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ANNOUNCEMENT: Mimics & Mayhem, by Maz Maddox

QSFer Maz Maddox has a new MM paranormal western tale out in the Stallion Ridge series: “Mimics & Mayhem.”

My name is Scarlet, and I’m a Mimic.

While I can shape shift into whatever man you want, that’s not what makes me unique.

My mismatched eyes, beautiful red hair, love for women’s fashion and my big cock are simply some of my shining qualities.

I’m also fabulous, love sex, and I look fantastic in a corset.

Did I get your attention? Good.

Then let me tell you my story.

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The first thing you learn as a Mimic, is that no one truly knows what a Mimic is. Even though there are far more impressive things in this world than a being that can mirror human forms, you’re still viewed as this exotic beast. My favorite people and loves of my life are a Centaur, Manticore and a human turned Lamia (that’s a snake shifter for all of those new to town). 

Yet who gets the wide-eyed stares and million questions? 

Little ol’ me. 

Let’s get to know each other a little bit, Dear Reader. It’s just you and me right now, sharing this intimate moment. In case we haven’t met before, my name is Scarlet, and I’m going to tell you all sorts of dirty things. Don’t worry, Sugar. It’s not all just sex and scandle.  There’s plenty of laughs and a few tears along the way. 

If we have met before, welcome back, Sweetheart. Gods, I’ve missed you. 

I’m sure you have plenty of questions, but let’s not skip the foreplay, hm? 

I’m a Mimic. This means I can take the form of anyone you want me to be, for a price. Looking for someone to be your tall, dark and handsome wet dream for the evening? How about a more princely lad with long lashes and pretty eyes? Darling, I can do it all.

Well. Almost all. I can’t Mimic the female form. Sorry, Love. Only dicks here.

And yes, Scarlet is my real name. Nothing stage or fake about me, my sexy Minx. 

Don’t let my love for women’s fashion and make up fool you, I’m very happy to be a he. I love my ample cock, can wield it with proficiency. I just prefer to do so in a corset and refuse to apologize for any of it. I get mistaken for a woman plenty, and I don’t mind. Women are beautiful, powerful people and their dresses make me feel the same: beautiful and powerful.

I’m a proud sex worker, prostitute, slut, whore, harlot (personal favorite) or whatever other colorful term there is for my profession. Sex is fun and I consider it a fulltime job. I’m not ashamed of the enjoyment of giving and taking cock and playing whatever part someone needs to have a good night. I’m up for anything. Let Scarlet take care of you tonight. 

That’s me in a nutshell, Sweet Thing. 

Now, you’re probably wondering why your favorite sexy Mimic is hogging the limelight from all those strapping men in Stallion Ridge. Never heard of it? Oh, Honey. You really do need to go meet my boys. They’re sex on two and four legs and I love them dearly. 

But stick around a while. Let me corrupt you a bit before I send you on your way. 

My story is a little afternoon delight away from the adventures of my dashing lawmen. I wasn’t about to sit on the sidelines while everyone else got their love story. Can you imagine a world without me rushing off for an adventure? Did you think I was just going to lie around and wait for my prince charming to come whisk me away?

Um. No.

I don’t want a prince, anyway. They’re overrated and usually bottoms. 

If I was going to find the man of my dreams, I was going to need to slip on my big boy panties and head East. Stallion Ridge is my home, but my heart longs for more. 

Are you all warmed up, my Dear Reader? 


Then sit back, relax, and enjoy my ride.

Author Bio

Maz is an m/m romance fanatic, dabbles in yaoi, adores dinosaurs and writes romance stories with a healthy heaping of adventure mixed in. 

When she’s not pairing up Centaurs with bank robbers, she’s plotting new stories and sending inappropriate texts to her friends.


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