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ANNOUNCEMENT: Hidden Depths, by L.M. Brown

Hidden Depths

QSFer L.M. Brown has a new MMM paranormal merman romance out – book five in the Mermen and Magic series: Hidden Depths.

Lost beneath the ocean, Atlantis has become a myth. When it rises from the deep everything will change for Kyle, Finn and the merpeople.

Jake Seabrook, a human descendant of Medina, the Atlantean Goddess of Love, never asked for magical powers. Unfortunately, not only does he have them, but they are also growing stronger as more of the Atlantean gods wake from their long slumber.

When Jake develops the power to hear the thoughts of anyone thinking about love, lust or sex, it is strange and embarrassing, but also reveals cracks in his relationship with his mermen lovers, Kyle and Finn. If they are going to continue to live as a ménage, they will have to learn to be honest with each other.

With Jake’s powers out of control and their relationship on shaky ground, the last thing any of them need is a crisis in the sunken city.

The Atlantean gods want to regain the powers they lost when the Atlantean people were banished from the city, but the solution will leave the mer who live in the city no choice but to evacuate and search for a new home or risk exposing the existence of the mer to the whole world.

Kyle and Finn return to Atlantis to help with the evacuation and insure the safety of their families, but time is not on their side. When Atlantis rises, the consequences could tear apart their ménage forever.

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Jake pulled out a chair and straddled it. “What do you know about Medina’s powers of making people do things without their meaning to?”

“Why? She shouldn’t have that sort of power over you. As one of her direct descendants, you should be immune to that sort of meddling.”

“I don’t mean her power, exactly, but the ones I have from her. I thought I had it under control, but today, Finn and Kyle have gone nuts. They can’t keep their hands off each other.”

Fabian laughed. “From what I’ve seen, that’s not unusual.”

“I know, but not like this. They would have been fucking in the back of the car if I’d let them.”

“Well, your powers will be growing as each new immortal wakes. But unless the whole lot have suddenly started walking among us again, it’s unlikely this would come on so suddenly. Has anything else happened?”

Delwyn strolled into the room, his hair wet. It was apparent he had been stretching his fins in the pool. “Did you know Kyle and Finn are having sex in the hallway?”

“Oh for fuck’s sake,” Jake said. “You see what I mean, Fabian? It’s like they can’t even wait to get to the bedroom.”

“But you’ve not told them to have sex,” Fabian pointed out. “You’ve been in here with me.”

“I know, but this is what they were like all the way home from the party. Could it have something to do with my becoming one of Medina’s priests?”

Fabian gaped at him, but before he could answer, Delwyn crawled onto his lap and began to kiss him.

“Delwyn, darling.” Fabian tried to ease Delwyn onto the seat beside him, but he had no intention of moving.

“I swear, I never said a thing,” Jake said. “But this is exactlywhat Kyle and Finn have been like since we left the party.”

Fabian gave up trying to get Delwyn off his lap, but at least managed to free his mouth to reply. “You said you’d become one of Medina’s priests?”


“What did you do a stupid thing like that for?” Fabian asked.

“She needed an increase in powers to wipe the memories of the others at the party because Finn and Kyle ended up in the bloody water, along with another guest, who saw what they were.”

“Oh dear,” Fabian said. “That’s not good at all.”

“No, but she seemed to fix it all after I agreed to be one of her priests.”

“She could probably have fixed the mess without you taking vows to serve her,” Fabian said. “It would have been draining but not impossible.”

“Then she played me?”

“I hate to say it about the only one of my relatives that is actually talking to me these days, but Medina can be quite crafty when she wants to be.”

“I guess it’s too late now. Is all this odd behavior because of me becoming a priest?”

“Oh yes, that’s certainly what’s happening here. It’s not the power to make people do something. It’s like some kind of perfume you’re giving off that makes everyone around you uninhibited and eager for sex.”

“Why isn’t it affecting you?”

“Because I’m her nephew,” Fabian replied. “I’ve always been immune to this sort of spell, though I can’t say the same for Delwyn, who, as you can see, is very much under the influence while he’s in your presence.”

“Finn and Kyle aren’t in here at the moment.”

“No, but they’ve been in a confined space with you for the drive home, which means it’ll be a while before it wears off for them.”

“So, what you’re saying is, whenever any man is in my presence, they’re going to want to have sex?”

“Not just men… Women, too,” Fabian said. “Your power will trigger the same reaction in any mortal you meet, though on the plus side, it should only be those who are already in a relationship, not strangers.”


Fabian stood, holding Delwyn in his arms. “The ability to bring love to those around you is one of the strongest gifts bestowed on Medina’s priests. You should be able to control it, but it’ll take time to learn how.”

Jake sighed and followed Fabian and Delwyn into the hallway.

Finn and Kyle were naked on the cold wooden floor, writhing and moaning as they rubbed against each other.

“They didn’t even make it to the damn bedroom,” Jake said.

The moment the words left his mouth, Finn and Kyle vanished from the hallway.

“What the hell?”

Fabian chuckled. “Try the bedroom. After all, that’s where you want them to be, right?”

“You mean I sent them to the bedroom just by saying it?”


Jake sighed. “I wish I had known I could do that back on the drive home. It would have saved me a lot of bother. Are there any more powers I need to know about?”

Fabian shrugged. “Medina’s priests had many powers, but not all of them had the same ones. These might be the only ones you’ll get, or there may be more to come. It’s hard to say. I guess you’ll find out over the next few days.”

“Are there any more I need to worry about?”

“The permanent erection always sounded kind of painful to me,” Fabian admitted, “though many of her priests found it most enjoyable.”

Jake didn’t think that sounded good at all. He silently cursed Medina for not warning him of the new powers he would get by accepting her offer.

Leaving Fabian to handle the increasingly amorous Delwyn, Jake ran up the stairs to the main bedchamber. He found Finn and Kyle on the bed. Apparently they hadn’t even noticed their new location. Somehow, that worried Jake even more than the rest. Their lack of awareness frightened him. What if he accidentally transported them from one place to another in the middle of a fight for their lives?

Author Bio

L.M. Brown is an English writer of gay romances and all male ménage romances. 

She believes mermen live in the undiscovered areas of the ocean. She believes life exists on other planets. She believes in fairy tales, magic, and dreams.

Most of all, she believes in love.

She loves hearing from readers and can be contacted via her website or by email.


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