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ANNOUNCEMENT: Genetic Teal, by Leon Hart

Genetic TealQSFer Leon Hart has a new gay sci fi book out:

Dane Teal, an unruly genetic, works under Capricorn. Genetics aren’t supposed to be attracted to others, let alone the same sex, so he fights the feelings that arise after encountering Tarian; a member of a hostile, tech savvy organization called LEO.

Tarian’s a skillful manipulator. He’s also very keen to acquire Dane for LEO. But does he want Dane only for the young man’s unique genetic ability, or has Dane invoked something more in him?


Author Bio

Leon Hart is a growing LGBTQ romance author, whose novels are heavily influenced by fantasy and science fiction. He loves to hear from his readers and thanks everyone who has commented thus far.

Website: http://leonhartauthor.blogspot.ca/

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