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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: In the Months That Follow, by A.R. Moler

QSFer A.R. Moler has a new MM sci fi mpreg book out: In the Months That Follow.

Can two Terran Alliance Marines come to term with impending parenthood?

In the distant future, human kind has spread out into the universe–way out. Among the Terran Alliance Marines assigned to a distant sector is Caden Roth, a medic, and pilot Benjamin Magnys.

Caden and Ben meet when Ben is injured during an alien raider attack. Ben is from Gaddo, a colony so remote and with such extreme environmental conditions, that the colonists there were forced to alter their genome in order to survive and to ensure a healthy gene pool.

After the kind of bad day that only emergency medical people can have, Caden and Ben meet again for a drink. One thing leads to another and they end up in bed together, which eventually evolves into a fledgling relationship. However, antibiotics and altered genetics throw the new lovers a definite twist.

Going home to tell the parents that they are pregnant is going to be interesting. 

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A.R. is giving away an ebook copy of Prise de Fer with this post. For a chance to win, comment below.


The trail that led from the outside edge of the city was rocky but the incline was gradual. Caden walked along beside Ben. “Not a very warm day.”

Ben gave him a smirk. “On Gado, this would be heading toward early summer. You have thin blood.”

“Does that mean you’d melt like a popsicle if I took you home to New Koori?”

Ben tipped up the dark glasses he was wearing. “Only if you promised to lick something.” He dropped the glasses back down over his eyes.

“Smartass.” Caden banged his fist lightly against Ben’s shoulder.

“Mmm, you could lick that too.”

Caden reached out to grab Ben’s ass and Ben darted away. “You are so dead,” he teased and chased after Ben. A couple hundred meters up the trail, Caden caught up to Ben and pinned him against a rocky outcropping. Caden was slightly winded. 

“Bet you’re warmer now,” Ben said.

“You little shit, I ought to spank you.”

“I thought we were on the topic of licking things.”

Caden groaned and leaned his body weight on Ben. Ben wiggled and ground himself against Caden. “Gods, you’re in a mood, aren’t you?”

“Just glad to get away from the station for a while. There are moments when that place gets to me.” Ben’s comment was a little more sober.

Caden tipped the dark glasses up with a fingertip and watched the way Ben’s pupils contracted to a slit. “Does the sunlight bother you?

“Some, Gado does have its sunny days, but it gets uncomfortable after a while.”

Leaning in, Caden kissed him. The soft warmth of Ben’s lips never failed to inspire a flicker of desire in Caden. For about half a second, he entertained the idea of getting up to something out here on the trail, but an icy breeze blew by and quickly dispelled that thought. “I guess we should hurry up and get to the waterfall.”

Ben edged his thigh between Caden’s legs, and put a little pressure on Caden’s prick. “And maybe then move on to other things?”

“You’re the one who dragged me out here in the cold.”

Ben grinned. “Then about face and head for the waterfall.”


Leaning on a piece of wooden railing, Ben gazed at the frozen waterfall. It was fairly epic, a long swirling cascade of ice at least twenty-five meters high. It made him wonder what the whole area looked like when it was warm enough to flow. Most of Gado’s rivers were underground and didn’t lend to this sort of feature. 

“I have to admit. I’m not sure I’ve ever seen a chunk of ice that big,” Caden said.

“Worth the hike?” asked Ben.

“Yeah, I guess so. I notice that we’re the only ones up here though.”

“I think it’s one of those deals where people who live here just ignore it. Whereas the two of us being tourists…”

Caden laughed. “I haven’t been a tourist in quite a while. So, back to the city and find a hot drink?”

Author Bio

A.R. Moler is a chemistry professor at a community college, a homeschooling mom and an avid science fiction fan. She is a devotee of first hand research for her writing whenever possible and to this end has – learned to fire a handgun, been rappelling, ridden with both EMS and the police, flown a helicopter, bought a motorcycle and learned to ride it. She has traveled to nearly all the places where her stories are set and taken hundreds of photos for documentation. She has been writing since her high school years.


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