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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Death’s Angel, by Sharita Lira

QSFer Michael Mandrake has a new MM paranormal book out: Death’s Angel.

Death’s plan for revenge is derailed by his lust for one of the Creator’s angels.

Being second to Michael has never sat well with Allerio. Feeling slighted, he travels beyond the heavens, meeting a creature who informs him of his Father’s secrets. With curiosities niggling him, he challenges his god, seeking freedom from stringent rules. Though the prize might look wonderful on the surface, it comes with a heavy price the angel will bear for eternity.

Death’s banishment was only the beginning of his descent. Since then, he’s concocted a scheme to overthrow the highest being, proving him to be a liar. Although confident his plot will succeed, he convinces one of High’s top helpers to assist him. However, Death never intended for feelings of affection to consume him. Suddenly wrecking God’s perfection isn’t as important anymore.

Two gods join forces and become bonded in more ways than one. Can they overcome their emotions to achieve their ultimate goal?

Death’s Angel is the prequel story to Immortals, chronicling the very beginning of Lucifer’s ascent as the god of the third and fourth planes. This story involves male pregnancy and mating.

Warning: On page violence, extreme torture, and death. Look inside for further triggers.

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Michael is giving away a backlist book with this post – comment below for a chance to win.


Before the beginning of time…

Lucifer (Allerio)

For as long as I could remember I had been curious about the work Most High, our creator, had done. He had called them gifts, only sharing little bits and pieces of what he was working on behind the door of heaven, where no being was allowed. However, that had also changed recently when he invited Michael into the dwelling no one else was to even think of walking into. 

Knowing my status with High, I should have been exempt from this barring as well. Although I was the secondcreated Angel, I considered myself better than most. Certainly, higher than the so-called Archangel who could not compare to me, the most beautiful being My Gracioushad made. Yet another of the reasons I should be confident, knowing the most intelligent being made mein his image. He had said as much in our conversation, and to my knowledge Michael had not been afforded that same discussion. 

Was I vain? 



Again, yes. 

With the gift of perfection as my claim to fame, why should I feel any less?

Honestly, I should not, which translated to how I felt about High holding things from me when I should have been the first one he had told. Instead, it seemed Michael was his favorite helper, and I had been reduced to consultant. While it was true that I had more to offer the new angels, I could give my opinions on his next brilliant works as well. 

Apparently, Hefigured Michael was enough, and that within itself didn’t sit well with me.

Besides, my given name, Allerio, said it all. 

Precious gift from the Gods. 

I was just that. 

A gift to be treasured. 


Not turned away in favor of the inferior one. 

Was I not to be cherished as much as Michael? That itself made my insides burn with fire. 

Why was Michael placed ahead of me in importance when my name meant so much more? 

Regardless, I would prove myself to be bigger, and perhaps even His Gracious, if given the chance. Then, no one else would be worshipped but me, the most precious gift from the Gods.   

This would be no small feat. Leaving the heavens alone to explore and find more of High’s great work had become a mission. An obsession I could not share with the others. He had taught us to take whatever information He gave us as truth, without using our minds to further any kind of understanding. 

In a way, I supposed it was safest, then we would not be harmed by any unknown things. However, that in itself made me wonder…

As perfect beings, what elsecould hurt us? 

Were we not infallible? Incapable of making so called missteps? What was High hiding beyond that door? Those were all questions I wanted answers to, but I figured exploring would be easier than trying that door without the proper permission. Other than barging in, I would have to make nice with Michael, something I was not willing to do. 

As angels, heaven was all we knew. We flew amongst the enormous white clouds for recreation, but most time was spent on the ground. When the sun rose, the skies lit up with yellow beams that reflected off the fields filled with greenery. Large mountains surrounded these open areas along with several pools where we talked to one another, learning any new crafts High had taught us, or meeting for the sake of mating. Other than High’s sermons, we had little else to do. Yet another reason why I wished to leave and explore what High had not told us about. 

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Michael Mandrake pens complex characters already comfortable with their sexuality. Through these, he builds worlds not centered on romance but rather the mainstream and/or obscure  plots we might encounter in everyday life and beyond.


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