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Announcement: Dragon Marines Vol. 1, by Jenn Dease

Dragon Marines V1QSFer Jenn Dease has a new urban fantasy compilation out:

Jenn Dease brings us slightly into the future and introduces us to a very different world where shifters are accepted and valued members of the military.

In Captain’s Mate, we meet Lt. Commander Franklin Delano Michaels when he is sent to rectify the problems between the Marines and the human sailors on the USS Ronald Reagan.He meets Marine Captain Danegeld Drake, the Dragon shape-shifter in charge of the Marine squadron, there’s an attraction that takes them by surprise. They must work together to solve the problems on the ship and face a possible build-up of the Voldai, an enemy that almost defeated the allies in the ‘Almost War’. Can the two of them build a future together with all this going on?

Lonnie’s New Christmashas one of Drake’s Dragon moving on from the military into civilian life and trying to kindle a relationship with a civilian human.

Marine Dragons are facing difficult challenges in Dragon’s Surprise. How to you take care of a young Dragon on a ship? And what happen to her parents that just happen to be related to the ship’s captain, newly promoted Captain Franklin Delano Michaels. And who’s sabotaging the ship?



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Case file #101: THE FOREVER HAUNT
Taken from “Retrospect: The Twenty-First Century War”

It was a long war. A bloody war. Over five million people died. Over a thousand dragons. We call it the “Almost War” because we almost lost.

The Voldai had come into power over the Russo-Chinese people in the mid-twentieth century. Originally, they were an economic and ecological group trying to look out for the needs of the millions of people in their borders. They pushed for the nuclear disarmament of the world. It took years, but by 2026, the last nuclear arms plant was converted to a power plant. By 2039, the last nuclear warhead had been disarmed.

In 2070, Svegenti Mallakin was elected Chancellor. He was the charismatic son of one of the Voldai leaders. Unlike his father and grandfather, Mallakin was not for the people.
By 2074 reports were making their way to the Pentagon about troop build-ups and trouble along the borders with Korea and India. The United States and their allies needed time to build up their forces. Many of the EuroStates and the Africannas had small peacekeeping forces only.

The Dragos lived in small enclaves all around the world. Except for business purposes, they rarely concerned themselves with human affairs. Then the Dragos Senior Council received word of Asian dragons being forced to enter the Voldai military. There were tales of kidnapping young dragonettes to force their parents to obey.

When the Dragos sent a group to talk to Svegenti Mallakin about the rumors, only one made it out alive. Ursum Bolivar was able to swim to a boat that carried her to New Australia. Stories of the attack on the peace delegation and the truth of the dragonettes being held captive were told.

The dragons had kept their warriors, the Mythos and Muldar clans, trained for any eventuality. But there were only ten thousand dragons around the world. There were over a billion Russo-China citizens, and almost one fourth belonged to the military.

Each enclave sent a group of dragon fighters to an area of Russo-China that was closest to their homelands. Some met with success. Some were destroyed.

At this time, the Americans and Canucks sent a combined force over the Arctic to Siberia. The force occupied the Russo Islands in the Arctic Circle and made inroads into the frozen north of Siberia. One of the patrols found a guarded group of dragonettes in the city of Nyda on the Obskaja Guha waterway. The young told of the bravery of the humans who rescued them. They also told the heartbreaking stories of the deaths of other dragonettes and dragons.

Author Bio

Jenn Dease is a Chef with a reading and writing addiction. The six bookcases in her bedroom are proof of this.

She was born and raised in Pittsburgh with one of those families that have four generations in a four block radius.

The Redheads, or her sisters, are the best things in her life. When they want to be.


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