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Announcement: Monster Stalker, by Elizabeth Watasin

Monster StalkerQSFer Elizabeth Watasin has a new paranormal book out:

“Kill first.”

Vampire Nico popped from the year 1998 into an Again NewYork airfield, a sudden chrono-immigrant with Mr Bear strapped to her, her switchblade in hand, and no idea how or why she got there. She’s on Darqueworld: an intragalactic society 400 light years from Old Earth, where Other-beings and humans co-exist and vampires are no big deal. Nico can have a normal student life at last and even date a diner waitress she likes. But there’s a darkened spot in her mind, one blanking out her immediate past, and the spectre of Nico’s maker haunts her. Only in Again NewYork’s underworld can Nico find what pursues her—and kill it again.

Meet Nico Alexikova and Bear:

Eighteen years old at death and fifteen years unliving, Nico worked hotel front desk, nightshift, attended universities, and led a quiet life on Old Earth. But unknown circumstances sent her to Darqueworld, and with no memory of her immediate past, she can only rely on herself, Bear, and her knife in a futuristic, spacefaring society with creatures like her—and with women she could care for.

Heloise Allen:

Tall, dark, and sharply beautiful, she’s a vampire chrono-refugee with affluence, connections, and the possible answers to Nico’s past—if Nico can trust her.

Shayla O’Fey:

As seemingly light as Heloise is dark, she’s a Lucy’s Diner waitress and witch Nico can’t help falling for. But Shayla is also a coven’s ex-Pistol, their former peacekeeper, and her history with vampires is not kind.


Nico drew her switchblade.

“Hey,” a large woman with three eyes said as she pushed past Nico. “Be careful with that.”

“Sorry,” Nico uttered. Her reflections held knives too, and when Nico moved to close her blade, her hands trembling, they did as well.

Those are me. Me. Not other-me’s coming to get me.

She then looked at herself, a face she’d not seen in fifteen years, and stepped for the sinks.
Her reflections did nothing more, so she stopped before an Other-Nico and stared. A very pale girl with wavy, shoulder-length black hair stared back, her small brows knit. Nico hadn’t noticed before her death that she’d a cute mouth, pink and kissable. Her straight nose wasn’t as big as she’d remembered. Had she always looked that lost when alive? She could see why women liked inviting her in. But she wondered about the gaze in her grey eyes; big, wide, yet horrified.

I need a hairbrush.

Mr Bear looked a little askew. She adjusted him.

A vampire woman stood to the side in the mirror’s reflection. She seemed to stare with as much fascination at Nico as Nico did staring at herself.

I don’t think she has a hairbrush. Not only did the other vampire look dishevelled, but she also carried her own Welcome to Again NewYork bag.

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Author Bio

Elizabeth Watasin is the author of the Gothic steampunk series The Dark Victorian, The Elle Black Penny Dreads, the sci-fi noir Darquepunk series, and the creator/artist of the indie comics series Charm School, which was nominated for a Gaylactic Spectrum Award. A twenty year veteran of animation and comics, she lives in Los Angeles with her black cat named Draw, busy bringing readers uncanny heroines in adventuress tales. Follow the news of her latest projects at A-Girl Studio.


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