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Announcement: Fated Future, by Phetra H. Novak

Fated FutureQSFer Phetra H. Novak has a new paranormal novella out:

1964. Vojin Naranjo is a young Caddo man working with his best friend Gabriel in his small workshop. What he doesn’t know is that the man he’s known his whole life isn’t who he’s says he is. Gabriel carries a secret, one that no one knows anything about but now Vojin will be part of it. There’s only one catch, no matter what, Vojin can’t share it with anyone. If he does, he will seal a deadly fate for everyone involved. The question is, how will Vojin Naranjo react to the news of what fate has already decided for his unborn son and grandson? How will he prepare himself to save those he loves?

1992. Years later, in another part of the country, the Asa Guards are preparing for war, with their Gods leading the way. The cunning Asa are using the little more than human Guards as their willing-to-die soldiers in the war against the Fenrir Ulv and his newborn children—the shifters. The man leading the Guard, Colonel Gustav sells his soul to the God of the sky, Odin in the hope of spending eternity next to the mighty God. Will the Guard follow him or desert him?

2009. Reid and the other ranch hands have taken Haven to Tom’s bar in town for his twenty-first birthday. To his dismay, he’s propositioned by the town skank. Given the woman’s overly touchy-feely nature, he finally gives her a piece of his mind, leaving him pissed off and Mrs. Harris with her mouth hanging open. Looking for peace back at the ranch, he goes to see his birthday present, a big mottled horse called Bullet. Instead, he’s confronted by another beauty, the eighteen-year-old Alexander. Already riled up and riding his emotions, Haven lets himself get carried away in a heated moment with the boy of his heart’s desire. What will Alexander and Haven do when the moment is gone and reality comes crashing down?


“Prescott is going to be Alpha!?” Vojin all but yelled, eyes huge as he stared across the porch swing at his friend.

“Yes, he is,” Gabriel confirmed, barely able to keep the grin from his face, knowing how his friend hated being taken by surprise although he’d had plenty of experience of it. “Coleman Prescott will eventually become the Alpha of Caddo Pack-”

“How … how do you know that this is the truth?” he narrowed his eyes to mere slits, expecting him to shout got you at any second. The news had come, as usual, out of the blue, and had been delivered with such alacrity that Vojin had been forced to stop his work and catch his breath, focusing all of his attention on Gabriel. He noticed that Gabriel had put down his sanding block, and he did the same. Wyanet’s porch swing might just have to wait for a few minutes.

“By the Spirits, my friend,” Gabriel assured him and Vojin nodded as if the word spirit itself was surety enough – usually it was.

“Why are you telling me this now?” Vojin asked.

“Because some things are going to happen, and we’re going to need your help.”

“What things?”

“As I said before, Coleman will eventually become the Alpha of the Caddo pack; right now we are trying to get organized for him to take over… and he will need you to guide him.”

“What things? Why does it feel like you are avoiding telling me something, Gabriel? What is it we are getting organized for?”

Gabriel’s hard stare had erased every trace of humor from his face.

“We are preparing for war, Vojin.”

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Author Bio

Phetra often refers to herself as the odd man out, the dorky book nerd. She’d rather spend time with a good book or making up fantastic stories with even more fantastic characters, than live in the real world dealing with real people.

The real world is strange, in a very non-humorous way, and people in it complicate it to the point of wearing you out. In the written word world, whether it’s someone else’s words or her own, things might get busy, complicated, and even downright painful, but somewhere along the line, a heroes always on the horizon. He’s probably not a prim and proper, church-going pretty-boy since the author prefers rebellious men and women who don’t follow the protocols of society. 

One of her favorite saying is that “Only dead fish follow the stream,” and well she ain’t no dead fish.

Phetra lives with her family—two children, a domestic partner, and their two cats in Gothenburg, Sweden. When reading her books, you’ll notice she always finds a way to bring her own culture into her books.

The joy of reading and writing comes from her childhood and is something she has always loved, and been passionate to share with others. Phetra loves hearing from her readers, even with ideas of what they’d like to come next.

If you are looking for her, the best place to start looking is at home in the quietest corner of the house, where she’ll be curled up with either her Kindle reading or with her laptop typing away.


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