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ANNOUNCEMENT/GIVEAWAY: Wolf Betrayed, by C.J. Vosse

QSFer CJ Vosse has a new MM paranornal book out in the Blessed Shifters trilogy: Wolf Betrayed.

War drove them apart. 

Can love bring them together?

Pierce wants nothing more than to reunite with the family he left at sixteen. When he is finally given the means, he must choose between Cade and his dream.

Cade left Great Wolf Valley and found a new home in New Kings City. He broke his vow against killing to fight in the Night War, and when he meets Pierce, he must betray his mate to save his new home.

How can their love grow when the price of loyalty is everything?

If you like hot shifters fighting for love against humans out to destroy all parahumans, werewolves intent on obtaining a demonic ruby, and a three-hundred-year-old vampire with secret goals, check out Wolf Betrayed, the second book in the paranormal romance Shifters of the Great Wolf series. This sexy, action-packed romance contains steamy scenes with a guaranteed happily ever after, no cheating and no cliffhanger.

Buy Wolf Betrayed to continue exploring this enchanted world with Pierce and Cade today!

Wolf Betrayed is the second book in the series. Each book is self-contained with a unique couple. For maximum reading enjoyment, we recommend you read them in order since each book builds upon the last with main characters from previous books showing up in later books.

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CJ is giving away an eBook copy of book one in the series, Wolf Hunted. Comment below for a chance to win.


Despite being warm, the evening air felt downright cool against Pierce’s skin after the damp heat of the club. The experience had been worth every dollar; the memory of Cade’s smile while dancing would last forever.

Pierce glanced over at the handsome man, happy he hadn’t reacted poorly to the news they’d be doing a job for the HFA. Despite being dressed in a sweaty t-shirt, Cade emanated a warrior’s aura simply by the way he moved.

“Your head’s going to twist off if you keep glancing back and forth,” laughed Cade.

“Okay, then I’ll just stare openly,” Pierce replied as they walked down the street together.

Cade’s return smile stretched across his face.

Pierce pulled Cade close, wrapping an arm around his waist and kissing him on the shoulder. Cade’s special hand enveloped his torso without any hesitation.

“You seem to be in a much better space today,” offered Pierce.

They were currently en route to Pierce’s apartment for another shower.

“I am much better. I owe you a big thanks, actually.”

“For what?”

“You really opened my eyes. Gave me a vision for the city,” he explained with visible excitement. “I want to free the city of Human Free Army influence.Notjust kill. I want to make them powerless. Death isn’t our mission.”

Pierce had never felt more attracted to this man. Perhaps one day they could work together. Perhaps.

“I want to make this city a safe-city for all parahumans,” he continued softly, dreaming. “Using that vision, I was able to convince other gangs in the city to ally with The Silent against the HFA. If I get my way, no gangs will control the city. Can you imagine?” His voice was wistful.

Yes, I can.

Pierce loved the image.

He grabbed the front of Cade’s shirt, pulling him into a kiss and moistening Cade’s soft lips with his tongue. Cade pressed against him until they hit the bricks of a nearby building. Pierce thrust his tongue past Cade’s lips, tasting him, pulling a moan from the man.

“Sorry to interrupt, gentlemen,” said a voice from the street behind them with exaggerated politeness.

Pierce stopped and looked over Cade’s shoulder.

“Three vampires, two feet between them, your six,” he whispered, though the vampires could certainly hear him.

“Stay behind me, Fox.”

“Shit, I like this shirt.”It would be destroyed when he shifted. “I take you don’t want our money?”

The silver-haired vampire in the center shook his head with a grimace. “No, unfortunately for you.” He looked to Cade. “You should depart, Cade.”

“We worked together just the other day. You’re part of Red Elixir.”

The vampire nodded. “That is the only reason you are being allowed to depart alive.”

“Go, Cade,” whispered Pierce. “I can get away from these nerf herders.”

Cade hadn’t seen Star Warsyet, so Pierce didn’t think he’d understand the reference. Too bad.

Cade laughed nevertheless, though not because of his joke. “I thought you knew me better than that, Fox. After what we did in the shower, you think I’m going to leave you now?” However, he didn’t smile, and his eyes, locked on the vampires, promised death. “This will not end well for you,” Cade said to the vampires. “You may want to send my apologies to Remy now, before we are forced to kill you.”

“You should be helping us, Cade. Your little fox is working with HFA. He’s going to sell them the ruby after we’ve gone to so much trouble to cripple them and destroy their ability to wage war. If they are allowed to resupply, then our work will have been for nothing.”

“Let’s talk about it, gentlemen,” said Pierce. “I haven’t sold the ruby to anyone and have no plans to sell it any time soon. It’s still safe in the teleport knot.”

The vampire shook his head. “Too much risk. If you are dead, then no one gets the ruby. Much safer that way.”

“Cade, don’t try to protect me. Just fight.” Pierce didn’t have his chest pack, but he never went anywhere without his venomous teeth, each tooth filled with a specific poison. He tossed it to the ground in front of him as he shifted, shredding his clothes with a loud rip.

My poor shirt.

He scooped the denture plate into his mouth as Cade slid his left foot forward and raised his arms into a martial stance.

While shifters were fast by virtue of their nature, vampires were faster, even young ones. The talents of a wolf shifter ran toward speed and strength, while Pierce’s talents as a fox veered toward detection and hiding.

