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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: In the Requiem, by Hailey Turner

In the Requiem

QSFer Hailey Turner has a new MM sci fi book out:

Never let go.

Weighed down by scandal, Captain Jamie Callahan must choose between saving his family’s reputation and his father’s political aspirations, or taking down the enemy once and for all. Choosing one over the other will have lasting repercussions he can’t escape. Whatever path Jamie ultimately picks, Staff Sergeant Kyle Brannigan will be right by his side to face the consequences. Kyle knows in a situation like this the only way out is through. Together they can make it to the other side, but surviving that journey will take everything they have.

One last chance.

Agent Sean Delaney is learning what it means to be part of Alpha Team through trial by fire. He wouldn’t change it for the world, nor would he give up the life he’s building with Staff Sergeant Alexei Dvorkin. But their time together is threatened by outside forces they can’t outrun. Having put the nightmare of Boston behind him, Alexei is focused on keeping his family safe, but he can’t have eyes on everyone. Alexei knows he can’t ignore the danger on the horizon, and when it strikes, he is unprepared for the tragedy it leaves in its wake.

Risking it all.

The odds are stacked ever higher against Alpha Team, and outmaneuvering a precog is a daunting, almost impossible task. Jamie knows something has to give, and when it does, it just might break him the way nothing else in his life ever could.

In the Requiem is a 122k word steamy gay sci-fi military romance with a mostly HEA and concludes this main plot-arc of the series. There is military violence within the story that might not be suitable for everyone, as well as explicit intimate scenes not suitable for readers under the age of 18. This is a direct sequel to In the Blood and Out of the Ashes. Reading the previous books in this series would be helpful in enjoying this one.

Metahuman Files Book Five

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Hailey is giving away one eBook copy of any book in the series, winner’s choice – comment on this post for a chance to win.


“You’re dismissed,” Nazari said. “We’re still in a holding pattern, but hopefully that will break soon.”

If it did, it would be because Jansen’s mind broke first.

Everyone but Katie exited the observation room. With nothing to do but hurry up and wait, Kyle caught Jamie’s eye and arched an eyebrow in a silent question. While Nazari had ordered them all off base, it wouldn’t be out of the ordinary for Jamie to stick around.

“I need to go home and deal with some campaign issues,” Jamie said.

Kyle nodded. “All right.”

There was no question that Kyle would follow him home. The apartment Kyle used to share with his brother had stood empty for months. Jamie’s condo was home now, and always would be. So when everyone left the main building for their cars, Kyle climbed into Jamie’s Bentley and the two of them drove home.

The silence in the car wasn’t exactly comfortable, but Kyle knew the frustrated anger Jamie felt wasn’t directed at him. Jamie needed to work through whatever was in his head, but Kyle had lived with the man for almost two years. He knew the signs of Jamie’s rising temper—almost always leashed with considerable control—and knew his lover wouldn’t be able to fully focus until he released some of his tension.

Kyle was exceptionally adept at helping out that way these days.

Jamie parked his car in the reserved spot when they arrived home, locking it behind them as they headed for the elevator. Jamie had a look on his face that said he was mentally reviewing the situation at hand and sorting through the to-do list that seemed never-ending when it came to his family’s needs.

Once they were in the condo, Jamie headed for his office, the only room that was strictly his. Kyle had no use for one. In the event he needed to do paperwork, he did it on the couch out front with the television on. Jamie had to manage more than just the team, and he focused better at a desk when doing administrative work.

An antique wooden desk drew the eye once in the office. It was matched in color by the wooden paneling and built-in shelves that lined the walls on either side, filled with holopics, decorative sculptures, and some of the military achievements Jamie had accrued over his years of service. Directly behind the comfortable, made-to-measure leather chair was a recessed wall where an expensive, original, painted artwork of a ship at sea in rough waters hung.

The office was one of the condo’s interior rooms, located in the center of the home rather than on the perimeter with windows. The lights in the room mimicked natural daylight well enough, and they brightened considerably by the attending computer when Jamie walked inside.

Kyle followed after him, not bothered at all by the faintly irritated look Jamie threw him. Kyle just calmly stripped out of his T-shirt, tossing it onto one of the nearby chairs set up in the corner around a small round table.

