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ANNOUNCEMENT – Migration: Beginnings, by Walter H. Hopgood

Migration: Beginnings

QSFer Walter H. Hopgood has a new queer mystery-thriller out:

What would happen if an old story from your childhood suddenly became real? Migration: Beginnings tells the tale of an old familial legend, and how a newlywed couple can help the future of mankind by solving the puzzle.

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Look,” Rhys said in a frazzled whisper. He handed the report to Jason, the pictures on top.

Jason flicked on the hallway light. He looked at the photos, then the report. “So what am I looking at, besides something that clearly says, ‘US Government—Official Eyes Only’?”

“The story you were just telling,” Rhys said. He pointed out the different features that the Utah team had noted about the find. “Word for word. Tell me.”

“Come on, boo,” Jason said. He put a hand on Rhys’s chest. And while Rhys knew it was to help calm him, he felt anything but. He felt as if he was vibrating. “It’s just a story that my grandpa used to tell me.”

“I know that,” Rhys said. Jason gave him a look as if to say Rhys was using “that tone.” He sighed. “I’ve heard it enough times to know it almost by heart. But still…Please tell me again. Everything.”

Jason gave him a sardonic smile, then patted him on the chin. “C’mon. It’s not like some piece of metal is going to let us sprout wings and leave the planet.” But when Rhys didn’t change his expression, Jason added, “Seriously. It’s not.”

Rhys took back the report, then pointed to a specific section. “Metallurgists have taken a small sample, though the metal is so far unidentifiable. It is thick, like a steel beam, but strong and quite light, like carbon fiber. It has a natural resonance as if it were generating power, but nothing is visible to indicate such. The artifact was found underneath a few centuries of dust and dirt, with mummified remains of birds placed around it. There were additional carcasses placed around the cave entrance as if to keep it under watch at all times, guarding against intruders.”

Author Bio

Walter HopgoodWalter Hopgood is a fifty-something year old heterosexually impaired (yes, gay) guy that lives in Oregon, with his husband of 26+ years, and an elusive cat that he can’t convince anyone they own because she lives under the bed.  He’s been writing for decades, though not professionally until 2016.  “Migration: Beginnings” is his first foray into fiction work, whereas he and cowriter Lisa Witte previously published a non-fiction travel book, “A Million Miles Amok: A Guidebook for the New Road Warrior.

Walter is an office drone by day, working in the medical I.T. field.  A Pharmacy Technician by trade, Walter travels around the country helping hospitals implement electronic medical records (eMAR) software that betters physician workflows, helps with clinical decision making, and keeps patients safe.

Twitter: @walterwrites
Instagram: @walterwrites

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