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ANNOUNCEMENT: His Seed Anthology

His Seed

QSFer C.B. Lewis has a story in a new MM anthology:

An Arboretum of Gay Erotica edited by Steve Berman

“If you have a garden and a library, you have everything you need.” – Cicero

Verdant virgins and lush lotharios await readers in this anthology of strange yet sensual stories about men and vegetation. Fantastical fronds cannot resist caressing warm flesh. Sylvan creatures of myth protecting the forest; botanical laboratory experiments run amok; a veteran of the Mexican-American war finds himself entranced by an aesthete’s poisonous garden; and an alien paying our planet a visit to sample the greenery…. These fourteen stories promise readers a most tantalizing bedding.

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  • “Ship in a Bottle” by M. Arbon
  • “The Greenhouse” by Spencer Krell
  • “The Jessamine Touch” by John Linwood Grant
  • “Guardian of the Grove” by Evey Brett
  • “By the Banyan Tree” by James Penha
  • “King of Fruits” by L.A. Fields
  • “Touched” by C.B. Lewis
  • “Jack Pine” by Keith Glaeske
  • “Yellow Buttons in a Glass Forest” by Phillip Joy
  • “Darling Prokitphallus” by Dale Cameron Lowy
  • “The Bridge” by Connie Wilkins
  • “The Ripening Season” by Lawrence Jackson
  • “The Ring of Golden Green” by Robert Russin
  • “Lord Greystoke’s Greenery” by Sam Kruit

Author Bio

A book-lover from infancy, C.B. has been writing and telling stories for as long as she can remember. Based in Edinburgh, she has diverse tastes and will quite happily attempt to write any genre, but always come back to history, fantasy, and sci-fi like an old friend. C. B. Lewis is small and Scottish and can often be spotted perched around historical monuments with her notepad and pen.

She has been writing and telling tales for almost as long as she can remember, and has a brain that constantly fizzes with an abundance of ideas. If she’s not working on half a dozen things at once, it should be considered a slow day. She loves to travel and just has one continent left to complete her travel bingo card.

A lot of the travel has also been research-based, and if pointed at any historical event, she will research it vociferously, just because she can. Normally, she is based in Edinburgh, where she tends toward the hermit-lifestyle, needing nothing but a kettle, a constant supply of tea, and – of course – the internet. There are no cats, no puppies, no significant others, only a lot of ideas, and an awful lot of typing. And occasionally, cake. Never forget the cake.


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  1. Ooh, I didn’t know this was quite out yet. My alter-ego Connie Wilkins has a story here, too. Once in a while I write a story that demands to be M/M. Because…The Green Man!


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