“I need to work,” Jamie said flatly.

“I know.” Kyle stepped closer and reached for Jamie’s tie, loosening the knot, but not undoing it. Kyle slipped the loop over Jamie’s head and pressed the dark blue silk into his hand. “But you’re in a shitty mood, and that’s not going to help you concentrate.”

“And you think you can help?”

Kyle let Jamie’s annoyance slide off of him like water, calmly meeting Jamie’s gaze. “I know I can, sir.”

Jamie’s fingers clenched around the tie, ruining the crisp line of it. “Go get your ring.”

Kyle tipped his head in silent acknowledgment of the order and left the office for the bedroom. His engagement ring was kept in a nondescript, biolocked jewelry box on top of their dresser. Kyle took off his shoes and socks, then his jeans and underwear, before grabbing the ring box off the dresser and carrying it with him back to the office.

Jamie had taken off his suit jacket and hung it over the chair in the corner. He stood in the middle of the office, hands on his hips and tie dangling from his fingers as he scowled at the floor, not enjoying the conversation he was in the middle of. Kyle didn’t see an uplink, so he figured it was over Jamie’s personal comms on a private line.

“I’ll handle it, Father. This isn’t something you have clearance for,” Jamie said.

Kyle stepped in front of him, forcing Jamie’s attention back on him. Those blue eyes blinked at him, the annoyance there bleeding out as Jamie slowly let his gaze drift down Kyle’s naked body. The air in the condo was on the cooler side to compensate for the muggy spring heat, and it left Kyle’s skin a little chilled. The desire rapidly filling Jamie’s blue eyes went a long way toward warming him.

“I’m not going to argue with you, Father. You’ll be updated when the director deems it necessary. Goodbye.”

Kyle assumed that conversation was over, and he lifted the ring box so Jamie could see it. “I’m feeling a little naked. You should fix that.”

“I don’t think I told you to take off your clothes,” Jamie said as he took the ring box from him.

“Just anticipating your orders, like any good NCO would.”

“So helpful.”

Kyle watched as Jamie pressed his thumb to the biolock sensor and unlocked the ring box. The lid flipped open, revealing the platinum band with its emerald-cut diamond in an east-west tension setting. The brilliance of the diamond always drew Kyle’s eye, the sleek design simple and perfect, a physical representation of Jamie’s love and want and ownership of Kyle’s heart.

Jamie’s fingers were warm when he took Kyle’s left hand in his and slid the ring onto his finger. The moment the cool metal settled into place, Kyle’s entire body relaxed. The engagement ring’s weight was negligible, but it felt like an anchor keeping him safe in the storm.

Jamie looped his tie over Kyle’s neck, slowly sliding the knot into place until it was snug against his throat. Jamie never let go of the tie, tugging on it lightly as he led Kyle around his desk.

“I have some reports to read and I’m expecting an important call within the next hour or so,” Jamie said.

He sat down in his desk chair and pushed it backward a little, making room. Kyle watched as he spread his legs wide, gesturing pointedly at the space between them and the desk.


Author Bio

Hailey Turner is big city girl who spoils her cats rotten and has a demanding day job that she loves, but not as much as she loves writing. She’s been writing since she was a young child and enjoys reading almost as much as creating a new story. Hailey loves stories with lots of action, gritty relationships, and an eventual HEA that satisfies the heart.

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  1. I have had this series on my list of books I want to read for a year now! I’ve been so busy reading ARC’s for other authors, as well as serving as a beta reader for one author, that my free time to read ‘for fun’ is limited. Since I love to read series I’m looking forward to yours, Hailey. All the books have received great ratings and the covers alone are worth a perusal. I hope the release puts you at the top!

  2. Oh, I forgot to tell you I’ve already purchased the first 3 so now it’s time to find a quiet corner and immerse myself in the world you’ve created!

  3. Congrats and thanks for the excerpt. I loved book 1 to start the series, and this sounds like another good addition..

  4. Loved this book and the series as a whole! About had a heart attack when “the thing” happened, but I’m alive and waiting patiently for what’s next from Hailey! Highly recommend this series!

  5. I’ve had this series on my to-buy list and have heard nothing but amazing things about it! Sounds great, and thank you!


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