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ANNOUNCEMENT: Moonrise, by Hannah L. Corrie

Moonrise - Hannah L. Corrie

QSFer Hannah L. Corrie has a new MM sci fi book out: Moonrise.

Fed up with this world? Thought about moving to Mars? Not enough distance? Well, then! What if you had the chance to become something completely different? To change what you are and leave the world you know, the solar system you know, behind? Would you take the plunge?

Yago Solas never got to ponder and much less answer those questions, but he faces the consequences when an escaped alien creature infects him with a mutating virus that takes everything from him, even his humanity.

The experiments intended to heal him soon turn to cold interest in his new physiology, and the very people supposed to save him become his enemies, his hunters, his looming demise. And why not? Who could feel sympathy for a twisted creature like him, much less love him now, looking like this?

Still, the Maker smiles down on all his childen. The space ship on which he is being held as a prisoner crashes and sends Yago stumbling into an alien culture and into the lap of Azekial Yyn-Thyr, a snarly, grim A’shian guard captain. The wary alien doesn’t care how Yago looks, but he may yet prove to be his demise; A’shian legends tell of a species that caused a cataclysm responsible for stranding the A’shians where they are, and the Terrans might just fit the bill…

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Author Bio

Hannah L. Corrie (1984*) was born and bred in Eisenstadt, Austria, to very understanding parents and started writing at the tender age of fourteen. She is an avid reader, reviewer and author of all things paranormal, dark, or futuristic, but romance is her first and most gripping passion. Hannah loves the unloved, the dark and the broken and strives to tell their stories through her works.

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