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Announcement: Lifehack, by Joseph Picard

LifehackQSFer Joseph Picard has a new FF paranormal book out:

Regan has her ups and downs.

  • Dumping her girlfriend: Down.
  • Moving in with her loving brother: Up.
  • Waking up to a plague of undead: REALLY down.

After the undead began roaming the neighborhood, Regan lost track of her brother. She’s spent the last two years searching for him. In the meantime, she’s fallen in love, only to be told, “Sorry, I’m straight. And you’re a lunatic.”

There’s a psycho out there somewhere who caused the outbreak, using nanotechnology, just for the fun of it, and Regan intends to hunt him down.

Oh, and the crush she still has on the straight gal? Dangerously distracting, when there’s a zombie around every corner.


Joseph is giving away Lifehack free for 5 days here:

And one lucky commenter below will win all 3 of the books in the series!

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Straight ahead at the far end was the reception desk. It was a large, authoritative command centre, staffed by a lone girl who looked abandoned there in her oasis of furniture, in a desert of an otherwise stark room.

As a personified contrast to the entire building, Regan strolled across the floor, casually taking in the room. This place was almost certainly staffed by 100% uptight, busy, fidgety sorts. The girl at the desk was cute. Blonde, big glasses with thin frames. She reminded Regan of Kris, except without the evil. The girl watched Regan walk towards the desk, patiently waiting for Regan to come within ‘greeting distance’. Regan smirked as they looked at each other. Was the receptionist flirting or did Regan just stick out that much here? Regan chose to think flirting. Her gaydar skewed considerably to her whims, and often gave false positives.

“Hello, may I help you?” The receptionist said, perhaps seeming a little intimidated in the shadow of Regan’s swell in confidence.

Regan slowly and casually leaned down on the desk, sharing a bit of a view down her top should the receptionist choose to look. Regan spoke just soft and slow enough so that the receptionist could choose to notice it or not. “Mmm. Yeah, I’m here to see my brother. He works here somewhere. Harold Grier…?”

“Alright, if you’ll wait a moment…” the receptionist tapped a few buttons as she put on an earpiece with a microphone. Regan smiled softly in acknowledgment and tried to read her eyes. Pure professionalism. Bah. She was probably straight. Or just plain boring. Or both.

“Doctor Grier?” the receptionist said, staring blankly into her desk, “Yes, there’s a young lady here, your sister, here to see you? Yes. Alright, I’ll send her up.” She took off the earpiece and turned her attention back to Regan. “Alright then, take this visitor’s pass and head up to fifty-three. Doctor Grier will meet you at the middle cafeteria there. It’s a non-restricted area.”

Regan took the plastic card being handed to her, thanked the pretty but dull girl, and headed for the elevator. As she passed the desk Regan looked back and saw that the receptionist did not have a body below the desk, but instead a base labeled “RECEPTIONIST”. Great. She’d been flirting with a machine. Oh well, it’s not like it was the first time.

Author Bio

Joseph PicardBorn in 1976, he has lived all over Canada, but has called the Meadow-Ridge area of BC his home since 1992. While cycling to his job as a computer technician, he got into a fight with a car in 2001. The car won, and Joseph became a T5/6 paraplegic. This has not hampered his chances at winning the superbowl, as he’s been a self-declared nerd for as long as he can remember.

Since his injury, he has focused on his writing and a little on his art, much of which is related to his fiction and can be found at In May, 2007 he became proud father of Caitlin, followed in 2011 a son, Lachlan.

He awaits the day that stemcells or super awesome telekinetic flight powers will allow him to unfurl his black trenchcoats yet again.


Amazon Author Page:


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