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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Transcending Phoenix, by C.L. Etta

Transcending Phoenix, by C.L. Etta

QSFer C.L. Etta has a new MM Sci Fi book out:

Raised in a world of segregation and discrimination, Phoenix Ashe stands on a precipice. He is an Elitist Masc, destined to become the mayor of his prefecture. His lineage is revered for its singular preference in matters of the heart and loins. All he must do is make a deposit to secure his legacy. Sitting outside and contemplating the transaction he’s about to complete, he meets the irreverent Tristan Faire.

Tristan’s the renowned Femme attendant for Seminal Depository. It’s his job to entice and satisfy the prefecture’s Mascs, harvesting their seminal fluids for storage until requested for conception. What he doesn’t need is to fall in love with a client who deems him a second-class citizen. Mascs for mascs and Femmes for femmes. He can’t hope to transcend the ingrained beliefs of the arrogant Phoenix and win his heart.

But the Divinity has other ideas, and she works in mysterious ways. Will a haughty Masc and irrepressible Femme challenge the prefecture’s social mores and prejudices to find happiness?

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C.L. is giving away a $15 Amazon gift card with this post – for a chance to win, comment on the blog post below.


The freesia-lined walk bustled with enticing femmes—gorgeous, pale lavender skin over sinewy muscles, slender, with silken hair in various bright hues, rolling hips, soothing voices. They walked with the grace of the forest grimalkins, helping him to understand Gareth’s fascination with his paramour. His friend had confided he regularly visited a lovely femme who was a depository attendant with exceptional oral skills.

Phoenix leaned back and inhaled the heady fragrances, enjoying the sensations coursing through his body. He had followed the time-tested rituals to prepare for his appointment. His robo-servant had cleansed him within and without. He had maintained celibacy for the recommended sixty auroras to ensure his deposit’s purity and he had avoided foods prepared by hetero hands. The proud masc was as pure as a newly emerged Elitist. He breathed in once more, savoring the uninhibited swelling of his cock now that it was free of the constraining ring that had restrained his libido.

“Hey there, gorgeous. Do you need a little help with that?”

Phoenix opened his eyes and surveyed the vision standing next to him. The young femme ran his slender hand over his own tented codpiece, the front closure of his worn pantaloons. The hybrid’s shining hair lay over his shoulders in splendid rainbow-hued braids. His lustrous skin shone pale lavender under Gemin’s bright sun. He appeared as tall as the six-plus cubits of the Elitists, but Phoenix supposed the illusion was due to his slender frame. The combination of the colorful femme and the pheromones swirling about him elicited a sensual groan. Stop it! You have an appointment to get to and can’t risk wasting your seed while ogling this tempting vision.

Phoenix scowled as the femme’s cerulean eyes danced with merriment and his full lips tilted upward, revealing a smile that at another time would have rendered him speechless. He was laughing at him! Phoenix Ashe, an Elitist of the highest order. How dare he! “Are you mocking me?” Phoenix drew upon his emergence-born pride and glared his displeasure.

“No, love. Why would I do that, when all I would like is to relieve you of your—shall I say—burden? Yet, here you are sitting on an easy bench with a strapping and very tempting boner threatening to bust out of your codpiece. When what you should do is walk into any of the depositories lining the boardwalk. Now, what reason do I have to make fun of you?”

“You realize I’m an Elitist, emerged under the zenith of the twin moons,” Phoenix said, standing to his full height and puffing out his massive chest, stretching the rich fabric of his tunic to its limits. He tossed his gossamer-white tresses from his face, revealing the black- ringed sable eyes of his prestige. When pushed to the boundaries of his endurance, Phoenix could intimidate the highest-emerged of the Elitists.

“Oooh. I suppose I’m expected to kneel and kiss your over-shiny boots?”

“No, but you should at least acknowledge me and give me befitting respect for my status as the next supporting mayor of Segratia,” Phoenix roared. He’d rarely happened upon such blatant impudence in his thirty spans, and how to deal with the offender had him conflicted.

“Well, love, I regret I don’t have enough time to pay my respects to your eminence or to what promises to be delectable climax, but I have an urgent engagement. See you around, darling.”

Much to his astonishment, the rainbow vision disappeared into the crowd, his laughter ringing out and leaving Phoenix sputtering in the middle of the promenade. No one had ever treated him like an… an… Outlyer, one of those of impure progeny who claimed to be neither masc nor femme. They were often subjected to the derision of the Segratians and had been relegated to the wilderness beyond Prefecture Staquo. This blatant disrespect was why Phoenix rarely visited the questionable neighborhood. Everyone knew a Hybridian’s irreverence of an Elitist’s purity stemmed from envy. His parent had ensured Phoenix understood the dangers of mixing mascs and femmes. What he didn’t understand was why the depositories were all in Hybridia. Prudency would dictate at least the renowned Seminal Reserve move to Segratia. When he moved into the supporting-mayoral role next span, Phoenix vowed their relocation would become a priority.

Author Bio

With a shriek heard from sea to shining sea when her first book, Heartache and Hope, was accepted for publication, C. L. began her journey into the world of storytelling.   Having raised a husband and three children, C. L. spends her free time reading and enjoying her life.  After acquiring a wealth of experience in consumer and mortgage finance, software support, and nursing, C. L. is ready to nurture her creative muse.

A self-described romance novel junky who considers tequila a food group, C. L. began hearing voices and was alarmed until she realized there was a cast of characters banging around in her head, demanding their stories be told.  Not wanting to let them down, she keeps her laptop nearby and her thesaurus handy.

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