Cade, however, was the exception to the rule. Shifters kept some degree of their natural talents while in human form, but their animal form was required to take advantage of their full capability. Somehow, in his human form, Cade not only possessed the speed and strength of his wolf form, but exceeded it.

He was a marvel to behold, and these vampires seemed to have no idea who they were up against.

Or they did, and they had a plan.

In between one beat of his heart and the next, one of the vampires was simply in another place, so fast was his attack. Even Pierce’s shifter sight had a hard time tracking him.

The vamp ran wide, away from Pierce, intent on pulling Cade’s attention. Cade couldn’t assist Pierce without leaving his back open to attack. The other two vampires circled the other way, stalking Pierce, who was helpless and alone.

This isn’t my first street fight, bitches.

Sexual predators had steered clear of him soon after he’d first stepped onto the streets at the age of sixteen.

What could a couple of deadly vampires do to him?

Unfortunately, a lot. Three vampires against two shifters should be a slaughter, but they were cocky. He could use that against them.

He cowered and laid his ears across his skull, feigning terror. The moment they sprinted at him, he launched himself forward, snapping his teeth and howling as loud as he could. Rather than retreat, he assaulted the older and faster creatures.

Do the unexpected and you’ll get unexpected results.

If Cade tried to protect Pierce, then he’d be leaving himself exposed. Pierce hoped he listened.

Startled, one of the vampires hesitated, slowing. Dodging through the tunnel formed by his legs, Pierce upended the vampire with the bulk of his body. Pierce poisoned him with a slash of his teeth on the inner thigh, tearing away cloth and flesh.

As he scrambled to escape, searing pain shot through his system. Claws tore at the flesh of his ass and hind legs.

He tumbled away, asphalt scraping the wound as he rolled to his paws. His back legs trembled, threatening to collapse, as he ran behind parked cars while the uninjured vampire assisted his friend. Pushing through the burning pain emanating from the furrows dug into his ass by the vampire’s claws, he cloaked himself as best he could and limped to the next car.

Cade wrestled with his assailant, right hand clamped around his neck, holding him in the air and clubbing him with his left hand. The vampire clawed at any part of Cade’s body within reach, tearing huge gouges in him and leaving bloody trails across his tattered clothing.

The vampire Pierce’d bitten wobbled, more unsteady on his feet than Pierce. Squinting his eyes, he focused through the sweat pouring from his brow. His friend, now ignoring his distress, stalked forward and swept his eyes from side to side, listening intently and sniffing for any sign of him.

Pierce maneuvered away, using the cars as shields.

The crack of bone echoed across the street.

Worry for Cade burned inside. He wanted to help, charge to his aid like a white knight, but he couldn’t afford to take his attention away from his stalker.He hoped to the Beast the sound was good news. If it wasn’t, he’d be joining Cade soon enough.

The vampire’s eyes lit up, glowing a bloody shade of red, as something on the ground caught his attention.


Too late he realized he’d been bleeding as he moved, leaving a trail pointing to his current location.

Before he could think of running, the vampire bared his fangs and surged at him.

Pierce pushed off his failing hind legs at the rocketing vampire, mouth wide and head turned sideways to expose the poisoned fangs, hoping the vampire didn’t quite know his location.

At the last minute, Pierce dropped his cloak, embedding his teeth in the soft flesh beneath the vampire’s jaw and piercing both jugular veins. The monster’s surprise lasted a moment before long, sharp claws sank into Pierce’s flanks like daggers. They tore away flesh and fur, exposing his intestines and other parts of him he’d prefer to keep on the inside.

Pierce’s jaw clamped shut.

The vampire’s fingers slid from his abdomen with a wet slurp. Then the creature’s arms wrapped around his ribs like iron bands.

He hung on for dear life as the vampire crushed his body.

A black tunnel formed at the edge of his vision, pushing in. He pushed back, beating away unconsciousness.

I’ll be dead if I let go.

Bones snapped.

Warm blood seeped out of him.

Silence, except for the ringing in his ears.

The vampire’s body fell, but his head didn’t fall with it.

He must have blacked out because suddenly Cade was above him, clothes torn and soaked a deep shade of magenta. His beautiful chest was exposed.

“Don’t move,” Cade begged. “You’ve lost a lot of blood, but you’re healing already.”

Blood flew from Pierce’s mouth as he coughed.

Worms wriggled inside of him, as if Cade pushed his guts back into his body.

Cade smiled above him, the most beautiful thing Pierce had ever seen, but worry lines hovered on his normally placid brow.

“Okay honey, I won’t move, but I don’t think I’m up for sex tonight. I’ve got a headache.” Pierce tried to reassure him.

Tears in his eyes, Cade laughed, pushing bloody fingers through Pierce’s hair. Pierce didn’t care. It felt good to have Cade near him, so right.

“That feels good. Don’t stop,” he whispered as blackness swallowed him once again. Before it did, something inside of him grew closer to the man who stayed with him, risking his life tonight to save him.

Author Bio

Once upon a time, CJ was an electrical engineer working for a company that specialized in undersea warfare.

Today he still makes a living with his left brain but enjoys exercising his right brain by writing every chance he gets. He lives in California with his husband and their two furry children.

Author Link:

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