’s union from shattering in the unforgiving void of space.

Delta Star is an erotic mpreg ménage à trois alien romance novella.

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Deep Space, Sector TJ18
Vuron’s Private Spacecraft Allegiance

Haltrax slammed his fist against his command center. Projected maps of the twelve artificial planets that made up Tieqiú scattered into oblivion. It was a fool’s errand, trying to locate an international mobster on a rumor. But, as Haltrax looked up to see his lovers intertwined in their artificial shelter, he knew he had to try. What else could he do? Sit around and wait for the monster to destroy his union? To kill the unborn? Never! The thought of Tiger Chu harming what was his sent Haltrax’s corona into a frenzy. The green mass of energy swirled around him, lashing out, as he tried to control his frantic emotions.

“Haltrax’Vuron’Ekai!” Haltrax spun around to find his mate, Xa’baar, floating beside him, his face a mask of concern.

“Aye! Do not sneak up on me like that,” Haltrax snorted, “Your accent is still terrible by the way.”

“It’s not often I have to call you by your full name.” Xa’baar pressed his lips into a thin smile. Reaching forward, he pulled up an image that haunted Haltrax’s dreams so thoroughly he forced himself to stay awake. There, encased in his father’s life force, was there unborn child: Valbüer. Their tiny fingers and toes were not yet fully formed. Valbüer was little more than an embryo. Yet, their corona was already visible to the mind’s eye, a cool, soothing gray in color.

“Here, hold our future, and relax.” Xa’baar pulled the image forward, so that Haltrax was cradling Valbüer’s projected form. With his mind’s eye, Haltrax could already make out the unborn at birth: terra-cotta colored skin, ruddy cheeks, and jet-black curly hair. Valbüer the Valiant One would be a perfect fusion of all their features realized in one precious being. If only they are allowed to live! Everything was riding on finding Tiger Chu before he found them. With a renewed sense of purpose, Haltrax allowed the image to dissolve, turning to embrace his fated. Xa’baar returned his embrace, their corona’s intertwining as they stood in silence.

We will fight for our union, and we will win!

Author Bio

Iris Sword writes speculative LGBTQIA+ romance (horror, science fiction, and fantasy). Want the latest news? Sign up for her newsletter below!


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