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ANNOUNCEMENT: Fire’s Mate – C.W. Gray

Fire's Mate - C.W. Gray

QSFer C.W. Gray has a new queer sci-fi book out, Charybdis Station Book 2: “Fire’s Mate.”

Welcome back to Charybdis Station! 

Fire may be a deadly Crellic Element, but he much prefers napping and snacking to murdering armies. After centuries of being used as a weapon, he’s finally able to live peacefully on Charybdis Station. While he’s content to spend his days visiting his friends and raiding their homes for food, he longs for one more thing. A mate to call his own.

A trip to the nearby planet of Burnished Outpost gives him far more than he planned on.
Quigley lives in a narrow-minded clan in the deep desert of Burnished Outpost. His days are spent hunting for survival, guarding his family from the rest of the clan, and hiding a secret that could get him killed. When everything goes wrong and he finds himself on run, all he can hope for is to live long enough to get his family to safety. When the most amazing being he has ever seen swoops in to save the day, Quigley knows he’s found his mate.

The two men may be fated mates, but the differences between them are striking. Can Quigley adjust to a new life on Charybdis Station and can Fire find his place in his brand new family? 

Author’s Note: 36,000 words – Fated mates; Mpreg; Love at first sight; Low angst. This is a m/m sci-fi/fantasy romance story with a little action and a lot of sweet, mushy love. It is book two in the Charybdis Station series which is a spin-off series of The Blue Solace.

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Quigley watched the sun slowly rise over the sand dunes around the clan’s encampment. The bright, fiery orb turned the sand a soft pink, and he had to fight down the urge to grab one of the Oryx and ride toward the sun. His bones told him a sandstorm was coming, though there was barely any wind.

“What’s firing up your shorts?” Gram asked him, moving to stand beside him, her hand a welcome weight on his shoulder.

His grandmother was still a beautiful woman, though her face was lined and her hair gray. She used to stand tall and strong, but age and a hard life weighed on her, and her bones hurt more often than not. To him, that didn’t matter. She was still his Gram and would always be the most beautiful woman around, her only equals his sister, Sara, and his daughter, Aster.

“Quig, did you hear me, or do I need to yell louder?” Gram asked, voice rising with each word.

Quigley rolled his eyes. “I’m okay, Gram. I’m just feeling the need for a hunt.”

She gave him a considering look. “You’ve been getting that feeling a lot lately. It reminds me of when I felt the mating call. My feet itched like they were on fire, and I practically ran the whole way to your grandfather’s clan to find him.”

Quigley snorted. “Unless my mate lives in the sky, I’m not feeling any mating call.”

“The rumors say the chieftain in Star’s Oasis sends our people there,” Gram said, pointing into the sky. “Maybe it wouldn’t be so bad to go.”

Quigley looked around, making sure no one was around them. “They’d never let us go, Gram. You know that. They don’t even like it when we go off on a hunt by ourselves.” 

She gave him a sad look and patted his stomach. “One day, you may not have a choice, Quig.

Author Bio

I have been self-publishing m/m romance since October, 2018 and enjoy sharing my books with readers all over the world. I’m also a reader and I love to read everything I can get my hands on, especially m/m romance. My favorites are mpreg, sci-fi, fantasy, and paranormal. I have four series right now. 

1). My Hobson Hills Omegas series is light and sweet non-shifter mpreg. They are novella length (35,000-45,000 words) and angst-free. 

2). My Blue Solace series is a sci-fi/fantasy romance and has more action and adventure. The romance, however, is still light and sweet. They are longer (40,000-60,000 words). 

3). My third series is called The Silver Isles and is a paranormal mermen trilogy. They are also a little longer than Hobson Hills (45,000-50,000 words) and are low heat and light and fluffy. 

4). My fourth series is a paranormal, mpreg series of holiday short stories called Holiday Omegas (10,000-14,000 words). The first few stories follow one couple as they meet, fall in love, and develop their relationship. 

If you like zero angst, light and fluffy romance, give one of my books a try!

You can follow me on facebook at @cwgrayauthor, join my facebook group (C.W. Gray’s Reading Nook), follow me on instagram @c.w._gray, or visit my website at You can also email me at [email protected].


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