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Announcement: Love Unmasked, by Dale Cameron Lowry

Love UnmaskedQSFer Dale Cameron Lowry has a new paranormal book out:

Aaron Loreto can’t lay claim to being anything as sexy as a werewolf or bearman. Once in a blue moon, he turns into a raccoon. With the predatory members of the shifter community looking down at him like he does actually spend his days rummaging through the trash, he prefers to keep his condition private.

When he meets Philip MacRory, Aaron falls head over heels. Philip is hot, sweet, and open-minded about shifters. Given his past experiences, Aaron’s still terrified to come out… until a night of passion with Philip shows that Aaron’s not the only one keeping secrets.


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Aaron’s only warnings of an impending change were the weird things his body did when one was about to happen. He’d be having a normal day when suddenly his vision would go blurry, with streaks of light and nonexistent black dots floating in front of his eyes like bits of dust. His hands or feet would go numb and tingly, and he’d smell things that weren’t there—usually overripe tomatoes, but sometimes roses.

According to his doctor, the symptoms were an effect of his neurons trying to reshape and reconnect, the first step in his transformation into raccoon form. “Though the cognitive functions of your brain remain essentially human throughout the transformation, the neurological connections between the body and the brain must reform to take into account the different shape, size, and abilities of your Procyon lotor state. Naturally, you get a few misfired signals during this process. It temporarily becomes a challenge to take in sensory information, and you might see or smell things that aren’t there,” she’d explained.

Dale Notes:

Maybe it’s because I have a biology background, but whenever I read stories about people who can turn into animals and then back again, I start thinking about how physically taxing that would be. It must be somewhere on the scale between having a migraine and giving birth.

But like giving birth, it has its rewards too. When Aaron Loreto shifts in “Love Unmasked,” he gets to express an integral part of who he is—a mischievous, cuddly raccoon.

Aaron has mixed feelings about being a raccoon shifter. Plusses include a great sense of smell and being able to keep an erection for hours without having to go to an emergency room. (It’s true! Male raccoons can keep it up for quite a while. Google it.) Minuses include the uncoolness factor and getting trapped by animal control.

Like all of us, Aaron’s looking for someone who loves the parts of him that even he sometimes finds unlovable. This story is about Aaron finding that special someone—and also about how loving another person helps him learn to love himself.

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Author Bio

Dale Cameron Lowry had a jagged forehead scar before Harry Potter made it cool. When not busy fighting evil, Dale writes and edits queer romance and speculative fiction. Come to think of it, maybe those are ways of fighting evil too.

Previous careers include sign language linguist, grocery store clerk, journalist, gardener, and camp counselor—not necessarily in that order. Top-ranking hobbies are wasting time on Tumblr, studying biology, staring through binoculars, getting annoyed at Duolingo, and reading fairy tales.


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